As Republicans (mostly, here on AFA + solid conservative Independents). we all look at elections from our own perspective.  Good conservatives can disagree and carry on their friendships.  The truth is that there are just some candidates that no Republican or Conservative would ever vote for, if they only knew. Therefore, we have decided to list those Republican candidates that should never see a check mark by their name on a ballot.  We are not including the mediocre Republicans, although, there are many of those running this year.  We have already given you a heads up on the good guys but if you like a mediocre Republican, it's OK.  Vote for them.

Ballots in your mailbox (the real one) at the end of this week.  Vote SMART!

If we got to vote in every district election, these are the candidates we would NEVER pull the lever for:


Senate:  While we love Joe Arpaio for all he's done for Arizona, we would not pull the lever for him this time.  There are two write-in candidates running in this race, by the way.  Joe is the good guy in this race, for sure, but time has passed him by as it has or will for all of us.

CD1:  Tiffany Shedd.  Her consultant/manager/lobbyist/handler/whatever word you want to apply is Jon Seaton.  Yes, the same Jon Seaton who has been a McCain operative for many years, who is the shadow manager for AZGOP.  Would you ever hire this guy if you are a conservative?  Her supporter said well, some hired CQ!  We said, CQ would not stoop so low as to work for McCain.

CD9: The Baroness (her real name, not a title) may be a really nice lady.  She's just not the one you want to represent you/us in Congress.  Period.


Governor:  Doug Ducey- No, no, no.  Tethered to the McCain Machine. Raised our taxes BIGLY on auto registrations and set in motion the Red4Ed tax increase initiative (NO on that, too). His cave in to R4E will cost us dearly, too!  AZGOP is campaigning for Ducey against the rules by sending out campaign material using protected precinct committeemen email addresses.  Scared to debate Ken Bennett.  Scared! Unethical, too.

Superintendent of Public Instruction:  Everyone except Dr. Bob Branch.  None of them will serve students and families as well in the schools as Dr. Branch will.  Period.

Corporate Commission:  This is the most important agency in Arizona that you never think about.  Until your utiity rates skyrocket!  We would NEVER pull the lever for Jim O'Connor (he recently showed his true colors when he tried to help the rogue AZRA members steal $11K from their parent organization; would he protect YOUR money?);  Tom Forese, often referred ot as the crook on the Commission.


The only candidate on the ballot in LD6 is Sylvia Allen, buddies with Jonathan Lines and Robert Graham and who tries to pass legislation to benefit her personal family.  Write in Brenda Barton.  NO, it is not a wasted vote.  If nothing else, it denies Allen a mandate.

In LD13, Don Shooter has had his day.  He was not innocently accused of sexual harassment.  To him, all women seem to be fair game.  He's counting on voters to remember his name but forget why they know it. Don't let him sneak back in the back door.

LD14, David Gowan.  He was so steeped in the establishment when he was Speaker you could hardly see his eyes above the swamp muck.

LD20, Paul Boyer.  He is just a baaaaad legislator.  When there is such a good candidate in that race, a vote for Boyer IS a wasted vote!

LD21, Rich Gray.  OMG, what a mess this guy is.  He left the House to run for Az Corporation Commission and failed badly.  Give him another taste of that since he didn't get the message the first time.

LD23, Timothy Jeffries should be denied your vote.  He is buddies with McDucey, donates to democrats, brought alcohol to his office staff when he briefly had a job in state government under McDucey and used the state airplane for a pleasure trip.  All of this shows extraordinary bad judgement.   This race is a two-fer of "don't vote fors:" Kristina Kelly is charming and persuavive but she's in the race for only one reason: to represent the Teachers Union to push Red4Ed.  

LD25, what can we say about this incredble show of despicable behavior from current Senator Bob Worsley?  Bypass the sure-to-be Dem-lite candidate Tyler Pace and write in Itasca Small.  Do voters in LD25 a favor!

LD28, McCain Central.  Kate Brophy-MaGee never met a dem vote she didn't like.  This is a tough district for Repubicans to win because McCain owns it and he'd rather have a dem than a real Republican.  Do NOT connect the arrow for her.


LD1 - OK we are breaking rank on this one (and we will do it again later).  The ONLY RIGHT thing to do here is to vote for only one candidate, single shot. Yes, we know you get two votes but no one makes you use them all.  VOTE ONLY FOR DAVID STRINGER.  The establishment, including AZGOP, are calling for his head.  Give them their own heads.

LD8 boasts a meager two candidates for two seats.  No doubt, they will not be contested on the ballot in the Primary but remember in November, single shot David Cook to diminish the votes for Thomas "T.J." Shope.  So bad, his parents couldn't even say his full name.

LD11 has three candidates running and two really good ones.  We would avoid Howell "Jonesy" Jones.

LD16 also has a full house of candidates but only two deserve our vote... or yours.  John Filmore and Kelley Townsend are the unquestioned conservatives here so, well, you know what to do!

LD18 voters say that Farhana Shifa is an OK candidate.  We disagree.  There are other much, much better candidates so leave the arrow blank beside Shifa.

LD 25 has been served, without any distinction at all, by Michelle Udall.  Send her packing by not casting a vote for her.

OMG in LD28, you can choose Kathy Petsas.  But no, no, no for heaven's and voter's sake!!! Resist the urge, just in case you might have one, to close the arrow at her name.  This is one time a democrat really will be better than Petsas.  She is campaigning against Maria Syms, the real Republican.  Yes, she's that bad.

And there you have it from our point of view.  Not all of the candidates left in all the races are necessarily great.  It's just that those mentioned on our NO_VOTE list are very bad.

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As an LD-1 voter I appreciate you suggesting to VOTE FOR DAVID STRINGER. The actions that AzGOP and YAVGOP took against backed by motivations of the RINO party leaders. Stringer is a conservative and to these RINO leaders must be purged.

I will cast my vote for Stringer and Noel Campbell I do NOT won't for my district to allow for a handpicked Jodi Rooney to get elected.

More great info from AFA.  I know a lot of this is opinion but it is opinion based on good knowledge.  Again, thanks.

To Patricia: you would do well to take the advice of AFA on the single shot.  I know that is the best and only way to assure voters that Rep Stringer will get elected.  My little group of political friends does that every year if we have at least  one candidate better than all the rest.  Last election, our candidate by fewer than 50 votes.  If we had given all of our votes to a second candidate, we may have lost the one candidate that we needed.  Just saying.

Pat J, Thanks for the advice e.g. single shot. I quite frankly did not understand its value. I will be talking with some additional trusted like minded for more thought to chew on. I don't rule out the advice just have to do more investigation given the particulars of the RINO (rather large) sure to vote folks in this Tri City area.

Just read MCRC Briefs this morning.  My eye caught a blurb about Tiffany Shedd.  Don't know that woman but did watch that thing last week where she and the other candidate, the state senator Smith debate.  Boy, what a light weight.  But what struck me is the connection to McCain.  In Briefs is this: Betsey Bayler, Cindy Compton, Beth Coons, Sandy Froman, Lisa James, Randy Kendrick, Kim Owens, Janice Pratt, Julie Muphrr, Melinda Petznick, Karrin Robson, Stefanie Smallhouse, Lynndy Smith and Kathleen Winn.

I underlined those who are firmly planted in the McCain/Ducey garden of snakes.  Was it here on AFA that I read she refused to say she would join the Freedom Caucus if asked?  Kim "I have 50 Proxies" Owens?  Lisa James who I was once in the same district has handled McCain's local PR for decades.  This is a damning piece of evidence that we don't need more McCain anywhere in gov.  PLEASE DON'T VOTE FOR HER. 

The only reason to vote for Kathy Petsas is to get her out of LD-28. She has a McCain Strangle hold on that district and perhaps with her gone the district could return to some degree of a normal district. In fact, perhaps it would be better if we lost control of the state legislature for two years to send a message.

You can add to your Just Say No list:

CD2: Lea Marquez-Person.  She has a 30 year history of be-friending the progressives including LA Raza.  Left Lea has no position on the 2nd Amendment, is weak on border security, undefined immigration control, leaves America at risk, and wants more government involvement in small businesses. Left Lea has the distinction of being an expert on bankruptcy leaving millions unpaid.  For more to this story see: - a title with a play on words.  She was too stupid to secure the URL name.

I beg to differ with the AFA NO-VOTE recommendation on Jim O'Connor. I know for a fact that Jim O'Connor is the only candidate running for Corporation Commission who can be counted on to vote conservatively. I say that despite the fact that he screwed me royally on the removal effort, for which I will never speak to him again. But the fact remains he is the best -- the only -- candidate who can be counted on to act in our best interests on the commission, and we should all vote for him, for our OWN sakes--not for his! Lynne Breyer, on the other hand, is trying to throw Jim's candidacy under the bus only because he stood on the opposite side from her, during the recent split that occurred in the AZRA group. Lynne's recommendation is a misuse of Lynne's position as the editor and author of the AFA site--and I'm calling her out for it--to trash the only candidate who can be trusted to take care of the wellbeing of the people of Arizona on the board of that crucial agency, the corporation commission.

WHOA there Marianne.  You are waaaaay out of line.  I know Jim O'Connor and I know how his LD feels about him.  He can't balance a checkbook and you think a simple conservative vote is enough?  He has to ask his wife for pocket change and yes, he did screw you royally as you wrote a very nasty article about him in Briefs last year but that is not the point.   He is not the conservative you think he is and why are you throwing someone else under the bus who has nothing to do with this?  Jim O'Connor tried to steal money from his own organization and you think that is OK?  Is that a conservative pov these days.  And you don't know who authored this article because there is no name on it so methinks YOU have a hardon for LB.  SHAME on you.  I put my money on what AFA says because they have a reputation for being fair and forthright.  I will only vote for Justin Olson. O'Connor is just job shopping.

Marianne: we on AFA encourage every member to post their thoughts and we rarely weigh in when we are chastized.  No one has to agree with us if they have a different opinion.

That said, here is why you are dead wrong.  O'Connor insisted he had to be the president of AZRA and four months later, with not a word to his organization, he filed to run for ACC.  He knew the Bylaws prevented him from serving as president as a candidate for public office.  So he just kept it quiet.  He was forced to resign five months later by the NFRA who bounced him from their BOD.  When those he selected to run AZRA went afoul of the law through Wes Harris's action to take funds from NFRA, Jim was twiced asked to use his influence to intervene.  Harris, after all, has numerous of felonies and at the time was under an order of protection for stalking according to public court records.  Harris at the time was gathering signatures for O'Connor.  Instead, O'Connor sanctioned that attempt.  Only circumstances I will not go into resolved a mess left by Mr. O'Connor.

The rest of the story is that three people brain stormed over a couple of weeks to write this article.  Every one agreed on who we should recommend a "no vote" on.  If there was doubt, and on some there was, we left that candidate out of the report.  When a candidate has no public votes to look to, as a new candidate would not, we look at other qualities.  Attempted theft, sanctioning that or turning a blind eye is a good indicator as to how a candidate would serve the people.   We expect a moral standard from candidates.  Until turning a blind eye to attempted theft and sanctioning it by lack of an attempt to hinder such behavior becomes acceptable to conservatives, this is a serious failure of moral conduct and should not be overlooked.  No candidate changes their stripes just because they get elected.  Indeed, they carry those stripes right into the job with them because it is who they are.  We said "no" on candidates for much less than this.

Thanks for that explanation. I, too, wonder why we would support a person of low morals as this guy surely is.  Question: I don't pay to be on the site but do others pay and think they can be as mean as possible?  I mean, if someone else is bearing the burden of the costs so the members can be here for free, is it too much to ask people to be respectful of the team?

Thanks to Jasper, too, for his insight

LD 28 House only vote for Symms

Absolutely.  I know DL28 suffers with her but we all suffer if she goes to the legislature.






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