Essential we get out and have voices heard one more time. President Trump's legal team will be meeting with AZ legislators (those not too cowardly to stand by their constituents and President) on Monday. Hyatt Regency Phoenix doors open at 8 a.m. URGENT PUBLIC HEARING!

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Senate Committee for Federal issues....not the correct name, but closed.

So is it a public meeting, or a closed meeting?

Open to public. Need to show we still support Trump's efforts to stop election theft.
I had an email from Secretary of State last week telling me about the purity and integrity of AZ vote. My response was that it was nicely worded but still didn't pass the smell test (among additional comments about their commitment to fairness). The state legislators need to see Republicans care enough and are willing to fight for this because too many appear willing to go along to get along. If we cave now, we're agreeing that Biden deserved to win.





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