We've been beating the drum on this for a year or so, more stridently now that we are facing an election in November that the Maricopa County Elections Chief has made no bones about doubling down on cheating in 2020.  We see it's a problem in Texas but in fact, it's a problem in EVERY state in the USA.  The remedy for ballot harvesting is simple: get off of early ballot voting.  Please don't say, well, it's just soooo convienient.  Yes, it is.  It's also soooo convenient and easy for the tabulation to be manipulated.  Remember: you are 4-6 times more likely to have YOUR ballot re-voted by strangers and/or manipulated in some way that robs you of your vote.  The left will do whatever it takes, as we have seen, to get rid of Pres. Trump!  Do not doubt these words.


Mail ballot fraud is by far the biggest voting integrity problem seen across Texas, says an assistant attorney general who prosecutes voter fraud.

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if the representatives vote for themail in ballots, let them know they may expedite a Civil War in Arizona. There I said it! Hoorah!

Wow ..."honesty" in voting????

That ended with the removal of ethics and government classes replaced by the indoctrination of those cherished institutions of leftist Social Sciences, Humanities, and Social Justice propaganda.

Hi,  John.  We believe there is still honesty in 'VOTING' in large measure.  It's honesty in the election process and counting that is a mess.  There is little to none there.  When we talk about voter fraud, we mean a single person committing fraud.  Bad but not the same as Election Fraud which is what we have seen from the Maricopa Connty democrat Recorder.  That is why we URGE our members to take the bull by the horn and sign up to work with the Election Integrity Project® Arizona.  There is no other way currently to get this job done.





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