It seems like one party is getting a bit desperate to get every voter on the mail-in ballot. By now, everyone has heard about the dangers of mail-in ballots. It makes us wonder why so many voters still prefer to get a mail-in ballot. Maybe you think yours will be one of those accurately counted.  Remember, it’s the best way to have your ballot manipulated!  This is not rhetoric, it is fact, proven in court.  The democrats have the best communication network imaginable.  It's why you hear every talking head use the same precise language when they burp up their garbage reports.

Just about every voter has heard about ballot harvesting, the practice of strangers picking up sometimes un-voted mail-in ballots from people they don’t know, with the promise of depositing them in a drop box at a polling location. Or the miscreants following mail trucks delivering mail to stand along mail boxes and then plucking them out of the box.  Or you have seen the reports of mail carriers tossing early ballots in the trash.  This does happen and has been for years.  

This practice is unlawful in Arizona. At least for now. The Democrat party has won an appeal at the 9th Circuit to abolish the ban on ballot harvesting in Arizona. The party is spending $millions to get rid of the law banning ballot harvesting. That should give every voter pause to ask: why would a political party spend so much money to eliminate this law?

Speaking of spending money, you saw that Michael Bloomberg is spending quite a sum of money in Florida.  He's using that money to pay to get felons out of jail.  Then he's paying to get their voting rights back so they can vote against Donald Trump.  Florida is an important swing state and a few thousand felons voting can turn the election results.  Only a democrat could dream up this scheme!

In 2017, the Election Integrity Project® California (EIPCa) produced in court seven years of documented evidence that mail-in ballots can be manipulated or defrauded in at least 100 ways. We are seeing the very same thing happening in Arizona and voters should care. In 2018, Arizona citizens saw what looked like a manipulated counting of the votes in some races. As a result and with the assistance of EIPCa, a group of concerned activist citizens brought EIPAz to life in Arizona. The Election Integrity Project® Arizona (EIPAz) is now a legally registered Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Arizona. It is a non-profit public benefit charity whose goal is to protect the sanctity of every lawfully cast vote through educating voters. Every ballot should be counted the way it was voted. That is, after all, what Art. IV, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution guarantees citizens. Ballot harvesting is one of the easiest ways to defraud a ballot and steal your vote.

The EIPAz goal is singular: root out violations of election laws and force change using all legal means. EIPAz is made up of professionals who volunteer their time and talent to clean up any corruption that may be happening in Arizona. They recruit civic-minded citizens to help. To that end, they have brought a new system to Arizona called ReportIt, an app that is downloaded on a cell phone. It is geo-fenced to Arizona. The goal is to allow voters to report violations – or even what appears to be violations – right on their cell phone, anonymously. The reports go to EIPAz for review. If the event appears to be a violation, it is then routed to the proper authorities. But it doesn’t stop there! If those authorized to correct these violations fail to do so, EIPAz will take proactive action to see that a proper remedy is put in place to stop violations that could affect the results of the elections.  You can download that app on your phone.  Free.

In the 2020 Primary, EIPAz found a variety of unusual events. Every early ballot envelope revealed personal information about the voter: their party registration, precinct, their voter ID and more. The return envelope had the same information on it. That means that no one has to open the envelope to get a good idea how that ballot was voted. The signature of the voter was also on the return envelope. There is no good reason for identifying information made public in such a way and probably violates your right to a secret ballot. That is just one egregious act committed by the Maricopa County Election department. There were others.

Please, don't put convenience ahead of your Constitutional rights to a fair and honest election.

EIPAz is committed to take action against such activity. You can help. Any citizen voter committed to “Ensuring all lawfully cast votes accurately counted,” a part of the promise of our country, can message EIPAz at or visit their website at It is now clear that elected or appointed officials will not do diddly squat to clean up election fraud. Neither the democrats nor the republicans have a vested interest in that.  It will be We the People or it will NOT get done!

EIPAz has learned only concerned citizen volunteers can ensure lawful elections. Be one of those volunteers. Apply today!

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Make sure you vote (in person if possible) for

One of the most important races is Richer for Maricopa County Recorder. Adrian Fontes is now in charge of counting our votes in Maricopa county, and you know what Stalin said about vote counting.

Even if you don't, Fontes promotes every practice that enables election fraud, from motor voter registration on line, to universal mail in ballots, vote for weeks instead of on one day, count votes until the democrat wins, register fictitious identities etc. etc.

A friend of mine just a mail-in ballot sent to him by Joe Biden urging him to vote for the Biden/Kamala ticket.

We are so confused: is it a Biden/Harris ticket or is it a Harris/Someone else ticket.  they have a deadline to make up their minds and may have already passed.

Is it an actual ballot or just a facsimile ballot?



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