Like us at AFA,  you may have great confidence that the FBI will make certain there is no hanky panky at the polling places on Tuesday.  Now, stop laughing!  And start praying!


FBI Deployed for Voting Integrity

Voting day is almost here but millions of votes have already been cast. We can only hope the early voting ballots and the absentee ballots are part of the scrutiny the FBI will be assigned to validate.

In recent days, I have received emails from the FBI regarding assignments to watch for irregularities or abuses. As a sample of the FBI agent deployment, below is one example for the state of New Jersey. Here is another for the Washington, DC area. Boston, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Anchorage, New Orleans, Louisville, Omaha, Jackson, Tampa, Phoenix, Albuquerque, Milwaukee, and Pittsburgh are some of the other cities that have asked for and received FBI voter integrity assistance.


Election Crimes

In democratic societies like the United States, the voting process is a means by which citizens hold their government accountable; conflicts are channeled into resolutions and power transfers peacefully. Our system of representative government works only when honest ballots are not diluted by fraudulent ballots. The FBI, through its Public Corruption Unit, has an important but limited role in ensuring fair and free elections. Election crimes become federal cases when:

  • The ballot includes one or more federal candidates;
  • The crime involves an election official abusing his duties;
  • The crime pertains to fraudulent voter registration;
  • Voters are not U.S. citizens.

Federal election crimes fall into three broad categories—campaign finance crimes, voter/ballot fraud, and civil rights violations.

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I truly hate to say this, but considering everything that has gone on with the FBI, this really scares the crap out of me!! Considering how the FBI has ruined their reputation. I no longer trust anyone in the FBI. I don't even trust the new director!!! He has shown me NOTHING!!

Changes are a coming at the DOJ & FBI ..... firings ... that will be "investigated" by the new socialist democrats.

Hillary and others walk free, and the government 5 years limitation for prosecutions expires ... they are free from anything Trump can do to them all. This election was all about corruption with no consequences.

No surprise that Sessions firing was swift action day after the election. It had to be done for a slew of reasons.

I do think if the dems remain with their bad tactics looking ahead to 2020 it will be an uphill climb.

Sandra, you are correct. How can the FBI be trusted to handle anything they tasked to do?

Now that I have stopped laughing at the idea that the FBI could or would protect the vote, I can only say that I appreciate the snarky lead in from AFA. Seems I'm of the same mindset they are.  What we need is a trusted agency to oversee the FBI.  Agree with Sandra, Wray is one of the swamp. Why did Trump pick him??

If the FBI was on the job tell me why the woman in GA that Oprah went out to help get elected is not already locked up for encouraging non citizens, illegals, to get out and vote. 

Trust in the FBI gee that is laughable.



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