This is a pattern with McSally most people don't notice.  If you go to and search McSally, you will get the full story on her votes since she went into Congress.

Looks like she will vote against Trump again:

Fox news listed 6 Senators that could vote against the President today.  Martha McSally of course is one of them

Why?  Her constituents sure don't want her to vote this way... except the democrats who are cheering again today for her!  

For those who wonder why we support Daniel McCarthy and DEMAND DANIEL, wonder no more!

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Rino needs to go, drain the swamp

Not at all surprised. Primary McSally by voting smart and demand Daniel McCarthy. Dan's the man. I'm still reeling over McSally's freedom index score, less than 50%. 

There may be an invesitgative report coming out in the near future about McSally. Would you not like to see certain peoples emails, text messages, and transcripts of their phone calls over the last 3 years. Need I say more! Remember to be patient, God is in Control.  Jesus is My Liberty! No one ever talks about how when JD Hayworth ran against McCain years ago, the NRA endorsed McCain during the Primary. For those of you who wanted to hear Daniel speak on Saturday, I did too. Competition is what you find in a Capitalist Society. The consumers are the winners, not the Oligarchy. When Alex Meluskey ran against McCain and Ward years ago, remember how Alex or his representative was blocked from speaking at the Saturday meeting, but Keli Ward was allowed to speak. I thought Elephants had good memories, maybe its the Rhino's that forget! The Constitutional Conservatives are getting tired of being blocked out by Shenanigans all the time. Our day will come, it started with the Red Flag signs on Saturday, keep looking up! Cudo's to Keli for recognizing the the 2nd  amendment on Saturday. I would not want her job. Bless her and the other leaders, no matter what side they are on. That is our duty. Let God sort it out, and he will!

Yes Mark w constitutional conservatives are fed up and our day is coming soon.

We like your suggestion, Glenn.  Let's work on getting that done!  The world will be a better place.

We the People are the term limits.  Everyone who wants to do something for the USA must be involved in campaigns that support true representatives who want to work for us, not to enrich themselves, their friends and family members nor allow our country to be overrun with people who want a free lunch and not liberty and prosperity for all who are citizens.

Let's get into the solution. You and I both know Congress will NOT vote for term limits until we get people in office that truly support our Constitution and Bill of Rights and us. #DemandDaniel

Yes Nan you nailed it we the people are the enforcers of term limiting. Primary is the vehicle to carry term limit goal.

We should all be on the lookout for "true" constitutional conservatives as challengers to the Blue Dog Republicans. 


We must never forget God is in control and we are saved due to his Son.  

I am terrified of voting for anyone but McSally because as much as she vasilates she still supports Trump.  We CANNOT afford to lose this seat to her  highly financed Democrat liberal opponant.  Plus the more contention we have in our Party the weaker we become and the opposition takes over and we are a blue state!!  God can't bless our party with all the contention among us!  IF you can convince me why McCarthy can unknown...running for a Senate seat without any prior legislative experience....I will certainly change my mind as I like him very much...but really folk do we want to take a risky chance?  

oh Glory, It is terrifying to imagine our AZ as a blue state once again. The RNC establishment count on our fear and continue to shove their pet R down our throat. Think about it the worst thing of McSally being challenged in the primary "may" help make her a better candidate -- that is a long shot.

McCarthy is a candidate who is a better one to take on Kelly. Very outstanding great and good differences between the two. McSally honestly not so much -- what is there to think she would win in 2020?

Dan's the man.

Love you Patricia. Spoken like a true conservative! 

Thank you Nan and that love is mutual.





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