California recently passed laws making picking up ballots from strangers a legal activity. Forget the customary idea of chain of custody. Forget the weight of a voted... or un-voted in many cases... ballot. That's old school as many democrats are famous for saying.

California is also pushing for all mail in ballots in every election. What could possibly go wrong? The saving grace for honest Californians is the case that was recently won by the Election Integrity Project California that retained Judicial Watch to sue the California Secretary of State and the Los Angeles Registrar of Voters. That decision will likely remove several million unqualified voters from the rolls there.

We see in California and even in Arizona that early ballots are convenient, but dangerous and the easiest way to cheat the vote everywhere the system is used. Our own Elections Department head, democrat Adrian Fontes, has already stated he wants 100% mail in ballots. We have to wonder why. Ha, that's a joke. We know why. Again, it's the easiest way to control the final decision on who gets elected and who doesn't. As Joseph Stalin said, “It's enough that people know there was an election.” Indeed.

So how is it that the early ballot is so easily manipulated? We know that democrats are masters of coming up with new and interesting, if not downright illegal, ways to screw around with the elections. We just saw a preview in 2018, what we call a dress rehearsal for the real deal in November 2020. So let's count the ways:

  • People get registered for early ballots through Motor Voter. Some did not request it or know they were registered. No early ballot ever reached them!

  • Early ballots seem to get “lost” before they are delivered to the legal recipient.

  • Provisionals are required more and more frequently. In November 2018, 28% of the ballots cast in Pima County were provisional.

  • Ballot Harvesting parties are part of the norm in some precincts. Go to a party, hand over your un-voted ballot, sign the green envelope and dine, drink and dance the night away, never seeing your ballot again.

  • When you vote an early ballot, someone will open your envelope, see how you voted because your name is on the envelope. Think about the possibilities with this method.

  • Ballots get 'corrected' during the counting process. Two people from different parties make a judgement as to how some ballots get counted; they decide how the voter wanted to vote.

  • Damaged ballots get “remade.” That means someone replicates these ballots at the Recorders office. Another judgement call rife with the possibility of mistakes. Or worse.

These things happen whether ballots are dropped off at the polls or are mailed back. There is no privacy for mail in ballots. And no assurance they are correctly counted.

The only sure and safe way to handle your vote is by going to the polling place and casting your ballot on Election Day. The old fashioned way! Ballots run through a machine while you watch are harder to manipulate.

Even then, the chain of custody must be preserved. What does that mean? Ballots are supposed to be removed from the machines when the polls close, sealed in boxes by a method that is tamper proof. These boxes will also contain early ballots dropped off at the polling place and provisional ballots. Then what?

Two people from different parties are charged with taking the secured boxes to a designated drop off location where presumably they are securely transported to the tabulation building. Security of the ballots is just as important... no, more important... as a Brinks truck carrying $millions. We had a report that when the team reached the drop off location in at least one precinct, there was no one there to hand the boxes to. After waiting a significant amount of time and no truck showed up and there was no one to contact, the boxes were left unattended in a parking lot. So much for chain of custody or security.

There is no reason ever for boxes of ballots to suddenly show up two days after the election. You can be sure when that happens, something is terribly wrong. Early ballots are supposed to be verified and tabulated immediately. Those ballots should be properly handled. But are they?

Suggestion: unless there is an overwhelming reason to vote mail in ballots, don't. Go to the polling place. Stand in line, if needed. The Constitution says nothing about standing in line is unacceptable. We used to do it all the time right here in Arizona without a second thought. Now, with so many people voting early, when someone has to stand in line for more than a short period of time, it's grounds for a lawsuit! Ridiculous. Voting is not about convenience.

Protect your vote.

Oh, and tell your friends, co-wokers, family, people standing with you in the grocery line... everyone!

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  • No emergency voting
  • No provisional balloting

The responsible voter makes sure they are in compliance way before election day.

No surprise that CA passed that law. Good people of CA need to step-up-to-the-plate and band together to dump the dems. Apparently the voters, honest ones, have not learned a darn thing these past decades.

Thanks for the good advice. Every election I say never again and then I opt for the easy way out.  After 2018, I have learned my lesson.  I never saw so much strange stuff in any election before.  All over the country.  Cheating was going on for sure.  I'm taking myself off the early ballot system.  NOW.

When my stepdaughter moved to Phoenix from Michigan and got a new drivers license she neglected to notify the DMV of her political party affiliation ... so what did the DMV do? .... They put her in as a newly registered Democrat .... !!! 

I'm an early ballot recipient ... but to all votes to be mail-ins stinks. The potential fraud by government corruption would be just as those who submit tens of multiple proxy votes at party state and county conventions. 



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