This is a pattern with McSally most people don't notice.  If you go to and search McSally, you will get the full story on her votes since she went into Congress.

Looks like she will vote against Trump again:

Fox news listed 6 Senators that could vote against the President today.  Martha McSally of course is one of them

Why?  Her constituents sure don't want her to vote this way... except the democrats who are cheering again today for her!  

For those who wonder why we support Daniel McCarthy and DEMAND DANIEL, wonder no more!

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I will be Demanding Daniel, all the way!!!

Umm, from what I've heard in McSally's talks, I don't get the impression that she's would vote for impeachment.  Umm, and the author of this article says she "will vote against Trump".  I'd like the author to cite some evidence to prove his/her assertion.

I did not hear McSally's video message for I had a finger in each ear. Why? I have loads of past actions and inactions research file on her.

If Donald J. Trump came to Arizona 6 times before he was elected, I would like to know how many times McSally attended those rallies. That would tell it all. I was at one of those rallies, and I never saw her or some of the other Senators and Congressman from Arizona who say they are Republicans. That is the real test. Also, notice in Trump's speech today when he was signing the paperwork on the new Treaty, there was one person trying to get her picture in with Trump by pushing her way towards the center. Need I say more! This ain't our first Rodeo.

Marc, Good point. Living in Yavapai County I saw Martha attend one event in 2019. She came late and left early. Once she sent a video to a republican women's event. She did not attend the big parade in Prescott sending surrogates instead. I wrote a very fine email to J Lines to urge a debate during the primary with Kelli we the people should be treated to a debate. My request was finally nixed by a western director f the RNC. McSally debated Sinema once during the genera cycle. I watched and felt McSally lost the debate.

McSally did not campaign aggressively during the primary 2 yrs ago she and her biggest PAC  chose to run dirty ads the last few weeks before the primary election. I score then McSally AWOL.

Do note that so far she refuses to debate McCarthy. McCarthy wants a debate -- why does Martha's campaign do this? Why does the RNC protect her? Did Martha coupled with shenanigans of Maricopa County Recorder perfect storm for a lost election, Is there a perfect storm building now? I think so.

The interruption we have to alter the perfect storm outcome is Daniel McCarthy. 

Patricia did you read Activist Jeff Goldblum's piece in today's briefs? If you can please email me at please. I will be waiting for your email to me. Thanks Nan

Good grief would be a  cold day in hell that I "might" apologize to any person simply because I do not support McSally. Honestly for McSally to vote against our peoples president would be like falling on a political sword.

The pundits on MSM outlets guilty as sin for driving drama.

I do not personally dislike Martha I don't know her. I instead measure on her record. I do not like what I see.

Am I the only one who reads this article because I keep trying to see where it refers to her vote on impeachment.  There are other votes to be taken.  I looked up her record and now that it is election season she is mostly voting with Trump but not always and she voted against him in the House more often than now.  What does that tell us?  Not only that George the quote is in Italics and so it was clearly copy and pasted from some other source.  You know that a quote is a quote, right?  Does Goodman work with Fox or not?  Ah ha.  I just saw this article referenced in Briefs sent in by Jeff Greenspan.  great commentary on that nailing McCainsally and Flake.  I think she is engaging in pretense to get elected (won't work) and if they do turn on Trump there will be some embarrassed republicans.





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