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On a warm night in October, about six hundred citizens crowded into a packed room and out into the adjacent hallways at the downtown Radisson hotel to participate in a discussion with presidential primary contender Newt Gingrich. Wearing a a grey sport coat, dark trousers and an approving smile, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives stepped onto the rostrum before the standing room only event, billed as a “Tea Party Town Hall”.

Mr. Gingrich made some general opening remarks about his key campaign points and then opened the floor for unplanned random questions. He maintained the overall style with which we have become accustomed; a casual demeanor and comfortable presentation and his “trademark” ability to effortlessly weave his points with compelling facts and interesting experiences into an irrefutable conclusion.

Newt began with outlining his first days after being sworn in prospectively, and detailed a few of the “50 to 100” Executive Orders he will have planned for execution. “The first will be an order to eliminate all Czars”, he said to the appreciative audience. Mr. Gingrich proposed a series of other EOs including those that would initiate a jobs recovery similar to that he had accomplished with Ronald Reagan when he served as Speaker of the House and lowered unemployment by nearly 1.5%.

Taking questions from the town Hall attendees, he detailed the baggage he carries from more than 100,000 negative ads and articles directed at him by opponents in 1996. He responded to a question from a sixteen-year-old girl about how teenagers might talk to liberal friends by suggesting she ask them “Do you want work or food stamps”? He also pointed out that the recent administration recommendation to stop providing PSA tests is indicative of the negatives that will come from Obama Care and why it must be stopped.

Newt Gingrich is without doubt the brightest man in politics today. His direct style, as demonstrated at this gathering in Phoenix, is at once disarming and impactful. Whether you agree with him or not, you know that whatever his opinion, it will be reasoned and provable, and shared without reserve. America has been served well by this man in its past. It is difficult to argue with anyone, especially Mr. Gingrich, that he could be anything other than a fine president for America’s future. Unlike with many political leaders, there is no feeling of arrogance with this man, but there is somehow a sense of unrecognized greatness; perhaps that is about to change.



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