No place to hide.  No point in waiting to the last minute to set up the election fraud.  Do it early, do it often and now it's become the thing to do.  Voters are so overwhelmed with the very idea that for years, the elites have quietly owned the elections in all - ALL - key states.  It's a wonder a Republican ever got elected... or did they?  A look at the kind of Republicans in most political offices shows they are more democrat than republican with just enough republicans to keep the suspicion down.


This week we took a dive into the new Census data that was released on Monday, and what it means for upcoming elections. Listen to the recording here.

Scorecard Released

The scores for the 117th Congress are now live on the Heritage Action scorecard! Sentinels can also check out their member of Congress’ lifetime score in Congress as well. See how your member of Congress has voted on key legislation moving through Congress at: (Scores will continue to be updated as new votes are added to the scorecard throughout the 117th Congress).

Election Integrity

Legislation continues to move through state legislatures to secure our elections. Florida and Arizona are nearing the end of their legislative sessions for the year. Texas will conclude at the end of May.

This past week Republican Senator Kelly Townsend unexpectedly voted against SB1485, an important bill to clean up Arizona’s Permanent Early Voting List of voters who have failed to vote in the last two election cycles. She has stated that she will vote no on any election reform legislation until the Maricopa County audit is completed. This strategy is unfortunately shortsighted since the timeline to complete the audit will be weeks to months, and the Arizona legislature is set to sine die within the next week or so. Because of the narrow Republican majority in the Senate, conservatives will lose on every remaining effort to secure Arizona’s elections for the foreseeable future without her support. Conservatives should encourage her to support these critical bills.

>> Sentinels in Arizona, Texas, Wisconsin, and Florida can take action to support election integrity legislation at

The fight also continues elsewhere in other states. Watch North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson explain why it’s no...

Upcoming S.1 Markup

The markup for S.1, the “Corrupt Politicians Act” has been scheduled for May 11th. “Markup” is the last step in the committee process, and where members can amend a bill and vote it out of committee. It is unlikely we will know what changes could be made to the bill until the evening before or morning of the markup. The bill may be amended using a process called an “amendment in the nature of a substitute,” where the entire bill text is replaced by an amendment removing all the old bill text and inserting new bill text. Heritage Action is preparing to analyze this new text.

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) has indicated that he does not see passage of the bill as urgent, and he anticipates taking action on S.1 closer to August so they can overturn the work of state legislatures that are acting to secure their state’s elections. While conservatives have long known this was a goal of the Left, it is no longer a whispered secret. Heritage Action will continue to fight to maintain the filibuster, and to prevent S.1 from ever coming to the floor for a vote.

Census Data

On Monday, the Census Bureau released the apportionment results for the 2020 census. A census occurs every ten years, and the results and populations of each state determine how many congressional seats are allotted to each state. Here is the breakdown of states that will be gaining and losing congressional seats in the House. Texas will gain two seats, five states will gain one seat, and seven states will lose one seat:

+ 2 Seats: Texas
+ 1 Seat: Colorado, Florida, Montana, North Carolina, and Oregon
- 1 Seat: California, Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia

The rest of the states’ number of seats will remain the same. With Democrats currently having a narrow majority in the House of Representatives, redistricting alone could change who is the Speaker of the House. Here are a few facts about the size of the House:

  • The average number of constituents one House seat represents is 760,000 people. Some districts may have fewer people because states like Wyoming, according to the Constitution, are allotted a minimum of one congressional seat.
  • Federal law establishes the number of seats in the House of Representatives. The Constitution only established the number of seats for Congress initially as the country was established. The number of seats expanded over the years until 1929 when Congress permanently capped the size of the House at 435 members through the Permanent Apportionment Act.
  • The size of the House of Representatives also determines the electoral college. The electoral college is the number of votes in the House (435), plus the Senate (100), and the District of Columbia is allotted three votes, amounting to 538 votes in total.

Because federal law is the only thing preventing a change in the number of seats, it’s important that conservatives pay attention to how Democrat leaders could add increasing the size of the House to their agenda. On the surface, the proposal may not seem significant, but there are ways to potentially choose a particular number of seats to increase the number of Republican seats and drastically increase the number of Democrat seats, as well as reshape the electoral college.

H.R.1 strips the ability of elected state legislatures to draw district lines and instead gives that power to unelected commissions, which have tended to skew power towards Democrats. Together, an increased number of House seats, combined with forcing states to have unelected commissions draw district lines, could have an immense impact on the party breakdown of seats.

While Democrats have not proposed a bill to expand the number of seats in the House, conservatives should prepare for this potential fight. There are already Democrats suggesting that the current size of the House was established by a racist and nativist congressional decision over 90 years ago.

Thank you for all the work you are doing to secure our elections,

Janae Stracke
Grassroots Director
Heritage Action

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The election in November was rigged.  Why should we expect any less of these state audits, recounts, etc.?  The big question is this: will uninformed voters with incredibly short memories remember this in upcoming local and state elections as well as in the 2022 midterm and the 2024 presidential election cycles, and beyond?

To remain a nation of Liberty to choose and the Freedom to exercise that Liberty we MUST ... MUST ... vote out of office ALL Democrats at every local, State, and Federal positions.

The "line in the sand" is clear ....... Vote RED ... Remove .. Every .. Democrat.

Agreed.  But there are quite a few Republicans we need to expel, as well--such as Liz Cheyney and Adam Kinzinger.  We need a total housecleaning at every level, John.





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