Let us not forget nor lose our momentum in our efforts to challenge our witnessed and perceived corruption that occurred during our primary and general elections.   Although I am not in Arizona, a letter to Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch and the attorney was contacted informing him of our intent to meet with him towards the end of January, first of February.

Fontes, after being elected, expressed dissatisfaction with the current outdated equipment, yet interestingly this wasn’t one of his current complaints in this election.  One of our participants provided information that the County Supervisors approved $3.9 million in fiscal year 2018, to update the elections equipment and another $20 million for 2019.  Was this really needed?  Did he use the first $18 million to update this equipment in such a short time and have it on line for this election?  No mention of this or questions were asked during his presentation to the board of supervisors during their canvassing of the elections.  What happened to the first $18 million and should the pending $20 million be withheld pending an investigation?  I think so.

Despite it being approximately 3 months after the elections, this will not make a difference in the resolve of the people to intervene on our own behalf and put a stop to this perpetual fraud being committed against the people during our elections.  This is our most important time that our citizens voices are to be heard and no one else.

Secondly, please refer to 16-579. Procedure for obtaining ballot by elector.   This clearly states some form of ID must be presented prior to obtaining a ballot.  The flyers hung on the door by Kyrsten Sinema’s campaign stating they don’t need an ID clearly is incorrect and gives the wrong message.  I believe we have standing based on statements of witnesses working the polls and the ballot processing center, and photographic evidence presented.

In the meantime, please keep gathering our signatures and continue to speak to others.  Those that witnessed offenses during your work or volunteering at polls, document your observations in detail for our meeting with the attorney.  Hand write them and sign them having them ready for us when I return.  Signature pages of the petitions can be dropped of at the GOP office on 99th and Bell Rd, in Sun City. 


Randy Miller

LD 21 Constitutional Republican

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Thank you Randy for this reminder.  We appreciate all you are doing on this issue.  AZRA, too, has several irons in this fire. We simply must cover every base we can to keep this from happening in 2020 and we invite readers to join with us at info@azraaz.com for more information.

Keep up the good work.

The corruption is deep

Thanks Randy. Our thoughts and actions should be the slogan "Never again on our watch".

AZGOP's Lines effort to collect the voter fraud issues I think whatever submitted found its way to a bit bucket whos content would be dumped. Just or show.

It gives me great concern that the Atty General has not given this issue legs. Makes me wonder if the R's think that they too might use D voter fraud tactics -- swamps do spread.

I don't see much difference between AZGOP and National in how they behave. Only difference is in AZ they're more subtle, not in your face vocal about it.

Both need an enema, a good cleansing if you will. But from what I am sensing other countries is almost too late politically.

People, don't be offended but Russia is one of the most politically stable in this the European continent. The people are for the most part happy and don't have many complaints about their own government. They aren't being taxed to death and they enjoy modern amenities.

The festival I just enjoyed has raised enough money to open several new Merto stations and it didn't cost a penny in new taxes and they don't even charge for admission. They have a flat "sales tax" and income tax so save money by not creating another bureaucratic agency to collect taxes and monitor filing compliance with a ridiculous number of filing statuses and deduction options.

Well, I have to go now but you can see what is working that we ourselves have talked about for years but our own party has no courage to fight for. They won't even fight to protect our Second Amendment



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