A few days after the election was clearly showing misdeeds, newly elected Maricopa County Recorder-to-be, Stephen Richer, posted on his facebook page that there was no fraud in his opinion.  We were agasp at such a statement.  Did he not know about the late night shenanigans in the Recorders counting rooms - 3:30am or so - by several people.  Caught on camera was Adrian Fontes, we are told, and we don't doubt it.  The video is said to show these people tampering or doing something to the Dominion machines.

Richer was quickly rebuked for this short-sighted comment and we could never find it again and believe it was removed.  And should be.  We were staunch defenders of Richer in his election and do believe he was the only vote to cast in that race.  But we are disturbed that he, as an attorney, made such a statement without what every attorney is taught: where's the proof of what you are saying?  Where's the alternative proof that you are wrong?  Evidence matters!  We like Richer and want him to succeed in the office.  But face it, we are all cynics now!

You can read his letter HERE as to his perspective on the requested forensic audit that the BoS has indicated they will conduct.  We know they are planning a "show audit" instead a forensic audit.  That is not acceptable and if they have nothing to hide, let's get on with it.  But we do have a few questions about the Recorder's letter.  Read it yourself and see if you see it differently and if you do, post your thoughts here.  This is a critical issue for our nation.  Let's get it right and let's try to take the emotion out of the process of review.

First paragraph: clarity!  Yes, that is what we all want!  Clarity = facts.

Next few paragraphs regarding the Dominion machines and the certification:  "It's the law" cannot be trusted anymore.  We have seen lawbreaking in massive amounts in the past few years.  To claim because something is the law that the law will be upheld by the participants is foolish.  If that is true, why do we have so  many courts and judges?  "Trust, but verify."  Do we need to audit the auditors?

Relying exclusively on the machines as they are today may not be the best plan.  Can the auditors see if the machines were manipulated and then restored back to their original status?  There is a reason that every swing state used these machines and claim rigging of the count - and even showed us how easy it is to do. In one report, there is a video where these machines are correctly installed and working and then a regular guy with some training went behind a curtain and in seven minutes, switched the machine to rig the vote.  How did that happen if these machines are unhackable?  If the Pentagon machines can be hacked by China and others, is anything 'unhackable?'

That 'security experts' from the Recorder's office and the AZ Secretary of State's office will be on the job is cold comfort to us.  Aren't these the very offices accused of vote rigging?

We are hoping that this is not a foregone conclusion, even before the audit, that all was well in this election.  We think most of us, given the research we and you have done, the Mike Lindell report, the extensive in-person report by Patrick Byrne and many other first-person witnesses across at least six states leaves us wondering.

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Putting a stop to abortions would be easy if "we the people' were organized. Here's an excerpt from page https://friendsoflibertyunited.com/?page_id=327 of the Friends of Liberty United web site.

WHEREAS the Declaration of Independence states that government’s purpose is to secure for Americans their unalienable Rights to Life. Liberty and pursuit of Happiness, and

WHEREAS it is stated in the 5th Amendment to the united States Constitution that “..nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; …”, and

WHEREAS the United States Supreme Court wrote in Roe vs. Wade that should future science prove a fetus was a person at an earlier stage than taken into account in the Roe vs. Wade case that the findings of the Roe vs. Wade case would then be moot, and

WHEREAS it is now an established medical fact that a newly fertilized human egg creates a NEW and DISTINCT DNA sequence and a new life upon fertilization by the sperm, and

WHEREAS Friends of Liberty United accepts the scientific fact that Life begins at conception and that while people have the right to prevent a life from being conceived by any means of their choosing it is an ungodly and criminal act for them to in anyway interfere with the normal development and birth of a fetus or the normal growth of a child, therefore

BE IT RESOLVED Friends of Liberty United finds that any act designed to alter or destroy the development of a fetus and its birth or the normal development of a child following her or his birth is an unlawful act to be treated as murder.

If organized to where people could convince their Sheriff to honor her/his oath abortions would be brought to a screeching halt.

But many people today have no moral compass to guide them.  That is the biggest problem besides battling the "woke" left, Planned Parenthood, and so on.  Americans need more religion in their life, and Christian leaders to lead the way.

The lack of an active moral compass IS AMERICA'S PROBLEM. It is that too many people fail to acknowledge the importance of James 4:17 and to honor the passage by doing what is right.

I never knew that about Washington's officers before.  Thank you.  I appreciate this new knowledge.  

I guess it is a good thing we weren't fighting for our independence in 2021.  We seem to be sliding backwards in every way possible these days.

God bless you, and, again, my thanks.

John: I submit that EVERY elected official is in violation of their oath. None have acted to bring our monetary policy out from under the 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto and into compliance with the Constitution. All have "adhered" to our Constitutions enemies!

Want to make them pay the price for their failure to act? Present the official of your choice the Affidavit on page https://friendsoflibertyunited.com/?page_id=345. In that the respondent cannot defend her/his lack of action the next step is to prepare an Affidavit of Compliant and submit it to your Sheriff for action. The challenge is to find an honest Sheriff.

The whole system is corrupted. The only way to find the truth is to count the actual votes on the real, paper, ballots each voter turned in and that will tell the tale. It will need to be analyzed closely to tell what was done with that real vote inside the machine or tally software but that is what needs to be done.

Agreed!!! Every vote must be vetted and accounted for!

Richer came to our Tea Party.  He fooled us.  He lied.  He must be a Democrat.

Jeff Flake was another Tea Party flop, if memory serves.  He was a RINO.





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