OFFICIAL: California ‘Stole’ 7 GOP Seats After Election Due to ‘Ballot Harvesting’

You can thank two AZRA members and one effective Maricopa County Chairman for the anti-ballot harvesting bill that is now law in Arizona!  Nonetheless, it is up to citizens to document and submit to law enforcement when they see this going on, as it still does!  We got a report that a woman was in her car in line to drop off her ballot at the post office and the person in front of her was dumping boxes of ballots into the mailbox.  Unfortunately, the woman did not document with photos with her cell phone.  A missed opportunity.


What is “ballot harvesting?”

There’s a reason it’s illegal in 49 of 50 states.  Check this out and try not to be incensed…

California Democrats “stole” the midterm election using a new method that is illegal elsewhere but completely legal in the Golden State: a practice called “ballot harvesting,” which allows third parties to submit mail-in ballots for voters.


And Demorats are proud of it, mocking Republicans for failing to take advantage of a new law signed by Governor Jerry Brown in 2016, over GOP objections, that allows “ballot harvesting,” and which some Republicans are now blaming for their defeat.

In a nutshell, “harvesting” is easily rife with fraud.

Dems can walk in with “harvested” ballots up to a few days after the election, knowing how many votes they need to steal the election.

It’s a big problem.

Seven Republican seats in the Golden State flipped to Dems weeks after the election.


One of those seats was “won” on election day by the first Korean-American elected to Congress.

From Fox News:

Republican congressional candidate Young Kim, who just days ago was poised to be the first Korean-American woman in Congress as she led a closely contested California House race, is accusing her opponent of “harassing and intimidating” vote counters as her lead has disappeared.

Kim is vying to replace retiring Rep. Ed Royce, R-Calif., in California’s 39th District, which includes part of the state’s more Republican Orange County. Last week, she heldabout a 3-point lead over Democrat Gil Cisneros with about 150,000 votes counted.

Continue reading this infuriating article. This is how the democrats will take over America and too many Republicans sit around and wring their hands. That includes those in the halls of Congress and other higher positions.

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This from MJ, an AFA member:


With the recent elections and how they were thrown I'd have to surmise that voting doesn't mean anything anymore.

My own experience was "I probably voted twice". Let me explain. I sent in the GOP request for a mail-in ballot well under any deadline. I never got the mail in ballot. I'm thinking it was among the found ballots. So since I did not receive my mail in ballot I went down and voted on election day. Okay so I voted twice.

Also how can you find ballots, boxes of ballots. Is there not a chain of custody? The ballot should never go out of sight, thus you cannot find a box of ballots.

When I've put my signature with my index finger on that piece of glass I realized that voting had become just BS. That was not my signature. Not anywhere close to it. It meant nothing!

The solution:
1. get rid of the computers as any part of voting.
2. Paper ballots
3. No mail in ballots

I sorta like the world without technology. I don't own a cell phone. I use to.


Honk if you agree!

This is the only way the dems can win an election.  They will do it again only turbo driven in 2020. Trump may not get "elected" with this kind of garbage. Republicans? Where the hell are you?  Yeah, you with all the bucks, spend some to save America

I agree & feel the same way!  If I had it (big bucks) I'd sure as heck spend it for my country!!

The Legislature stopped the practice and the law was upheld by the SCOTUS.  Ballot harvesting was illegal for this election but it happened anyway.....

The ballot harvesting still took place but there was nothing done about it when it happened.  NONE of the early ballots dropped off at the polls were verified to make sure the person bringing in the ballot was the person voting.  All early ballots dropped off at polls MUST be verified and accepted by a living person not dropped in a box.  It would also cut down on the time it is taking for counting those ballots.  

Fontes stated that 80% of the people who requested an early ballot returned them and voted in Maricopa County.  How does that compare to all the other counties???    

One thing for sure the left is hell bent on the taking of America. I fear that.

Would anyone of us think for a moment that anything would come of the AzGOP effort to square the last election practices of the dems in Maricopa. I'm still waiting.

If mail in ballots are the problem then as one who votes this way willing to give that up.

Paper balloting I would be all for if it would add to solving all the problems.

For sure the republicans we elect must grow a spine.

Wonder if they needed to do that anyway.  A California acquaintance advised me that anyone who gets a drivers license there is automatically registered to vote.   So much for only citizens being able to vote in Federal elections.



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