[Editor:  Like Senator Jon Kyle, whose seat he now holds, Flake will not run because he knows he cannot win.  Better to not run than to risk being embarrassed.  That means he is now free to stop pretending to go along with anything conservatives elected Trump to get done. Guess he will have to go home to Snowflake (partially named for his family).  That does open the door to someone else to compete in that race.  Let the positioning begin! ]

WASHINGTON  — Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona will not run for re-election, saying Tuesday he wouldn’t embrace President Donald Trump to win next year’s Republican primary.

“Here’s the bottom line: The path that I would have to travel to get the Republican nomination is a path I’m not willing to take, and that I can’t in good conscience take,” Flake told The Arizona Republic.

He intends to detail his decision to retire on the Senate floor on Tuesday, the newspaper reported.

Will Allison, Flake’s campaign spokesman, confirms to CNN that he is not running.

His decision means Flake joins retiring Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker as an outspoken critic of Trump with nothing to lose in the year before 2018’s midterm elections.

Flake’s political fortunes suffered as a result of his long-running feud with Trump — including an anti-Trump tome Flake published over the summer. Private polls conducted by Republican and Democratic groups in Arizona, sources with those groups said, showed him on track to lose badly in next August’s Republican primary to challenger Kelli Ward.

His retirement is a double-edged sword for Trump’s White House: It opens the door for Flake to be replaced with a more supportive Republican. But his seat also now becomes a prime Democratic pick-up opportunity.

And it turns Arizona — once a Republican stronghold but increasingly competitive in recent elections — into perhaps the most important state in the 2018 midterms, with Flake’s seat now open and questions looming about Sen. John McCain’s long-term prognosis as he is treated for brain cancer.

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VET VET VET!  If people would just do that instead of jumping on the first bus in the shed, we would get better candidates. I ask Kelli fans, have you vetted her? Deer in the headlights look.  Have you researched her voting record?  Same look.  I tell them, don't go on words, everyone has the right words. You have to dig deep for info. But no one wants to do that. Kelli is not McCain or Flake and that's good enough for them.  So now I'm wondering if Franks or Gosar will jump in if DeWit doesn't. You can be sure that there are head-huddles going on in the GOP right now.  The RNC is bound to come up with some dog to take Flake's spot so if a good guy is going to get in, it better be NOW.

I'm wondering what Bannon is thinking today.  No doubt he and Ingraham played a part in getting Flake to withdraw.

Interesting thought.  How are you making the connection?

I'm not sure what you mean by how am I making the connection. But since he got rid of Flake, unless McCain dredges up another establishment candidate that would have a chance of winning, he will abandon AZ as done and Ward will have gotten all the help he will give. Which will hurt Ward if someone like Franks, Gosar or DeWit gets in. Because Bannon was not about liking Ward, he was about getting rid of Flake. Mission accomplished. Ward has reason to worry because she was as they say, already measuring for new drapes.

What is wrong with the principles?

What specifically is wrong with this voting record?


ALRIGHT, we got Flake's spot in the bag.  We need to concentrate on replacing McBane.





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