At today’s informational hearing, auditors working for the Arizona State Senate presented no evidence of widespread fraud in Maricopa County’s 2020 presidential election results, however, there was considerable evidence of incompetence, sloppiness, and irregularities in the election itself.

During the hearing, Senators Karen Fann and Warren Petersen received an update on the Senate’s audit of the Maricopa County election from former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, Doug Logan of Cyber Ninjas, and cyber security expert, Ben Cotton, of CyFIR.

The auditors made several shocking allegations during the hearing, among them that:
• Over 74,000 more ballots were received and counted than were mailed out
• Auditors discovered thousands of duplicate ballots without serial numbers in ballot boxes
• 3,981 voters were registered to vote in violation of an Arizona Supreme Court ruling issued prior to the election
• 11,326 people voted who were NOT on rolls on Nov 7 but were on December 4
• Based on system forensics, there is no way Maricopa County could certify the election to be safe
• Maricopa County was supposed to use “votesecure” paper that should not bleed through, however, the ballots show there was bleed through which could cancel the ballots.

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Editor's Note: Two Senators from DC (dems, of course) have sent a letter to Doug Logan, head of Cyber Ninjas, asking for the moon with a fence around it.  That means, they have multi-pages of items they want him to produce by July 28.  We will try to get that full story today or tomorrow.

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I'm confused! You say no evidence of wide spread fraud was presented then turn around and lay out for us all of the widespread fraud!!!'

Connie Martin

WE have NEVER said there was no wide spread fraud.  We KNOW for sure there was.  That is why we have championed the audit.  You must have us mixed up with some other site.  We have, however, posted some of the naysayers on this so we can know what is being reported to the ignorant liberals among us.

The Confusion is based in the fact that it is unclear from the above that the above is quoted from "Arizona daily Independent News Network" and not AFA's opinion. I for one will work with anyone that has an idea about how to change the record to show that what was actually voted on the ballots is what ends up in the record. The frauds that were perpetrated cannot stand. Nothing is legal that is based in fraud. If the votes don't reflect the actual outcome we are living by currently we have means of changing the record and recalling all who hold office without actually having won that office in reality. Those that can be proven to have misused their offices and any attempt to do harm to the Constitution's of Arizona and the US of A should be removed immediately by way of Section 3 of the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution never to hold office again. Then they can start their Jail terms if convicted of crimes as well. PS. It is not good enough to say they will fix the next. Fix the first error first and prosecute the guilty don't move on in a no harm no foul manor. There is harm and there were many egregious fouls.

Correction John. We attribute the article to the original in our Continue reading... notice at the end of what we posted.  We always do that unless the author asks us not to or when it's original of AFA.

Generally when something says "continue reading" and it is a link the link takes us to the original story where we can get all the original info and know who is the responsible party. Sorry to have jumped to conclusions that was not the case here apparently.

I noticed that too. Most people just read the headlines and move on. It is the way that "honest" journalists get away with not reporting the truth.

John Powelson could not be more right. There is no statute of limitations on fraud.  If you vote twice in one day you have committed a felony and need to be jailed. Steal 75,000 votes and no one gets punished???!!!

In NH 85% of the votes are counted by LHS Associates owned and controlled by John Silvestro.

John  "The Cat"  Silvestro is an alleged member of the Italian Mafia.

Why does the State of NH need a 3rd party to count it's votes??

Arizonians are not alone.

Your absolutely right. This has been turning this way for decades and the Republican Party nor Elected have done anything about it. I complained in the 80's when they started talking about voting machines and computers. We saw the results in California with almost instant changes in many places putting into office more and more people that anyone that was paying attention wondered how they got elected. Almost like they snuck into office. The Democrats and their allies in media and the illegal immigration industry fund and supported folks that would make their position easier to achieve if elected, such as Secretary of State and the county people that run the election departments. Almost all the employees are Democrats so inside there are few that will complain if they see anything not quite kosher as long as it goes their way. It seems to me Silvestro was based out of Boston at one time what are the odds he has that tied up too? I don't know, just asking.

We wish you good luck, Gerard, and many legal winning votes in your Senate bid.  Shaheen has been a crook since she took office.  But she shouldn't  have to resign.  She should be forced out by the Republicans and charged with whatever it is she is alleged to have committed.  Then a jury of OUR peers should judge her in a court of law.

Thanks for the well wishes but if you read my book you will see and hear the admissions to the crimes of murder  and accessory to murder after the fact by the Shaheens.  When I made these recordings public, where one of their own admits (confesses) to the political assassination of Dr. Hieber and others,  Queen Shaheen and her husband sued to have the recordings destroyed. Their name is on the lawsuit! Why? Their names were never mentioned. Their voices were not on the recordings. Maybe this is what tripped their wire.  This subpoenaed witness has since disappeared. By the way, most of the dead and disappeared subpoenaed witnesses were good honest Democrats. Doctors, lawyers and journalists.

Nothing to see here folks. Just move away.

Most Dems are not evil. I have confidence in the American people and I believe that even the Dems will not stand for this type of lawlessness. It is the RINOs that stand up for her that are evil. Senator Judd "The Judas" Gregg  and Senator Kelly "The Mute" Ayotte are the best examples. You have to read my book to see the proof for yourself.

Spread the word.

Most Democrats are not evil?  I don't think Cubans and Cuban-Americans would agree with you, not to mention border-enforcement folks down south, etc.  Democrats are despicable in my book--and getting worse every year since 1987.  (God bless Robert Bork.)

As Mark Levin has said, we are not staring into the abyss--we are in it.  This nation is becoming a soulless, Godless immoral nation led by the Deep State left.  Roe v. Wade and legalized abortion really began this current fall from grace for the United States, and continues today with BLM, Antifa, and idiots like General Mark Milley leading the way, folks.  God save us all.





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