Voters Across Arizona Report Receiving Ballots In The Mail For Other Voters

Elections are underway in several Arizona counties, and concerns are popping up about whether voter registration files are being sufficiently updated to prevent voter fraud.

In Maricopa County, where the City of Scottsdale is conducting an all-mail Special Election, Anthony Massara was stunned to find three ballots in his mailbox, each with the name of a different person he did not know.

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Massara told Arizona Daily Independent he purchased his Scottsdale home in 2017. The prior owner used the property as a rental for several years, so when various election mail was delivered in the names of other people Massara simply returned the items to the post office with a note that the person did not live at the address.

He did the same thing during the 2020 General Election when he received early ballots (also known as absentee ballots) for three or four voters. But when Massara received three ballot envelopes last week for Scottsdale’s current election, he got in touch with Rep. Leo Biasiucci (R-LD5) who has been a vocal critic of Maricopa County’s election integrity measures....


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All this chicanery happened because the GOP laid down and allowed the Democrats to do this in the name of covid.

 So True.....

 The leftists' democrats will stop at nothing to rig an election, especially here in Arizona.  california is a lost cause and an example of  what a corrupt one party leftist state has done to their election process.

Democrats the party of voter fraud..  

RED 2022, Remove Every Democrat 2022

This is also happening in Gilbert. $1/2 Billion bond issue on the ballot in an off election year and it's being called an "all-mail-in-ballot-election". Here we go again

 Automatic audit of ALL mail in ballots..

 I can hear it now from the  Arizona looney left  , "THATS RACEIST" !!!!!

Same thing in Georgia or Texas . . . the dreaded "r" word.





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