I was at a meeting a couple of weeks ago and Mark Spencer of Judicial Watch stated that they were going to assist Martha McSally in a challenge to the election results due to the numbers having such a drastic flip towards Sinema in such a short time.  However, they pulled out since the person that had any interest in pursuing it "conceded to Sinema" without a challenge.   They cannot enter into a fight without the one person that has an interest all the sudden having no interest.  This needs to be addressed with Martha McSally as well.

At our December 5th meeting, it was mentioned afterwards that we might consider a letter to Tom Fitton asking for their assistance.  Good idea.  I've completed a letter based on our concerns witnessed and am asking for their help.

Here is my letter:

Judicial Watch                                                                                    Date: December 9, 2018

425 Third Street SW, Suite 800
Washington, DC 20024


To:  Mr. Tom Fitton


Re:  Arizona’s Elections and probable Fraud


Dear Mr. Fitton,


My name is Randy Miller, former candidate for Arizona Senate, and Maricopa County Coordinator for the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association, (CSPOA).  Please consider that our vote is our voice and the backbone of our citizens’ choice for representation in government.  It is a voice of the people as to who is to, and how we are to be governed locally, as a state and in Washington.  If the people cannot trust our process, then we cannot trust our government that was put in place by dishonest means.

I am writing you to ask for your assistance in our citizens petition to demand our Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, investigate our primary and general elections in Arizona.

We ask this based on witnesses that worked our polls and/or at our ballot processing center in Phoenix, Arizona. 

This letter to you has been joined by John Heep, former candidate for state house and precinct committeeman for LD 22, and Carol Childress, J.D., LL.M. in Estate Planning, CHC, CCEP, RCRA certified.

The people are wanting a special investigation based on the following facts and information provided from the witnesses referenced above.


  • Emergency Polls were established in highly Democrat areas, within a few miles of each other with no prior notice as to emergency being addressed.
  • Believed to be collusion with Intent to Defraud: Emergency Polls were not announced until the last minute, making it difficult for Republican observers to attend polling locations. Kyrsten Sinema printed & distributed palm cards long before the announcement, (how did she know?)
  • Dozens of mutilated ballots found in library book drop box were taped back together from Republican votes to reflect Democrat votes. No envelopes accompanied them.  ARS 16-584 D, E & F
  • No security for ballot storage & transportation from polls to processing and no security at storage facility.  ARS 16-602, H ARS 16-564 A & B 1 & 2
  • Mixing provisional ballots with regular ballots making it impossible to know the difference and process accordingly.
  • Repeated large number of early ballots dropped off by one individual; “ballot harvesting.”
  • Number of expected boxes of ballots reported to be transported, never made it leaving blank ballots unaccounted for.  ARS   16-602, H
  • Ballot processing workers were told to determine voter intent from ballots that machine kicked out for under/over vote or unusual markings on ballot & rewrote new ballots from what they thought the voter intended.  This amounted to hundreds of thousands of ballots.
  • Voting machines shut down county wide for approximately 20 minutes because of an “update” to remove an unknown “code” that couldn’t completely be explained. 
  • Memory pack poll tallies were physically taken downtown instead of electronically transmitted. No observers allowed in this process and violates standing procedures and practice.
  • Poll workers assisted non-registered voters/people register and vote on day of Election. 
  • Lack of Spanish speaking poll workers working in Latina precincts.
  • Ballot processors were told that if the 1st few votes on the ballot were Democrat, to count the entire ballot as Democrat even if Republican votes were on the ballot when determining “Voter Intent”.
  • Voter intimidation: Verbal threats made at a Polling place that all republicans would be killed, no supervisors willing to call police and no action was taken. ARS 16-1006, A-1.
  • Democrat campaign material littered certain polling locations in violation of law, no action taken to remove or prevent.
  • Spanish speaking poll worker overheard Spanish speaking voters discuss which ID they were going to use and was to allow them to vote anyway.
  • Reports of “power going out” preventing video taping of movement and storage of ballots in the ballot storage facility. ARS 16-602, H
  • Reports of ballots being distributed to people in line while waiting to enter polling location. Possible violation of Section ARS 16-446, B, 1. & ARS 16-446, D.  Basically, failing to appropriately identify voter as a qualified electorate.
  • Unknown if system used prevented multiple votes from same voter prior to the “update”. After update, it was reported that a couple dozen people were refused voting due to the record showing they already voted.  Prior to update, no one was turned away for previously voting.  This was reported to me to have occurred at the Olive and Suncliffe Precincts by a a fellow precinct committeeman that worked the polls there.  ARS 16-446 B-3
  • The County recorder was directed by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisor Chairman Steve Chucri: "Due to recent inquiries, I am formally asking you to place aside all ballots cast at emergency voting sites after early voting ended on Friday, November 2, 2018, until your legal authority to open emergency sites has been clarified," Chucri wrote in the email. This didn’t happen and no word or follow up as to why.  Was this a formal challenge?  ARS. 16-552, D 
  • Provisional Ballots mixed with regular ballots preventing proper handling of provisional ballots pursuant to law. ARS 16-552


Additionally, we maintain that the 1994 Motor Voter Law is unconstitutional.  Arizona currently has statute and policy based on this that allows non-citizens to vote in our federal elections. 

I submit that this “Act” signed into law by Bill Clinton is unconstitutional based on the language in Article IV, Claus 4, the 15th amendment, 19th amendment, 24th amendment & the 26th amendment.  They all clearly state that it is “a Citizen’s right” to vote.  Clearly it is the intent and was the intent of our founders that only citizens of our country shall participate in the operations of our government and voting rights.  Article IV clearly specifies that it is only the citizens of each state are entitled to enjoy all the privileges and immunities of the several states. 

It is clear that a citizen in each state and of the United States are the only ones that enjoy these rights and the “Motor Voter Act” violates our constitution and violates the civil rights of every citizen of our state that exercised their right to vote.  It is a violation of our civil rights because every vote of a non-citizen eliminates the vote of a citizen and corrupts the entire voting system and our system of government.

The undersigned individuals respectfully request your assistance and joining in our fight for liberty and our rights under our U.S.and Arizona's State Constitution. 








Randy Miller





John Heep






Carol Childress




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Someone needs to go to jail ..

Sounds like someone was threatened.  THIS is why we can't let up on the Demoncrats, the ones who want to take over this country will stop at nothing to get what they want.  They are MURDERERS.   eg. Hillary Clinton

Randy, Thanks to all of you for doing this.

I swear I do not understand why our Atty General seems not to be taking action.

I have no faith in AzGOP and Lines.

I am pleased to see this action taken by Randy Miller, John Heep and Carol Childress.

May I suggest contacting other people and PACs (in addition to CSOPA) concerned about #VoterFraud for several cycles in the recent past:

Brad Zinn, Tom Jenny, Jennifer Wright (may be in Texas now), Tracy Langston, Art Vallejo,  Brad Heward, Jim O'Connor,  Jose Borejero, Patrick Wood, Doug and Linda Ardt, Jeff Greenspan, Matt Papke, Bill and Barbara Blewster, John and Jennifer Reynolds, Joel and Melissa Alcott,  to begin with. (There are at least eight candidates in addition to John Heep damaged recently by #VoterFraud besides McSally in Maricopa County alone.)

PACs: Center for Self Governance, Goldwater Institute, John Birch Society, Oath Keepers, Campaign 4 Liberty, AFP, 10th Amendment Center,  ALRA (also just for starters).

Since our most powerful opponent is the #DeepState #Uniparty, we,  as aggrieved Republicans we should guard against assuming cooperation with other Republicans and assuming hostility from Democrats, Libertarians, Green Party and other independents.

May I also suggest we exhaust our legal remedies to the best of our knowledge.  We should contact the Maricopa County Recorder's Office, AZ Secretary of State (before she leaves office) as well as the AZ Attorney General.

If we find Tom Fitton too busy to take on our cause, the Goldwater Institute has been tangentially if not directly exposing #VoterFraud through perjured voter and residency registration (1994 Motor Voter Law) since 2010 (if not before). Their research shows that most damage may be done through mail fraud as opposed to fraud at the polls.

Tom Fiedler

Great work, Randy.  The Deep State in every level of government is used to us rolling over and enjoying our lives until the next election.  Those days must end.  Thanks for stepping up.



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