Fraudsters hacking last year’s presidential election may have used data from the 2010 census to estimate the number of extra votes they needed, according to an algorithmic expert who analyzed data in several states.

Dr. Douglas G. Frank teamed up with MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell in the newly released exposé Scientific Proof.

Frank said those who sought to manipulate the Nov. 3 outcome inadvertently left a trail of “breadcrumbs” behind.

But it was only by sheer luck that he happened to uncover it.

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Another view of this story:

Mike Lindell has announced the release of three new films detailing additional evidence of U.S. election fraud.

Two are scheduled for this week. Lindell described the evidence, amassed over almost three months of investigations as significant enough to overturn the 2020 presidential election, down-ballot elections in multiple states, and the Georgia senate run-off elections on Jan. 5

“Absolute Interference: Fact . . . Foreign Adversaries Hacked America’s Election”, focuses on new evidence for the controversial claim made in the final third of Lindell’s earlier documentary, “Absolute Proof“, that cyber-attacks coming from China and other countries flipped the 2020 election for Joe Biden.

“In Absolute Proof, we had all these cyber attacks from China and from other countries where we knew the IP addresses, the IDs of the computers and, over here, where they hacked into,” and “were they let in or did they break the firewall, how much was the flip in that particular stack, and so on,” Lindell said, speaking to Steve Bannon in The War Room on Friday.

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Anyone who doesn't think there was fraud in last year's election needs to see me about land in New York on sale for $24 in beads . . . !





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