You have got to see these videos.  A focus group moderated by CNN's Alisyn Camerota [once and future talking head on Fox News] is conducted in a theatre, perhaps in New Hampshire.  She contorts herself to try to get votes to condemn Donald Trump.  She mentions Reince Priebus has just come out against Trump.  What she got back was unexpected and priceless.  She probably won't be going back to New Hampshire anytime soon!

Click: CNN Focus Group and there are five videos.  They will advance themselves in order so just let it go through for a continuos conversation.  Whether you are a Trump fan or not, you will love the "political whooping" they give to Camerota!

Donald Trump's supporters are pissed off, fiercely loyal, and as surprising as the candidate himself. 

For almost five months, thousands of voters across the country — many of them disenchanted with the political establishment, fearful that their country is under attack, and desperate to find inspiration in the 2016 campaign — have fueled the Trump phenomenon. 

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Go Donald. It's about time SOMEBODY spoke up.

Well I watched all four clips about Donald.  And, finally I'm not alone.  The whole establishment whether we are talking about the lame stream media in all it's form.  All bureaucrats in all forms of government, stating with Federal, state, city and town/villages all are corrupt and most lie about what they do with our money and what they want to do with our mone.  Mostly line their pockets.  The stupid Hollywood/celeb persona who are as a voting block out to lunch.  All they want is our money to perpetrate their choices and the sheeple that follow all of the above, the voting public at large who don't know who is screwing them.  Well Donald does and is not afraid to say so.  GO DONALD GO.  I'm proud that you are willing to stand up to all the above who hate and despise you and will lose a vast amount of wealth/standing if you get elected unless they kill you before hand 

If something nasty should happen to the DONALD I would like to suggest that whomever is responsible and all of his/her compadres be keel hauled under an atomic submarine at the North Pole before they face a firing squad.

Would that include people from the CIA and NSA and Blackwater?

Well, well.  Isn't it nice to find people in NH think just like we do in AZ.  I often wonder if it is just us in our little cocoon.  Guess not.  Having read every single thing posted on the GOPe, it looks like they are getting busted on a larger platform. saw Fox News Sunday and he interviewed Trump then had a panel made up of one Soros woman + three who are involved in GOPe: Rove, George Will, that guy from the WaPo, Charles somebody.  The could not think of a single decent comment but I was glad to know that Trump is so powerful he controls every move they make. Hee hee.

I watched Fox news today also and like you said Pat on that panel after The Donald interview every single person had nothing good to say about him.  George Wills as always is snarky and I'm so glad that Bill O'Reilly told him off and called him a hack to his face.  Mostly there is no support for Trump on any network or newspaper.  The few people that support him are on the radio (excluding Beck who despises him).  Mostly it is the people of this country are finally ready to throw everyone out including the media.  To bad that doesn't involved the Hollywood crowd who make millions on you then spits upon you.  

Don't you think they are all reading from the same RNC memo? Suddenly, the media is more transparent than ever but I don't think they yet get it that we are on to them.  BTW, no one in hollywood gets a dime of my money.  I won't go see a movie that's not made by a conservative.  Did you read that newly posted article on the Muslim/ Sharia page about dhimmitude and Trump?

What is so hard to understand that Islam loyalist want to kill us?  Yes the RNC needs a real house cleaning as we need to do with all the GOP(e).   Prince Reibus is no prince of the American voters and should be fired.  Graham should be fired as should McCain, both have to go.   I agree Trump is speaking the truth and the media, democrats, GOP(e) and especially Obama all lie.  And the media can not figure out  why we are disgusted with the current career politicians?  They created the mess this country is in and they all deserve to be booted out.  AND as to this media CNN and the NBC - no body but Clinton - I can not and will not trust anything on their broadcasts.






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