PHOENIX — Primary election season is heating up in Congressional District 1.

On Thursday, Republican CD1 candidate Steve Smith held a press conference to           Photo by Jeff DeWit   

denounce a website that was created by the Wendy Rogers campaign, a website Smith says impugns his character.

Smith, a state senator from Maricopa, is calling on Rogers to withdraw from the race.

Smith, in his prepared remarks, said: “I am calling on Wendy Rogers to drop out of this race, after issuing a public apology for the damage she has done and is doing to an honest business and my reputation and livelihood. Her actions are nothing short of depraved and are extremely hurtful. She has unequivocally crossed a line of decency that simply cannot exist in today’s volatile political atmosphere.”

The flap is over a website Rogers’s campaign created called As PinalCentral previously reported, the Rogers site calls into question Smith’s relationship with a modeling and talent agency, The Young Agency, and the agency’s affiliation with a third-party website, Model Mayhem.

Rogers, of course, is standing firm.

“Steve Smith is in panic mode because, despite what he says, he knows he is losing — he hasn’t been up in a single poll all year,” said Spence Rogers, general consultant for Wendy Rogers. “If Steve Smith can’t handle scrutiny about his supposed “Christian” website with teenage bikini models and girls in lingerie, and the fact that he personally has a profile on Model Mayhem, a website linked to human trafficking by ABC News and the Huffington Post, then he does not have the stomach for a fight against Tom O’Halleran.”

Smith previously told PinalCentral that Model Mayhem is akin to Facebook, where multiple agencies have a profile. Smith on Thursday took umbrage with Rogers’s assertion that the agency he works for or the Model Mayhem site is linked to human trafficking or pornography.

Smith is exploring what legal recourse he has over Rogers’s claims, he said.

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Editor's Note:  It appears that the Rogers campaign has no concept of what is and isn't acceptable. They appear unbothered by the actions they have taken.  Spencer Rogers is dead wrong about the polling.  It is, in fact, Rogers who has not been in the lead the entire campaign season.  She has been at #2 for weeks but is closing the gap.  She seems to have amnesia about being a bundler for Jeb Bush and an insider in that campaign until Bush was forced out of the race.  Yet, she excoriates Smith with accusations of being a Cruz supporter.  It's comforting to know hypocrisy is alive and well in politics!  Should Wendy win this election, she will fit right in with McConnell, Ryan and other swamp dwellers and it will be much harder to drain the swamp if we keep filling it up again.

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More details here; identies of those who  have called for Rogers to withdraw and more: Arizona Daily Independent 

I heard the ad and thought about it.  Wendy is using the tactics of the liberals...Character assassination.

As we saw with the Roy Moore campaign - some times it works.  I think Steve should have just said..."SHUT UP OR PUT UP"  She can't do it and I think it might have defused the situation.  For her people to know what buttons to push is a dangerous thing...

Stay the course Steve, you have the winning hand.

Oh my stars and garters, as my sweet mother used to say.  What on earth has happened to our once ethical Republican Party?  I do so reject such terrible tactics and yes, this is no better than the Socialist Democrats.  Ms. Rogers embarrasses herself and the Republican Party and to think, she actually is defending such tactics. Oh, I am so hoping people have not yet voted for such a dreadful person.  I do believe that her colleagues in the Congress will reject her if she is elected and she will be unable to represent Arizona effectively.  I do so feel badly for Senator Smith to have to endure such things.

I received two large post cards with this"info" from Wendy Rogers !  Disgusting tactics & if I had been going to vote for her, that made me think of the leftists actions!  

We do have a choice for which I'm so grateful. Do not forget Tiffany  Shedd (a born & raised Arizonian) if that means anything to any one! 

I too am grateful there is a real conservative, proven, in this race.  We need Steve Smith.  He was against NPV and stood with Andy Biggs in the state senate. Shedd is the McCain candidate.  AFA said so and I went to her fec reports and she pays McCain's long time operative to "consult" who is also the shadow manager of AZGOP now.  We all know how conservative they are. Shedd also employs McCain's fundraiser. Did you hear about her taking up a conservative's campaign sign along the highway that bordered her hundreds of acres? I have a small yard and I put campaign signs for conservatives but not Ms Shedd.  Any who think she is a conservative are badly informed.  Not all born again "Arizonians"  are conservative.  She proves it.

Mr. Jasper, I appreciate your comments.  I love to read what AFA has to say about candidates.  I just can't seem to do so much research for myself any more.  But after reading your comment and Ms. Smith's comment, I must confess I was curious so, I too went to the FEC.  Oh my, has that site changed.  It did take me some time but I did get to go over Ms. Shedd's report.  Oh, yes, she has paid about $15,000 to Meridian Consultants.  Then I had to know who that really is.  My afternoon was spent sleuthing around.  Meridian is the company owned by Mr. Jon Seaton.  Oh, my, he has been on mccain's payroll for many years.  Ms. Shedd shows a lack of understanding of America's principles if she throws in with such a man.  I must say, she could not possibly be a conservative.  Oh, no.  Thank you, Mr. J, for guiding me to the place to see for myself.



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