When Alex Meluskey suspended - not withdrew - his campaign for U.S. Senate, he sent his communications director to Wisconsin to help Paul Nehlen.  A couple of days later, the rest of the team followed, including Meluskey.  Reports are the latest real poll - not a media poll - showed Nehlen's numbers improved in the past three days.  Maybe he has a chance to defeat Paul Ryan.

Don't think for a minute that an endorsement by Trump will help Ryan.  Most of us noticed that Trump was making a gargantuan effort to close the gap between the several sides in the Republican party.  He knows the party needs to at least appear to be on the same track.  Remember, the gap in the Democrat party is much wider than in the Republican party but the dems are smart enough to keep it "in the family." Paul Ryan and John McCain could learn a thing or two about that!

We salute the team from Arizona who are there on their own dimes to help Nehlen.  Maybe he can Cantorize Ryan.  Wouldn't that be sweet?  Election is Tuesday, August 9.

We were able to snag this photo of the Meluskey team, now the Nehlen team:

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Good for Alex ! Can you think of any other candidate who has or would do this? Especially since he didn't quit but suspended his own campaign.  I'm voting for him even if it is a write in!  I am sooooo sick of having to vote for the lesser of two evils & that seems to be what the gop offers, each & every cycle!!!

Meluskey suspended after the ballots were printed.  His name will be on the ballot.

This is a Tea Party movement against the established political class of thieves, and should be noted as such. Principled leadership makes us all proud, and makes his team all P A T R I O T S just as Patrick Henry was !!

Remember in 2014 when House Majority leader Eric Cantor was soundly defeated by a Tea Party-backed economics professor David Brat ... who had hammered him for being insufficiently conservative, and where he was labeled as being soft on immigration while contending that Cantor supported calls for amnesty for illegal immigrants? It can happen to Ryan ..... I hope and pray.

Alex has always demonstrated a strong commitment to doing the best he can do for the country he loves. I can have nothing but admiration for his team effort. We must do everything we can to "Throw The Bums Out!".

God Bless Alex for doing this with his team. I really wish that this man could beat Ryan. Wish Wisconsin would wake up and put a good man in. Throw Ryan to the curb. Thank you Alex for helping out.

Way to go Alex! You are a man of honor and commitment. I salute you.

Hello all.  Thank you for the kind words.  We've many of the Dave Brat team that retired Cantor out here with us too.  Proud of my crew for volunteering their time.

Hey, Alex.  Tell Nehlen we are praying for him today!  I hope WI voters are smarter than AZ voters who have no idea what they are asking for with Kelli Ward. Pwhew!  Thanks for being a true conservative and selfless patriot.  Then pray for Arizona because we are stuck!!!

And how about the idiots voting for McCain!?  I pray they are not enough, or wake up B4 it's too late!





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