Does anyone think a third candidate in the Senate race gives the primary to McSally?

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Entrepreneur Blake Masters, a Republican from Tucson, may mount a primary challenge to Sen. Martha McSally for the GOP nomination in 2020. 

Masters, a first-time candidate, confirmed to The Arizona Republic Wednesday that he has been mulling a run for months, and is in the final stages of deciding whether he will enter the race. His deliberations include polling and meetings with political and business groups in Arizona and nationally. 

"We need to keep this seat Republican," Masters, 33, told The Republic. "And we need a GOP that puts voters before donors. Martha McSally lost a winnable race last year. If I come to believe that she can’t win next November, I’ll run."

McSally declined to comment. 

Masters is president of the Thiel Foundation, a private foundation started and funded by billionaire Peter Thiel, the venture capitalist who co-founded PayPal and was an early investor in Facebook. He grew up in Arizona, but lived in California for several years before returning to Arizona last year.

Masters co-wrote the book "Zero to One," a book about the economics and philosophy of small business.

Masters' potential entry to the race could further complicate Republicans' prospects of holding the Senate seat. McSally, R-Ariz., lost her 2018 Senate race to Democrat Kyrsten Sinema but was appointed to the state's other Senate seat after the death of Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.

Despite a "complete and total endorsement" from President Donald Trump, McSally, a two-term congresswoman and former Air Force combat pilot, has already drawn one conservative primary challenger, businessman Daniel McCarthy, who is questioning McSally's loyalty to the president and conservative policies, even though she has voted with the president nearly 96 percent of the time while in the Senate. 

Editor's note:  President Trump did not give a "complete and total endorsement" to McSally.  He gave a tepid, "I have to do this to keep Arizona" endorsement despite the words.  Look for him to never mention that again unless she wins the primary.

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I don't believe President Trump truly supports someone who was put in office by the McCain machine originally and then was appointed by the heir apparent Gov. Ducey to serve out McCain's term, and lest we all forget this election will repeat itself in 2022 as it's just to finish out the rest of McCain's 6 yr. term.

Now the question for me is how active has Mr. Masters been in GOP Politics over the yrs., as he also attended Stanford in Ca. a rather Liberal University, so does he have to Constitutional foundation needed to serve us in AZ and as in yesterdays post he is running against the GOP Appointed Incumbent and could very well split the Vote and give us McSally again unlike others in AZ who may run against Incumbent GOP office holders who's records prove they don't serve us and the County Recorder who is a Democrat and anyone willing to run should so we have a true choice.

Masters, who grew up in Tuscon and moved back there when Thiel shifted his investment operations to Los Angeles in 2018, can likely depend on raising money from his network in Silicon Valley, including those in Thiel’s orbit. In the Trump era, Thiel has emerged as one of his party’s biggest donors; he is fundraising for some favored Republican Senate candidates in advanc.... That fundraising power would benefit Masters.

If elected, Masters would become just the latest Thiel acolyte to gain a foothold in Washington in the Trump era. Several people connected to Thiel have achieved prominent positions..., and Thiel has a particularly close relationship with Josh Hawley, the Missouri senator who has become a thorn in the side of Big Tech.

But Masters’s bid could complicate Thiel’s relationship with Trump, with whom Thiel has worked to become an ally, even though the strength of that relationship has been questioned,

Peter Thiel Has Been Hedging His Bet On Donald Trump

Peter Thiel has said publicly that Trump’s administration is “off to a terrific start.” Privately, he’s told friends that there is a 50% chance the current presidency “ends in disaster.”

 Trump has preemptively offered McSally his “complete and total endorsement” and Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to attend a fundraiser for McSally on Wednesday.

There's a lot to think about in this one, however changing horses in the Middle of this Race could prove to be dangerous to AZ as if having McCarthy challenged for the Conservative Vote by Master's would more than likely give us McSally, so there's really something to think about here and also looking at the History of Mr. Master's would he truly be the best one for the job.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 


One thing is clear, this race is still wide open.

In a primary race, we've seen how the McCain camp fights to win. It's the general election where they hardly make an effort. President Trump is shrewd and proactive. Agreeing with the editors note above, Trump's early validation of McSally may not have been a nod to McSally's superior candidacy. It could also have been a signal to stay alert concerning who's waiting in the wings.

It seems that Masters, who is still under 30, has been in California since college. He's been steeped in the tech funding space the entire time. Such a close association with Thiel makes it tempting to credit him with the same values, and unfortunately, may obscure the fact that he's only been considering a Senate run for a few months.

Complete vetting is rule number one.


Just a correction on Master's age: he is 33 now.  Still very young and unseasoned by life!

Thanks for the correction.

Masters was born on Jan 01, 1986 and is now 33, so by 2020 he'll 35. I do believe after more research and speaking with a couple of people who I trust he's nothing more than a plant by the DC group and intention from what I see is to split the vote against McSally and thereby give her the win.

I saw his current bio and it says he's 33.

Thus far I'm sticking with Daniel McCarthy. I feel there are a lot of RINO's in AZ and they seem not to care that the McCanite political machine is alive. The RNC elite do not own my vote. 

Not afraid one bit to primary McSally. Look folks at minum if McSally has to now work/campaign to win the primary this could better help her to win the general should she prevail.

Hi Pat; Primaries were actually designed to improve the skills of those running and usually do, however it's also true that the $$$$$$$$$$$ invested unfortunately play a larger part than ever and in fact more often than not are the real decider, but Daniel has I believe approached the process in a professional manner and got his ducks in a row and as for me the info I got from my DC contact convinces me that Masters isn't what AZ needs or wants, hope all se through this. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

Van, Yes agree the $$'s play the larger role.

From what I have seen the Dem-rats have Kelly's back big time with $$'s.

Daniel does have his ducks in a row. He will have to do a run around of the GOP's but he is smart and with the right folks volunteering it is doable.


Please be aware of another person that announced his candidacy at the Prescott Courthouse Square on 9/27. Mr. Daniel McCarthy @ For LD1, I'm liking Quang Nguyen @ QUANGFORARIZONA.COM. Both are NEW to politics, which I deeply appreciate in a state that has endured hacks for too long. Please check them out.

Glenn:  We know about Nguyen and that his is a conservative.  We have posted articles on this site about Daniel McCarthy since before he filed.  Put Daniel McCarthy in the search box in the upper right corner to see those.

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