Where are our legislators on the 10,000 plus Central American citizen caravan?

You would think we were in an election year because a real threat is upon us and not one candidate or sitting representative, including governor, of Arizona’s government has said one thing about the “caravan” threatening to invade our sovereign state and country.

This is an invasion.  Invade: “To enter forcefully as an enemy; go into with hostile intent: to enter like an enemy; to enter as if to take possession” to enter and affect injuriously or destructively, to intrude upon; to encroach or infringe upon (to invade the rights of citizens); to permeate.”  These are all examples of “Invade” or “Invasion”.

Take any combination of these definitions, individually or together and this is what we face with this mass of illegal invaders upon our rights as a citizen of our country and state.  This has been going on for decades while our “representatives” sat silent or impotent.

Under Article I, Section 8, clause 15, Congress has the authority to call up the National Guard or "the Militia" to execute the Laws of the Union, Suppress Insurrections, or Repel Invasions".  This is an invasion people.  Also, Under Article I, Section 10, Clause 4, the state has a caveat of engaging in war “if invaded or in such imminent danger as will not admit of delay.”    If the state can go to war during time of invasion, why would they not be able to defend their border? 

The president also has the authority to call up militia.  In 1792, congress passed the "Calling Forth Act" which they delegated under the Militia clause, their power to the president to call up the militia and give orders when invasion "appeared imminent."  This was further clarified by the Supreme Court in 1827, in Martin v. Mott; saying the president had exclusive right to judge whether there was an exigent circumstance sufficient for calling up the militia.  Also, know that the Governors retain concurrent authority to call out their militias to handle civil and "Military emergencies".  Precedent is Houston vs. Moore (1820) and it has stood even today.

There will be arguments from both sides as to the validity of anything Trump does to protect our border.  I present this as an offer of confident and righteousness in defending our border. 

We should attempt political pressure on our border state governors and state legislators to act in support of our defense. This must occur if we are to send a strong message to our southern countries that we will not be invaded by any force or other methods and we are a sovereign state and country determined to remain that way.


Randy Miller

A Constitutional Republican

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Far to many in office are more concerned about elections then they are about protecting our streets let alone our borders, if voters continue to vote for self serving re elect me politicians then the US is in danger of losing our Republic to Illegals and Socialists. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk 


It would seem that our hands are tied.  Unless and until the "government", state of federal, call forth the militia, all we can do is follow current law or commit mass murder.  Without official sanction, going to the border to physically repel this invasion would be an act of vigilantism, and all who would do so open themselves up to prosecution.  I don't agree with this, but I think it's how it would wash out.

Half of our government doesn't want to stop these invaders and the other half doesn't have the testicular fortitude to do so (even as the majority at this time).

Let us remember the 4 boxes our Republic depends on, The Soap Box, The Jury Box, the Ballot Box and the Cartridge Box.  The first three haven't worked to preserve our Republic.  We may only be left with one choice!

In Liberty,

The Ballot Box will work, if the Voters stop Re Electing & Promoting Incumbents who've created this mess and then always promise they have the answers, no different then your kids saying I'll never do it again the until the next time you catch them, and then they promise again, and most are Foolish or Lazy enough to believe them one more time. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk 

Paul, I have to respectfully disagree.  Our hands are not tied, they never are.  We don't live in a Communist country where we are at the mercy of our master.  Our law permits our action as the keepers of our government.



We differ only in the definition of "de facto" and "de jure".  I agree that we the people have the right to protect the country.  That is our right "de jure".  The government is a massive police force and will use that power to round us up and put us in cages if we attempt to stop this invasion physically, that's "de facto".

You say the "law permits our action" and that may be, but will the government allow us to do so?  And if not, what are our options?

Government is corrupt to the bone

You get what you Vote 4, that's the real problem, however most won't take the time to research candidates but just repeat their last vote similar to never checking out a new restaurant. Randy & I have run and can't get the Funds to compete with the Professional Career Politicians and their Backers, as voters won't help but will vote for the name they recognize over and over again, no matter how bad things are. 
God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk 

It is elections. Candidates are cautious and have little appetite to show intestinal fortitude. Some I do believe are all in for open borders and the NAU.

We talk about not voting for this or that candidate. We must vet, I do and you do. Yet n the end for the general we end up in far too many cases the established candidate the RNC/GOP wants. Our choice then become elect a Sinema or McSally.Neither of those are acceptable. The fear of a Sinema drives even folks on AFA to now vote for McSally.

I place the blame for this pathetic place we find ourselves squarely on the GOP.

I disagree, it's not the GOP but those who refuse to Fund those of us who step up to run and get votes but never enough as don't have the funds to reach the general public. My opponent in LD 22 had over a dozen mailer, 3 push polls and printed his own Golden Slate plus the other Incumbents etc. supported him and others like him, and we got no funding from any of the so called activist conservatives, so that's who I blame as we got 30% and spent only $500.00, as are no longer willing to dip into our savings and decided that at the beginning of the race, and we had the signs, site, FB etc. but no monies for other advertising, blaming the establishment is far to easy but most do just that. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

Van, I suspect that if the GOP wanted you in the race PAC money would have followed as well. Just guessing though. So yes the state and county GOP in my eyes have some responsibility. You are right to call out voters for lack of contributions.

I feel bad that I had to give small amounts spread over a number of candidates. I made up the shortfall where I could through volunteering and other ways. I live on a small, very small, monthly income. I like to think I tried and made some difference. Perhaps some of the folk just didn't have the $$s to help out.

You are to be commended for throwing your hat in the ring.

People don't prepare for Primaries, they just hope all turns out right, I've said for yrs. now long before I ran for office people need to put away $5 a week and then focus on a Candidate and give it to them, but most don't and we've learned that as have others this is what the GOP and Career Politicians know so they don't worry about records as they know they'll have the funds to mislead the majority of voters and always do. I hope those you helped did well, but in AZ the well financed incumbents one, only new comer was Gaynor and self financed so didn't need the monies from outside. God Bless You; Van 



My reading of history convinces me that most bad government results from too much government.
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