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Friday, June 15, 2018
Contact: Jordan Kittleson,  Jordan@SteveSmithAZ.com 

Maricopa, AZ – The National Border Patrol Council, representing some 18,000 rank-and-file Border Patrol agents and support personnel, issued a letter this week endorsing Steve Smith in the Republican Primary in Arizona's First Congressional District [CD1].  The letter, dated June 11, 2018, was signed by NBPC President Brandon Judd, and appears to be the first time that the organization has issued an endorsement in a partisan Primary Election for a seat in the U.S. House. 

In 2016, the NBPC endorsed Donald J. Trump for president in the group's first ever endorsement in a Presidential Election, and earlier this year they endorsed Senator Ted Cruz in his reelection bid for the U.S. Senate.

In their endorsement letter the NBPC praised Steve Smith's record of advocating for strong border security and support for those tasked with guarding our borders, during his tenure as a member of the Arizona State Senate, citing several specific examples of Senator Smith's commitment to border security.

"We are convinced that you will continue to be a staunch advocate in support of border enforcement and that you will continue to listen to rank-and-file Border Patrol agents as you carry out your duties in Congress," the letter stated.  It went on to say; "Many politicians say they will do things before elections and then promptly forget many of their promises after the election.  You are the rare person who carries through on your election cycle commitments without apology or fear."

In response to the NBPC endorsement, Steve Smith said; "I am honored to be included with President Trump and Senator Cruz as one of the few people to receive an endorsement from the National Border Patrol Council.  I am committed to living up to the high expectations and trust placed in me by the brave men and women who guard the gates of freedom.  I won't let them down."

Smith’s candidacy continues to attract support from an array of nationally recognized, conservative leaders including endorsements from Senator Ted Cruz, Representative Andy Biggs, Representative Debbie Lesko, former Arizona State Treasurer and Trump Campaign COO Jeff DeWit, Former Arizona Attorney General and Past President of the NRA Bob Corbin, the last three GOP CD1 nominees (Andy Tobin, Jonathan Paton, and Paul Babeu), Arizona Senate and House Leadership, and many more.

A copy of the NBPC endorsement letter can be found here.

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If he votes with Trump on issues we believe in, it will only help the Republic. If he backslides, he must be shamed to the highest degree. Never to be trusted again. There is a special place in hell for politicians who lie then do something else once in office.

If he has any lobbyists, that's a BIG red flag right there.

Steve Smith has been ranked as one of the most conservative lawmakers in America by the American Conservative Union. This is not an easy ranking to get.  He is not seeking funding from big donors that comes with strings attached.  He's a true grassroots candidate.  Go to azleg.gov and click Senate Roster and then his name to see who he is.  He may have voted differently than we would want at some point or another but we go out on a limb and say, it would be very rarely.  NO lawmaker ever votes 100% with every conservative thinker.  That is an unrealistic expectation.

His opponents are Wendy Rogers who runs for something every two years, anything.  She ran for CD9 two elections ago, CD1 last election.  The other is Tiffany Shedd, a McCain candidate whose campaign manager (in hiding) is/was a McCain employee, Jonathan Seaton.  You will hear more about him. 

Good! We need more people like him. If they only work for the voter, then that's someone to work with. I agree, they need not be perfect. The RNC is going to try to send him through the meat grinder, godspeed to him.

Steve Smith is a great Constitutional Conservative and he is for the border wall. I know him and believe in what he says. He was great as a Senator.

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