We have said all along that there is something not quite right about candidate for AZ Secretary of State, Steve Gaynor.  As we have attended a few events where he spoke, we are even more convinced that someone put this guy up to running to take out Michele Reagan.  That someone may or may not be a McCain person but there is some indication that might be the case.  It is still unconfirmed.  May never be confirmed one way or the other because those in bed with McCain rarely reveal that.  There is no more hated man in Arizona, indeed, Republican politics across the country than McCain.  However, Jeff Flake is doing his best to give McCain a run for his money.

So who is Steve Gaynor?

Here is what we know.  He came out of nowhere.  Viable candidates usually have some connection to the Republican party.  Donations to candidates?  Precinct Committeeman? Republican clubs?  Something?  In this case, Gaynor has donated to other candidates.  It's a mixed bag, indicating there is no real passion for any particular candidate or even any particular philosophy:

Bob Dold, IL (R) $500 2016

Deb Fischer, NE (R) $500 2012

Ted Lieu, CA (D)* $1000 2016

Martha McSally, AZ (R) $5400, 2017

Steny Hoyer, MD (D)* $1000 2016

Andy Biggs, AZ (R) $1500 20117

Various smaller donations to Republicans, some establishment

*When asked why he donated to arguably the most rabid democrat in Congress, Hoyer, and to Lieu, he claimed it was because they support Israel.  There are no Republicans who support Israel?  Can you think of anything that would cause you to donate to any democrat, much less Steny Hoyer, anti-American to the core?

We checked the recorders records for the past three election cycles.  He is not on any of them as a Precinct Committeeman.  Precinct Committeemen are those citizens who drive the AZGOP.   Admittedly, there are not enough conservative PCs to drive the AZGOP to the RIGHT.  Many candidates, though not all, in both parties start out as precinct committeemen in their district, get to know the ropes and the other PCs and then decides to run for office.  Some decide to run for office, suddenly realize how valuable PCs are and then become a PC themselves.  Gaynor is not on the current list of PCs for Maricopa County, even as a write-in as many are.

We have not seen any indication that he has ever belonged to any Republican organization.

His only platform seems to be how bad the current occupant of the office has been, complete with the usual misinformation.

Now, we have gotten reports that he hired a company to get his signatures.  That is not unusual.  The signatures were successfully gathered and put Gaynor on the ballot, unchallenged.  Our source has told us that the owner of the company reported that Gaynor stiffed him on payment, did not pay the bill for the signatures that put him on the ballot.  If true, would you support a candidate who stiffed a small business vendor?  Is this one of those things where he got the signatures, filed the signatures, the vendor is no longer of value?  In the service industry, there is a constant lament: the value of a service diminishes the moment the service has been completed.

We sent a message to Gaynor requesting a return contact, an explanation or comment.  As of this time, Gaynor has not responded.  If he does, we will update this report.  We would hope this is just a misunderstanding and will get resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.

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 I will not be voting for Michelle again.  Not likely Steve Gaynor is a McCain operative and I don't care if he comes from nowhere. He is a businessman and that is what we need, not another career politician. However, I am glad that AZ Freedom Alliance has asked him to comment.  Let's see what he says. Thank you for doing that. 

I had the pleasure of being taken to a meeting where he was one of the speakers.  He has no platform, can't answer the simplest question about the job he wants and doesn't answer many other questions but changes the subject.  He is cagey and that is a baaaaaad sign.  They he refuses to pay his debts?  Is that the way he would run the SOS office, just decide to stiff people doing biz with the state?  I believe he is an acolyte of the mccain machine.  He's clearly a crook if he stiffed the vendor.  Just what we need in our state gov. another crook.

I'd like to speak with the vendor that was not paid.   Can someone on this string get them in touch with me?

Oh, I don't hold with the notion that I will not vote for an incumbent.  In this case, even if Mr. Gaynor paid his vendor,  given his other shortcomings, I don't believe he is deserving of my consideration.   I do wonder about the notion that all incumbents should be voted out.  What, oh dear, would hold with historical information.  Do we no longer want to learn from the past?  Oh, my, no, I do so hope that is not the new mindset. 

Jan you are right in your thinking. Carried to the extreme, which is how we can tell if a new idea or way of dealing with a problem will work, we would only give one term in office to anyone no matter how good a job they do and employees would be hired for one job or maybe a year and let go regardless of how good they become at it or how much they improve at getting that job done. I have seen the results of term limits and this artificial step to slow down or stop corruption in office has the opposite effect from what we believed would be the outcome. It seems to only speed up the rate at which the crooks transform from minor corruption to major corruption and the emphasis is placed on how much they can please the higher ups in the party, so as to be placed in their next job, and how much influence they can peddle during the second and last term at the position, there by speeding up the cycles of corruption.

We have a term limit every election cycle called a ballot box. We just don't seem to use it to our advantage because we are lazy and don't keep track of the people we elect. We just put them in and let them run wild. McCain is a perfect example. A year or two before any of his election he sounds like he invented conservative thought and action. The other four of his years in office in each term his best friends in the world are on the other side and he votes with them or misses voting against them in critical votes. Never a good word for our President Trump he was virtually always there when Obama was in need of help. But come election time and he's back to pretending to be a conservative. People want term limits because they are to lazy to get out and admit they made a mistake and work against that mistake. There are literally hundreds of McCains in office and a bunch of them are right here in Arizona. Our Governor is one of his minions. There has been an ongoing purge of real conservative PCs in the Republican party for at least five years, from what I have been told, at the head of which is the McCain machine and hundreds of operatives using less than legitimate means to accomplish their purposes, we have all read the accounts in Republican Briefs and here on AFA. What is it going to take to get people activated? 

The left in organizing a civil war in small stages and events. Red For Ed was one and it's not over. The militant wing of the Democrat Party is Communist based, ANTIFA and BLM, are not sitting on their hands. We had better elect more people like our President and less like McCain fake Flake and Mr. Romney who is likely to take a seat in Utah. We need to vet and keep good candidates and get rid of the "Flake"s who are running.

I listened to Gaynor and I would agree with Pat J. when she said "He has no platform, can't answer the simplest question about the job he wants and doesn't answer many other questions but changes the subject." 

I am willing not to judge him about the "stiff" until we know for sure.

Gaynor did not impress me one little tad.

Can anyone say RINO 

Bulletin:  We have noted that Steve Gaynor has now paid off his debt to the signature gathering company.  Deadline for signature gathering was May 30.  Today is July 27.  That's nearly 3 months the company carried that debt on their books.  Gaynor has spent $1,000,000 of mostly his own money to win a seat that pays $70,000.  Gaynor has announced he will add $300,000 more to his campaign TV ads.  $1,300,000 to win a seat that pays $70K.  That is equal to $325,000 per year, a deficit of $255,000 per year or -$1,020,000 total.  What is worth $1,200,000 to get that job?  With all of that free-flowing cash, one would think paying the small business company that put him on the ballot would be at the top of his To Do list.  And his only campaign platform is how bad Reagan is?

Yes why pay out of pocket more than what the job pays is good food for thought. Having met Gaynor I would not size him up exactly as a charitable sort. My experience was he is not a warm and friendly guy either. 





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