We put little faith in polls.  They are very easily manipulated by how each question is styled.  Pollsters with a point of view use this method in every election cycle in order to drive the vote.  Rasmussen, in 2016, was the only pollster who got the Presidential vote right.  That tells us something, given how many operations were out polling that race.  They are at it again already.  Perhaps you saw the recent Fox News poll that showed President Trump losing to the top five Democrat losers. (Head spinning moment!)  Two days later, a different poll showed Trump winning every demographic by big margins.  Yep, no faith in polls, but they are fun to watch.

Here is a poll that we find very interesting.  Maybe you will, too.  If this poll is correct or anywhere close to it, we DEFINITELY need a Republican Senate Candidate.  RNC has already leashed McSally to our AZGOP and will likely force them to support McSally.  On the other hand, what happened to state  GOP Committees CANNOT play favorites in the Primary?


Former Astronaut Mark Kelly Gained 6-points on Sen. McSally Since May – Now Leading by 5-Points


PHOENIX (Aug 20th, 2019) – Sen. Martha McSally is defending her seat in the upcoming 2020 election and the latest poll Arizona Public Opinion Poll (AZPOP) shows former astronaut Mark Kelly flying past McSally – setting up a race that could be just as close as the one that ended in November.

Kelly leads McSally by five points, 46-41. The survey was conducted on August 13 and August 14, with a sample of 600 respondents identified as likely voters. The medium utilized was a blended phone survey yielding a +/-4% MOE.

The August numbers show a shift from the last poll conducted in May that showed McSally with a narrow 1-point lead over Kelly (45/44).

Continue reading...  There is a lot of good substance information as to what this poll shows.

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Even though both Mc Sally and Kelly have taken an oath to support the Constitution I doubt either have the honesty and integrity needed to do so. But to find out I suggest they be asked just a couple of the most important questions. Four follow.

Do you agree:

The Constitution's 10th Amendment stating "the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution .... are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people" is incontestable evidence that the only lawful powers of the Federal Government are those specified in the Constitution? Yes   No

To Make America Great Again the US must control its own destiny. This requires modifying or terminating its U.N. membership, bringing monetary policy into compliance with Art.1, Sec. 8:5 of the Constitution, and ridding America and Americans of the ungodly and unconstitutionally created debt resulting from the current policy?   Yes   No   If yes, will you introduce legislation dedicated to these changes? Yes   No

The 1946 change to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure denying citizens their Right to Common Law Grand Juries was/is un constitutional and must be nullified? Yes   No   If yes will you introduce or support such action?   Yes   No

 The 17th Amendment was fraudulently introduced and adopted and must be rescinded? yes no If yes will

Ask a liar any question and you will get the answer they think will get them what they want. It does little good to ask a really good liar anything.

Ahhh shucks! No mention of Dr. Kelly Ward. Oh well...

I vote 'yes' to Walter's Q's. If DC continues to flaunt the Constitution we are toast. We are nearly cooked now. Pray against the spirit of complacent indifference. Some of my friends gave up on politics & politicians because "nothing will change no matter if we vote of not. " Sad to say there is way to much truth in that sentiment. Thing is, if they don't join in the battle to recover & restore the USA, those who seek to overthrow US, implement an all controlling central government & sell US out to the NWO's one world government as a vassal state, will have their way.   

Edit to add: Went to the poll site. They had a huge number of those polled.  They polled a whopping 600 people! WOW! What a crowd. LOL

How do they extrapolate what the whole state knows,  thinks or feels with ONLY 600 respondents? They can't.




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