What do you think.  Is she hiding something?

See companion video HERE.

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This just arrived in our inbox and seems so very appropriate a companion to this videa.  From American Post-Gazette

With one week left in the 2018 midterm elections, here are some final thoughts.
Kyrsten Sinema has spent millions of dollars lying. She’s been lying about her opponent, Martha McSally, which is too often standard procedure. But even more egregious, she’s been lying about herself. She claims to be “Independent. Just like Arizona.” She claims to be a centrist, reaching across party lines to get things done, to solve problems. She claims to support our military and our police. These are all lies. Ms. Sinema is a radical-to-the-core leftist. Her comments and actions dating back 15 years to her first political steps are evidence that what and who she really is today has not changed from her first being a registered Communist, before re-registering as a member of the Green Party, then finally settling in as a Democrat.
Her Senate campaign has been hiding the real Kyrsten Sinema, wrapping her in modest clothes, pearls, and a calm demeanor. Anyone and everyone who knows her, knows that is an act. She and the Arizona Republic pooh-pooh the idea that the old Kyrsten, the pink tutu-wearing, anti-military, anti-Israel, anti-law enforcement, anti-gun, pro-Open Borders, pro-illegal alien, pro-tax and spend, pro-Obamacare radical, was a younger, naïve activist who has grown up and changed. She hasn’t. The only change is she has become more clever and deceptive in portraying who she really is.
And the Arizona Republic knows it. The reporters and columnists at the Republic know her better than most. That is why it is more disturbing that they are not only letting her get away with this charade, but are encouraging it, supporting her and endorsing her. The Arizona Republic truly is an unregistered (read that: “illegal”) PAC for her and the Democrats.
Project Veritas, the undercover group who exposes the lies and deceptions of the Left, have published their latest; this time about the lies and deceptions of Ms. Sinema and her campaign workers and donors. Joseph Goebbels would be proud of the Sinema for Senate campaign, although his estate might sue for copyright infringement. And, again, the Arizona Republic knows all this, but have been protecting and promoting Ms. Sinema for years.
To all our Republican and Independent friends and even to those patriot Democrats, do not be fooled. And do not be foolish into letting perfection be the enemy of the good. Martha McSally is not the perfect candidate (since George Washington, there hasn’t been one), but she is a true patriot, a veteran, and is so much better than the alternative it’s not even close.
And while you’re mulling over that race, consider the same thought process in the others. Democrats have demonstrated they are incapable of governing according to the Rule of Law and our founding principles and values. They have publicly criticized the U.S. Constitution for being “flawed” and “out of date” and needing to be “thrown out.” They say this after taking an oath to “support and defend” that very Constitution. Their intentions are obviously otherwise. Don’t give them that chance.
For the Love of Liberty,
S. Adams

They used to call this investigative journalism..... now it's criminal....lol  or only criminal if it is a Dem on the receiving side.

Yesterday I asked one of my classes (~95 students) who knew what a Marxists was? This class is mostly 18 -20 year old freshman.  Only three raised their hands.  

I suggest to this group what we are experiencing is a power play by the Marxists (Demo-Socialists, Socialists, and Communists) as a power grab never before seen in American politics.  Even the liberal Democrats who are not Marxists are powerless to stop this national attack.   Some will disagree with me saying all D's are Marxists and I must disagree.  I further suggests we will need the help of the non-Marxists D's to eradicate Trojan-horse Marxists like Kyrsten Sinema to protect America.  However, with the lack of understanding what Marxism is by the youth, I fear the present danger to our Republic is greater than ever.  

Project Veritas is a noble effort and is worthy of all our support.  America and Arizona needs our support by educating the youth the heavy costs on the human race for the mass ignorance of Marxism.  

Very sad.  Schools have indoctrinated students to think  the US is a "democracy"  not a republic  or even what a republic is.  It has allowed the communist doctrine to be subtly inserted into the minds of our children as a preferred social construct.  They have been working on this transformation for decades with little to no response by any real opposition.  

The problem in the Democrat party is the communists are loud and proud using Alinsky tactics to quiet the Democrat base.  Sinema has been groomed by the elitists for years to be in the Senate which is why she moved to the middle a few years ago.  She has been lying to the public consistently to create an image acceptable to the middle of the road voters.  The damage she can wreck if the Dems were to take back the Senate (the won't) is incalculable.  

Too bad Project Veritas didn't put these video's out just before the early balloting started since that is the majority of the way our elections are now decided.  Might be too little too late.  

You are so right, Joanne.  My view is that this race is going to be so tight that event a few 1000 voters can change this election so maybe it's not too late.  If people pay attention.  Some of my buds always vote at the poll because of things just like this.  I'm optimistic.  Cautiously.



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