We have posted the list of the early voting centers for you.  We have told you not to vote an early ballot because they are handled by countless people and are too often manipulated aka Cheated!  Maricopa Recorder Adrian Fontes decided to violate state law and mail early ballots to every registered voter (and likely many who are not registered!).  He spent over $1,000,000 printing them with the intent to send them out.  Even the Dem Secretary of State told him he couldn't do that.  He  did it anyway.  He just didn't mail them out.  

But it doesn't matter as it turns out.

Fontes has again violated statute.  Here's the story:

I just went to a VOTING CENTER to vote. I was told I had to vote an early ballot, put in the envelop, sign it and drop it in the box provided. I was at the location that was very hard to find at Roosevelt & Hayden Rd, Scottsdale. There were no machines in the building. I just removed myself from early ballots because I know how easy it is to cheat the tabulation, etc. I do not want to vote via early ballot. It's a bait and switch to say there are "early voting centers."

On the list of ways to vote before Aug 4 are drop off sites. That is all any of them are except you use the computer to sign yourself in. No one looks at your ID. I scanned mine and the attendant simply asked me if my ID had the correct address.Now,iI I don't want to vote an early ballot, I  have to go to a voting location on Aug 4. How do I know I won't have to fill out an early ballot then, too? This is a sneaky way for Fontes to get around mailing early ballots to every one and is a violation of statute.

So there you have it. You went to the trouble to get off the early ballot system to preserver your vote and he has found a way around the law, forcing early ballots on every one anyway.

Don't like it?  Think Fontes is scamming you?  Don't just sit there.  Go to Arizona Attorney General and file a complaint. But first, go to one of these "voting centers" and find out for yourself so you file a first person report. The also go to you apps on your smart phone and download the free app: reportIt. The app looks like this: 

Then use the app to submit a report right on the phone. It sends the report to the investigation team on Election Integrity Project® Arizona.

Please don't convince yourself it doesn't matter.  Don't convince yourself someone else can do it.  Don't convince yourself nothing will change anyway, no matter what you do.  As patriots, it is OUR DUTY to act on this.  This is how Fontes will steal the election for democrats.  He has already indicated that is the intent.

Fontes is so thrifty.  He found a way to use $204,333 worth of printed early ballots after all!

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Tks for the heads up.  I just pulled myself off early ballot. It's clearly the only way the dems can win is to cheat the count.  I will be at the polls on Aug 4.

Why is Fontes walking around a free man? Didn't the BOS put a man in place to watch the going ons?

Below is what I sent to my LD-21 Representative and Senator.  We were very disturbed to receive ballots after being removed from the early voting register. 

To Kevin Payne & Rick Gray:

My wife and I both removed ourselves from early voting last year. We were only on it while she was having medical issues with her kidney. Today we received ballots in the mail. I called the county at 602-506-1511 to complain and was told the request to be removed must have been lost. A few months ago, in checking the web site, it showed that we were not on the early/mail-in list. What kind of games is Fontes trying to pull? How many others are having the same problem? 

Scott Root

Thanks, Scott.  We have had people tell us they had the same experience.  And we have had people tell us that they are on the early ballot system but did not receive a ballot at all.  When they called the Recorder's office, they claimed they got a letter requesting they be removed.  But they couldn't produce such a letter.  Now we are wondering.... who got those early ballots?






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