We all know about some of the problems that were encountered on Arizona's August 28 for the Primary.  The following list was compiled by the Arizona Republic and includes some issues we have not previously reported.  It leaves out some of the issues that we have already reported, especially the problems AFTER the voting was done, such as the sloppy way ballots were handled after the polls closed, people who did not get to vote at all due to the many issues at polling places and the mishandling of how ballots were counted in the Maricopa County Recorder's counting location in downtown Phoenix.

We and others have called on the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors to return the election department to their domain since this is the second primary that has been badly managed.  In 2016, Recorder Helen Purcell simply miscalculated the enthusiasm for the Presidential Preference Primary and people had to stand in long lines to vote.  She reduced the number of polling places to accommodate the call to cut the budget for her office.  Those lines were populated by Independents who could not vote but refused to get out of line.  Purcell is not responsible for voter ignorance.  Nonetheless, she was fired by voters in the General election that year.  The current Recorder, Adrian Fontes has apologized but refused to take full responsibility for the truly egregious and unwarranted mistakes he made.  Some have called his actions deliberate.  If that is true, he is the most bumbling cheater in history.  We know the democrats are masters at cheating the vote and doing is without any knowledge of the voting public.  We think some of the mistakes may have been deliberate but mostly, we believe he is totally incompent to handle this important responsibility.

Here is the latest compilation of the list of errors but is by no means a complete rundown:

Wrong ballots

Several voters said the check-in machines did not have their correct party affiliation.

A Republican was given a Democratic ballot.

Some voters were told they could only vote by “federal ballots.”

A voter received a ballot that was already filled out.

Several voters refused to vote when told they could only do so by provisional ballot.

Equipment issues

Multiple voters who have voted in previous elections said the new checkin system could not find their voter registration.

The touchscreen on one of the check-in machines was cracked.

A check-in machine would not accept a voter’s drivers license.

Several voters said the check-in machines did not have their correct party affiliation.

Ballot printers were not working at multiple locations.

Logistical issues

Several voters complained that the Recorder’s Office website directed them to the wrong polling place.

Air conditioning was not turned on at one polling place.

One polling location had only nine parking spaces.

Several voters complained of poor signage to locate polling sites.

Poll-worker problems

Poll workers did not tell some voters to sign their provisional ballot envelopes.

Voter said the poll workers were unprofessional and no one “knew what they were doing.”

A voter complained a poll worker would not let her sit in a chair while voting.

Several voters complained that poll workers would not let them drop off ballots for family members.

Privacy/security concerns

A voter said “someone” looked at her ballot.

Check-in machines did not have privacy screens.

Poll workers called out voters by name and party affiliation at one location.

Already, candidates are lining up to run for this office in 2020.  Vet them carefully!

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Lets all try to remember Purcell wasn't the real problem with the Lines, we had Independents and NP's show up and that created they say about 40% of the long lines, so lines vs. an election that we didn't count 2,000 ballots and could have easily verified them as they knew who they were as they said signatures didn't match up, so contact them, one candidate might have picked up 49 votes requiring a recount.
I'm supposing we're talking about the Recorders job as to candidates, one question for them is do they have a background in management, logistics, coordination operations, if not then no support, we need a good manager not just another Political Opportunist. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk 

When I first started voting, I stood in lines every time.  Didn't think a thing about it, so happy to be old enough to vote. When I came to AZ as hot as it was, we stood in lines to vote.  No PEVL then, just emergency ballots ahead of time.  Today's generation are such wimps that if they are inconvenienced they whine and whimper.  Purcell should not have run anyway, she had been there for 30 something years but what happened the media blew into a big deal and she lost her job and Reagan lost hers now for the same issues.  I predict we are sorry voters got rid of her.  This guy Gainor or however it's spelled is a total unknown who bought the seat. Voters are so gullible and lazy to learn the truth.  Now, we have a chance to recruit a qualified candidate for recorder.  Maybe Reagan should run for that job



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