When the Trump campaign in Nevada called on the Trump campaign in Arizona for help with getting out the vote in Nevada, 20 people jumped at the chance to help out. Trump supporters are just as involved and dedicated as Carson supporters who have worked for over a year to get Dr. Carson elected as our next President. What a gargantuan effort those Carson supporters have dedicated to Dr. Carson! And what a pity the RNC literally destroyed his campaign. Which brings us to the caucuses in Nevada.

Everything we write here is documented with eye witness reports, including phone numbers, from voters in Nevada during the caucus as well as the experiences of those on the ground. Among those traveling to Nevada were several AFA members, a president of one of the largest Republican Clubs in Arizona, Tea party leaders, State Committeemen of the Arizona Republican party, Arizona Republican Assembly members and former state party officers. And even an AZ House Representative was on the phones for Trump!  All but a couple are experienced platform Republican activists in party politics. They joined with countless volunteers already on the ground in Nevada along with those from other states who came in to support the Trump effort in Nevada.

To set the scene, let's start with the media claim that Trump does not have a ground game. That was true in Iowa but that was a two-pronged lesson: one is that Trump came in second without a ground game or spending much money and got one less delegate than Cruz, the winner. The second truth is that Trump does not need the same kind of ground game as the other candidates for the very reason that Trump is an unconventional candidate running an unconventional campaign that has captured the imagination of American voters. That is an undisputed fact, like it or don't.

The ground teams in NV, joined by the Arizona team, did the usual: door-to-door canvasing where there are so few Republicans that it was not a walk team, it was a drive-and-knock team so far apart are Republicans in most neighborhoods. This is a dark blue state and that includes Republican leadership! Scores of people filled several call rooms making personal calls to voters to get them to the caucuses.

This is a good time to explain the caucus system, first the way it's supposed to work and next how it was set up by the corrupt/incompetent Nevada Republican Party. When the caucus system was designed, it was to be held in the various precincts, it was designed to attract the party faithful - precinct committeemen and those interested and well informed. The meeting was to be like any official political meeting but on a much smaller scale: verify that all attendees are Republican voters, call the meeting to order, allow attendees to stump for their favorite candidates in an effort to convince the undecided. It can get fiery! Toward the end of the caucus time, people write or mark their choice on a ballot and deposit it in an envelop that is sealed and delivered to the elections department. That is the way it is supposed to work. Yes, there is still plenty of opportunity for fraud in that system.

The way it worked in Nevada this presidential preference election was quite different. To start with, the NV Republican party changed a lot of the usual caucus locations. They were responsible to set up and properly conduct the caucus statewide. They were not held in precincts but in large venues like high school gyms. The party “expected a larger than usual turnout.” Remember that quote for later! The objective was to send voters through the check in line to verify they were qualified electors and give them a ballot similar to what is done here. This year, voters could immediately assemble at tables per precinct, mark their ballots and drop them in the envelop in the control of the precinct captain. OR, they could continue to the caucus activities, listen to speeches, get into the brawl and then at the end, they would mark their ballots and drop them into the envelopes. These envelopes at the end would be counted by the PC Captains, then sealed, the precinct # would be clearly marked, the vote count would be clearly marked and the envelopes were to be photographed by a cell phone and that photo was to be sent via text to the election headquarters. Already, the potential for fraud is evident in such a system. It gets worse.

While all of the NV team left to vote in their caucuses, the AZ team was to stay to answer phones. It had been extremely hectic during the entire day. Six dedicated Arizonans stayed and manned the phones. Who calls on election day? Those who do not know where their caucus location was. That could be looked up for them in seconds and on to the next call. Those who wanted to verify they had registered Republican in time to caucus. Those who wanted to know if there were accommodations for the disabled on walkers, canes or wheel chairs. Those who didn't check their locations and ended up at the wrong place. Those who wanted to register or re-register to vote for Trump. WHAT?

The Democrats had run radio ads for weeks that anyone
could register or re-register at the caucus locations. They didn't bother to say that was only for Democrats who held their caucus the Saturday before. So those manning the phones on election day heard a lot of anger, moans of distress that they could not vote, etc.

The caucus was from 5:00 pm to 8:30 pm. By 5:15, the phones started to light up. Here are some of what the callers reported:

  1. “I am at my caucus location and the line is a mile or more long. They are letting in only one person at a time and the line is not moving. I'm on a walker. I can't stand in a long line for an hour. I see many people leaving without getting in.”

  2. My voter card says I am at my correct location but there is no one here.

  3. I'm at my location and there are some cars here but no signs to tell me where to go. This is a huge high school campus. Where should I go?

  4. I arrived at my location by there are no signs. I finally found a sign hidden behind a door.

  5. I am a campaign volunteer. I am at my location but they have no ballots.

  6. I was told I can't vote because they ran out of ballots and told me to go home. I didn't vote.

  7. At 7:20, we were told they were out of ballots but more would arrive in 45 minutes. It's now 8:00 and still no ballots. People are leaving without voting.

  8. I walked into my caucus and there were signs for Rubio plastered on every wall. Isn't that illegal?

  9. The caucus check in table is stacked with Rubio material. Can they do that?

  10. I was told there are no ballots but I can see a caucus worker with a Cruz shirt and sticker sitting on a stack of ballots he won't give out. What should I do?

  11. The Republican party told us our caucus location is 60 miles from us. We live in a rural community. Most of us are Trump fans. Why isn't there a caucus location close to us? (Several calls like that came in – “It's an hours drive to our caucus. There are six of us who want to vote for Trump but we can't drive that far.”; “Our caucus location is in such an obscure place that we had to drive up a dark winding road to the top of a mountain to reach our caucus. No one was there to vote. It was impossible to find.”

  12. My wife and I were told they were out of ballots. So we went out to sit in our car to wait for more. After about a half hour, we saw a caucus worker come out of the building, open his car trunk, and take ballots out of his car. No other vehicles arrived while we waited outside. We live in a Trump stronghold area.

  13. We are in a long line at our caucus location. Several people are here dressed like the KKK carrying Go Trump signs and shouting expletives. We feel intimidated because we are Trump supporters. We called the police and they are on their way here. Just wanted you to have an eye witness account.

  14. I'm 75 years old and on a walker. My husband, who is a Democrat who didn't vote for either of those candidates, went with me to vote. He was only an observer but he observed that caucus workers were going from table to table taking ballots from people and sticking them in envelopes. Someone took my ballot, looked to see how I voted and then walked away with my ballot. I don't know what happened to it. My friend came up while I was voting and told me he was for Trump. The caucus worker got mad at him and tried to talk him into voting for Cruz.

  15. The room set up for our caucus was too small for the crowd. So they pulled back the dividers and just let everyone in. Never checked Ids. There were stacks of ballots laying unattended and people were just taking them. Some people turned in more than one ballot. We thought you should know.

Well, we won't go on but you get the gist of what the field team was hearing from those at voting locations. It was estimated that, just from the calls that continued for 3 ½ hours, several thousand Trump voters were denied ballots, were intimidated or just couldn't get to the caucuses because their locations were too far away.

You can lay this fiasco at the foot of the Nevada Republican Chairman! They had the responsibility to run the caucuses and run them right. They are just as corrupt as all at the GOPe.

There were some good stories from the team: All were staying in the same resort/casino hotel and all were wearing Trump shirts. They got thumbs up from dozens as they walked through the hotel. The workers were part of the SEIU union and they would whisper that they were voting for Trump. The team of six Trump workers who stayed Monday and Tuesday nights to man the phones at the Trump office missed the rally on Monday evening and had to watch it on the office TV. They nearly missed the speech by Trump after the caucuses because they stayed until 9:30 to take incoming calls.

Not to be missed is this: Nevada is a BLUE state. Even the Republican leadership is BLUE! Democrats rule the registrations in Nevada. Nonetheless, in the Democrat caucus that was held on Saturday, February 20, fewer than 12,000 people showed up to vote. In the Republican caucus where no one was allowed to register or change their registration took place on Tuesday, February 23 and 75,000 votes were cast while hundreds were turned away. We are posting a report from Mediaite who are clearly Rubio supporters that will verify our report but you have to read to the bottom to see in NV, it is not illegal to wear a shirt with a candidate's name on it. But you will see other reports similar to what we are reporting was going on.

Other campaigns may have been getting the same calls. We don't know because no Arizona contingent is reported to have gone to Nevada. The polls all showed Trump well ahead. Did that have an impact on how the NVGOP handled the voting? Who knows? We got no reports of misconduct by the Carson Campaign or the Kasich campaign – only the Cruz and Rubio campaigns and the AZGOPe.

Hats off to all who gave up five days of their busy lives to help get Trump elected in Nevada. Double hats off to those who were up at 6:00 am and got to bed at midnight or later each day, to those who were there to work as long as it took. They were tired and often frustrated at the shenanigans of the NV Republican party establishment who threw road blocks under the feet of voters. We applaud such a selfless effort on their part. All they wanted in return was to make America Great Again!

From one of the Trump Co-Coordinators today: “Our office is open at 605 E McKellips Road, Mesa - come by - we have so many ways you can make a difference. YOU are the key to Make America Great Again!”

Contact any other campaign you prefer. Take part in the process. 

Here is the latest Delegate count:  Trump-81; Cruz - 17; Rubio - 17; Carson - 4; Kasich - 6

In Nevada, they left all the names of the candidates on, even those who who had dropped out weeks/months ago


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In answer to a private question sent to us, yes, the parties run the caucuses and make the rules, not the state governments.  No, it is not against the rules for workers to wear political shirts and we heard that workers were often to be found in Rubio shirts, Cruz shirts and Trump shirts.  No word on Carson or Kasich shirts.

Sounds like a beer barrel brawl instead of an election.  Voter intimidation.  Voter suppression. Campaigning inside the voting halls. Ballots with unqualified candidates.  The GOP has sure learned how to play the game from the DNC and now may be better at it than the democrats.

what else do you expect in a state run by Harry Reid?

I wish AFA would get on the horn and find out how things are shaping up in our state.  I have yet to see one single poll.  Cynically, I imagine this is because Trump is probably leading and the Republican hierarchy doesn't want to broadcast that news.  Nonetheless, it would be great to know how things stand.

Paul, when we were posting polls, we were told they meant nothing.  Now we are not posting polls, people want them!  But, ask and you shall receive:  

Trump has 'yooge' lead in AZ GOP poll

This poll is a bit old but things have not changed.

I just tried to follow that link, which seems to be a dead end. Seems to have been taken down.

Speaking of statistics, I heard on the radio today that the ranks of independents just shrank considerably (including yours truly) right before the deadline to be able to vote in the AZ Presidential Primary. Democrats got the lion's share, but lots of brand new Republicans too. 'Course those numbers will revert by April.

Link fixed

Is this what we have to look forward to here in AZ next election?? any reason to think that the AZGOP will be any more efficient??

Well the picture of Graham I've gotten is that he will bend over backwards to make Trump look insignificant and Rubio like the essence of executive perfection.

Strongly suggest we replace Graham at first opportunity - 2017.  Put a real person in that spot that can do something besides write about how wonderful he is and say Yes, sir to McCain and Ducey.  His staff is jumping ship and they get paid a lot of money so it must not be worth it to stay for 6 figure salaries.  That's why he has no money and has to force delegates to pay to be delegates.  Isn't that a lot like selling votes?

Alan, One of these will be the next president: Hillary, Bernie, Kasich, Rubio, Cruz, Carson, Trump.  I've seen you have a particular hatred for Trump and I agree with you on the others. Cruz also throws around the liar label.  I watched each candidate be interviewed late last night: Kasich & Carson talked about their vision for America; I couldn't make myself listen to Rubio's canned speech so I turned off the volumn, Trump talked very calmly about his vision for America (he is exactly right about China but the others don't seem to understand that China has a different role in the world than many understand), Cruz lied about Trump with every word and spent his entire time beating up on Trump; he seemed very thin skinned to me.  I see Trump as neither Republican nor Democrat.  I don't see him the way you do.  I see him as a realist. Sure I know you will strongly disagree but I have observed that those who hate Trump hate him a lot like Al Sharpton does.  I don't even hate the treasonous Obama and no one is worse than him.  That said, this article is about the fraud that can be committed in the caucus system and it's timely because we just might be using such a system at the next presidential primary.  That's my take away. I looked at some of the blogs and twitter on this and the only thing said about Trump is that workers were wearing Trump shirts.  Further drilling down revealed pictures with Cruz and Rubio shirts on workers, too.  I like Carson personally but he doesn't seem suited to the job.  If history holds up, we can look back at Reagan, the last president picked by the people. The GOP hated Reagan and so did GOPe voters.  It turned out fine.  I'm hoping for a repeat.

I have searched the internet and could find no where confirming that Hitler said "Make Germany Great Again" except the photos below.  He did use similar language like, from the website Answers.com "Hitler promised to make Germany proud again - it was exactly what people wanted to hear."  It goes on to say he blamed the depression on the Jews.  I hardly think there is an equivalency here.  I have read articles about what Trump did or didn't say and about what all the candidates did or didn't say.  If I hear them speak, I know what they said.  I've been around politics and the media long enough not to trust what they say was the "news."  Trump has always said just the opposite of what you claim.  Even drawing a similarity between Hitler and anyone is a pretty serious accusation.  So I believe these two photos will explain where that similarity was born:

This second one was on the internet,  I made the first one by changing the copy - notice i could have put any copy I wanted on it.


Hello, again, Alan.  I did find that "Make America Great Again" quote was used before.  In 1980.  It was Ronald Reagan's slogan.  Glad to be able to clear up that question.





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