Ask around and you will hear only the most establishment person saying McSally can win her Senate seat in 2020.  In a time of personality politics and in a time of high enthusiasm for President Trump's re-election and given McSally has not supported our president on some very important immigration policy, most of us think we will end up with two democrat Senators with McSally as the Republican candidate.  Perish the thought.  That would be the ultimate insult.

This man is not a candidate... at least, publicly.  Yet.  But read on and see what you think.  Another Steve Gaynor, coming out of nowhere?  Plenty of money if he choses to use it.  He couldn't make the same mistake as Gaynor: spend $4.5million against his Republican opponent and very little to win in the General.

So here is a possible candidate to take on McSally in the primary.  There is a survey to express your feelings about this man becoming a candidate.


Daniel McCarthy Biography
Daniel McCarthy (born April 2nd, 1985, in Watertown, New York) is an American businessman who lives in Glendale, Arizona. He and his wife Lexi are blessed with four children.

Daniel grew up in Watertown, a small city neighboring Fort Drum Army Base. Watertown is a lake effect snow belt city. Growing up Daniel was a typical American kid who enjoyed his church, fishing, friends, sports (particularly wrestling) and family. School was easy for Daniel but despite offers from universities, Daniel was eager to get started with the real world.

Daniel’s brother Michael was stationed at Luke Air Force Base and Daniel often visited Arizona starting when he was 13 years old. He loved Arizona and the heat that meant he was never going to have to shovel snow again. When Daniel graduated high school, he drove across the country and relocated to Arizona, landing in the West Valley. Later, Daniel’s family would migrate to a sensible, low-tax, low-regulation, high-freedom state.

Daniel immediately went to work in a small call center where he met his future wife Elexsis. The courtship was short and like most things in Daniel’s life, he knew what he wanted and got right after it. After just 3 months they were married. Daniel excelled in the call center environment and found himself in a leadership position after just 6 months. He was recruited by the University of Phoenix Online as an enrollment counselor and was the youngest employee hired by the University at the time. He was promoted to management 6 months later and was a corporate trainer as well. Within that 15-month period at the University of Phoenix, Daniel and Lexi purchased their first home and decided they could do a great job of selling homes. History proved them correct.

Daniel and Lexi quickly became top agents in the Arizona market. In 2007 after 3 years of real estate sales, they were granted the rights to open real estate offices inside Walmart Supercenter stores and after becoming a positive disruption in the real estate world, they merged their brokerage into West USA Realty in 2010, eventually franchising the concept and opening 40 offices around the country. They eventually left the West USA Realty partnership in 2013, which Daniel described as a tough move. “I learned my first real business lessons from that merger, so it was difficult to leave because that business was like a child to us – still, we knew it was time to leave”.

In 2013, Daniel and Lexi then became serial entrepreneurs opening DeLex Realty and The Original MakeUp Eraser. Today, DeLex Realty is ranked #10 in Arizona and MakeUp Eraser is a global sensation with distribution in over 60 countries, more than 10,000 retail locations including Sephora, and more than $50 Million in annual sales. Daniel and Elexsis own and operate other ancillary businesses and love free market capitalism. Daniel even hosts a fun TV/YouTube Reality Show called Last Home Standing.

Daniel is a Board Member for his local HOA, is active as a Precinct Committeeman in the Republican Party, and he and his wife are supportive of numerous valley charities.
Daniel and Lexi and their four children Cadence, Daniel Jr, Emily and Nolan reside in Glendale, AZ, along with their two Boston Terriers Paul and Penelope.
  • Contact Daniel McCarthy

    Please note that is strictly a Biography webpage about
    Daniel McCarthy.

    Daniel McCarthy is conducting Due Diligence on a campaign currently and is not a committed candidate for any office. If you would like to send your concerns, comments or tell Daniel you want him to run, please do so by filling out this form.
    Click this link to weigh in on whether he should run.

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I find no PDF file attached.

Walter, May I have your permission to share your vetting with others. I belong to theconstitutionalconservatives and members reside in many states across America.

Would love to have the pdf. You are welcome to send it to me via email.

Patricia and Walter  

The 5 question survey apparently did not upload.  You can get it from the


And question #6 is - What is the National Popular Vote Compact?

Does it eliminate the Electoral College?



You are welcome to use anything I write so long as you don't alter it. I don't know that my writings are on a PDF and they are no longer available on a web site. After spending about $100 g trying to unite people I decided to cancel the web site. 

I hope Daniel runs.  I can not watch the conference live stream.  I hope somebody picks up on the long dissertation by Walter Myers and my response of the questions I ask national as well as local  candidates.





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