PROSECUTE THE CROOKS! NO MAIL BALLOTS!!  Failure to act had a predictable consequence


I write this to you because MY head is about to explode!! Please feel free to post on AFA.

This is the first time in my life that I have asked for anonymity.

Where we are:


Those who left of the American center now known as Democrats what they are doing, they, march the USA toward socialism with no individual rights, not even the right to freedom of speech or movement.  An intent to return us to serfdom, autocratically ruling the masses.   No respect for law and order especially election law.

Those who run as representing the American center and to the right of it so called Republicans who act like they do not know what they are doing; who say they wish to represent law and order.  Then fail to do so when in office because they think they stand a better chance of getting re-elected by not making any waves.  The majority, then feel betrayed and feel like there is no use in voting,

In a topsy turvy word brought to us by the Chi-Com worshipers in our government.  Arson is now called free speech and soccer moms speaking at school board meetings are labeled domestic terrorist by our Attorney General. In other words, a double standard of law enforcement.

   The majority, then feel betrayed and feel like there is no use in voting, historically this has led to vigilantism. Webster’s Nineth Collegiate Dictionary: “VIGILANTE-- a member of a volunteer committee to suppress and punish crime (as when the process of law appears inadequate”

That’s correct, elected and nonelected officials’ failure to enforce the laws that are already on the books, and go after corruption wherever it exists are leading us directly toward VIGILANTISM.  We are at the tipping point:

Citizens either need to become very active in groups that are forming to have their voices heard in numbers that either give their elected officials the courage or scare them enough to stop election corruption by prosecuting those who manipulate the election system. Many of these active groups are also trying the change the system with new laws to make it harder for the fraudsters to manipulate the outcome of elections.

Az SENATORS and Representatives on both sides of the isle you can stop what’s most likely coming.  Arizona has a long history of Frontier Justice, people wish to live in a lawful safe neighborhoods under fair and honest laws brought by fair and honest elections. Not under a crooked system by a crooked county BOS (by their own testimony under oath).

People want a dramatic change: 

PROSECUTE THE CROOKS! NO MAIL BALLOTS!!  Failure to act had a predictable consequence






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I completely agree with this writer and pray that we CAN make difference very soon because the way things are presently and until the 2020 election outcome is "corrected" and Arizona DE-CERTIFIES" the fraudulently tallied and presented results, nothing else matters. I'm looking for "a few good men/women in office to do the right thing. And as for "mail in ballots", I' personally am fine "provided" the "citizen" is registered for an early ballot... 

The following is from the website:

Stupid is as Stupid does!  We are becoming a nation of "stupid" legislators.  It's time to stop this madness.  GOP leaders show some "guts."   There are men, and there are women, and there are "Nut Jobs."    

Let's get the word out before it is too late --  Get every Republican you know to join the 

The RPN represents the Republican Party 

GOP clubs join the RPN! 

No more talk.  GOP National Leaders and State Chairs speak up for America. 

Share on social media --- Join the

Again from the website:  See attached flyer.  RPN is one of the sponsors for movie night.  This is huge for us.  I'll also be getting petitions signed for RPN Defenders Back the Blue.  They're giving me a table.  I need volunteers to help.  Contact me at Thanks!  

After the election fraud of 2020 we are faced with an "all mail in ballot" election in Gilbert AZ (home of Andy Biggs) on November 2, 2021;  Yes, everyone was mailed a ballot whether they wanted one or not; ME INCLUDED (i specifically asked to not be out on the mail in ballot list)! The newspaper even claims it is an all-mail-in-ballot-election; which is a lie but it was a front page lie. Yes, you can go and vote in person but they are sending everyone a ballot in the mail anyway. How many ways can this election be frauded? After working on the aduit for 2 months i can tell you there are countless ways. $1/2billion in new taxes for Gilbert homoewners and it will surely pass because THIS IS YET ANOTHER SHAM ELECTION. After all is said and done, nothing is done to fix this abomination

Thank you Merrianne for the helpful information.  We have just made a request to join this group.  :  )

Do we want a Constitutional crisis in this country?  Decertifying the Arizona election could cause that.  No one wanted a President Trump victory more than me, but I am not sure I would want a Constitutional quagmire.  Where was the GOP when President Trump needed it before, during, and immediately after the election.  Where were they January 6 (when Pence basically handed Biden the keys to the White House)?

Frank, The constitutional crisis is very real today and that crisis began a very long time ago.

Agreed.  But de-certifying any state's election at this point would only make things worse, IMHO.

Again from the website: PLEASE NOTE:  The RPN is not Facebook or any other social media site. Instead, the RPN is a network of networks devoted to transforming the Republican Party into an activist, action-oriented political party.

The GOP will not change if the structure remains the same.  

Many of the RPN founders have been significant officials in the GOP and have seen the problems firsthand. Today we are hearing from leading Republican figures that the GOP must change. Yet, everyone wants to keep the same GOP structure, searching for a solution that does not exist. That's why the RPN was created.  RPN is committed to transforming the GOP into a locally-driven national network.  

The bottom line is that Republican Party leaders must become network thinkers, organizers, and mobilizers at the local level.  

However, it is essential to know that the RPN does not exist to post information.  We are way beyond that. 

America does not have the time.   It's time to lead, follow, or get out of the way.

The majority of RPN members are well informed, and we know what the Left is doing. We now need to act.  That's the value of the RPN, a platform where Republican, conservative, and liberty-minded activists educate, organize, and mobilize together to defeat the Democrat Left and restore our Constitutional Republic.  

The RPN is a place for pro-action.  Less talk, more action. 

Politically, I am now from Missouri: show me.  I'll believe it when (if) I see it.

"as when the process of law appears inadequate" describes not only Arizona, but the entire country. Treasonous criminals like the Maricopa County BoS, are walking around free as they please. Election integrity flew out of the window decades ago, because the wrongdoers know that NOTHING is going to happen to them! How much money did Soros pour into this Az. election fiasco, to get ALL of his controllable puppets in place? Millions??? Perhaps Billions??? He spent 2 million alone, just to defeat Arpaio back in 2016, and we know that he was a huge supporter of Hobbs in 2018! He will buy whomever he needs to further his destruction of America. He owns the Arizona State Government, so how are we ever to have an HONEST election again? I kinda like the "vigilantism" idea!!!

Should we not begin with a litmus test? Government was created for a specific purpose; to secure for us our unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and an opportunity to pursue Happiness. Ergo, any government Act the has diminished or destroyed a Right is an illegal Act and those responsible for the Act and/or its perpetuation are criminals guilty of a variety of crimes cited in Title 18 of the U.S. Criminal code. 

Every elected and appointed official I can identify are, according to the Constitution of 1789, guilty of Treason. All, via acts of omission and commission, have "adhered" to enemies of our Constitution and continue to do so. Perhaps the most important policy they have "adhered" to and which assures us that the few families that own the stock in the banks that comprise the central bank will one day hold title to all real wealth of their choice, a mortgage on the remainder and a claim on all future production our monetary policy. For a definition of it go to Bottom line: we are slaves to an ungodly, unconstitutional and enslaving policy and not a single elected or appointed official has been or is willing to address the issue.

America's problem is that too many people have failed to acknowledge the importance of James 4:17 and to honor the passage by doing what is right. America is a nation of sinners and hypocrites and unless and until enough people realize that God rules the universe, always has, and always will and unite in the interest of changing America's course and we get right with God we will continue down the slippery slope into the global prison known as the New World Order; a world that has a supranational authority to regulate world commerce and industry, an international organization that would control the production and consumption of oil; an international currency that would replace the dollar; a world development fund that would make funds available to free and communist nations alike; and an international police force to enforce the edicts of the New World Order.” 





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