PROSECUTE THE CROOKS! NO MAIL BALLOTS!!  Failure to act had a predictable consequence


I write this to you because MY head is about to explode!! Please feel free to post on AFA.

This is the first time in my life that I have asked for anonymity.

Where we are:


Those who left of the American center now known as Democrats what they are doing, they, march the USA toward socialism with no individual rights, not even the right to freedom of speech or movement.  An intent to return us to serfdom, autocratically ruling the masses.   No respect for law and order especially election law.

Those who run as representing the American center and to the right of it so called Republicans who act like they do not know what they are doing; who say they wish to represent law and order.  Then fail to do so when in office because they think they stand a better chance of getting re-elected by not making any waves.  The majority, then feel betrayed and feel like there is no use in voting,

In a topsy turvy word brought to us by the Chi-Com worshipers in our government.  Arson is now called free speech and soccer moms speaking at school board meetings are labeled domestic terrorist by our Attorney General. In other words, a double standard of law enforcement.

   The majority, then feel betrayed and feel like there is no use in voting, historically this has led to vigilantism. Webster’s Nineth Collegiate Dictionary: “VIGILANTE-- a member of a volunteer committee to suppress and punish crime (as when the process of law appears inadequate”

That’s correct, elected and nonelected officials’ failure to enforce the laws that are already on the books, and go after corruption wherever it exists are leading us directly toward VIGILANTISM.  We are at the tipping point:

Citizens either need to become very active in groups that are forming to have their voices heard in numbers that either give their elected officials the courage or scare them enough to stop election corruption by prosecuting those who manipulate the election system. Many of these active groups are also trying the change the system with new laws to make it harder for the fraudsters to manipulate the outcome of elections.

Az SENATORS and Representatives on both sides of the isle you can stop what’s most likely coming.  Arizona has a long history of Frontier Justice, people wish to live in a lawful safe neighborhoods under fair and honest laws brought by fair and honest elections. Not under a crooked system by a crooked county BOS (by their own testimony under oath).

People want a dramatic change: 

PROSECUTE THE CROOKS! NO MAIL BALLOTS!!  Failure to act had a predictable consequence






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And all those guilty of treason include all 535 members of Congress who allowed B. Hussein Obama to serve as president despite not being a natural born citizen.  (He should have not even been allowed to run for office.)  His presidency caused incredible damage to the country.





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