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This is all Presidential Polling.  You would think, given the recent reporting on ALL news programs, that Trump was on the verge of dropping out due to low poll numbers.  But as you can see from this poll, only one poll DOES NOT HAVE TRUMP #1 and it's a small poll with a small sampling. Click Real Clear Politics for entire poll


Poll Date Trump  Carson  Fiorina  Rubio  Bush  Cruz  Kasich  Huckabee  Christie  Paul  Santorum  Jindal  Graham  Pataki  Spread
RCP Average 9/17 - 10/4 23.2 17.2 10.4 9.9 8.4 6.2 3.2 2.9 2.6 2.3 0.6 0.6 0.3 0.3 Trump +6.0
PPP (D) 10/1 - 10/4 27 17 6 13 10 7 4 4 2 2 2 1 1 1 Trump +10
IBD/TIPP 9/26 - 10/1 17 24 9 11 8 6 4 2 2 3 0 1 0 0 Carson +7
USAT/Suffolk 9/24 - 9/28 23 13 13 9 8 6 2 2 1 2 0 1 1 0 Trump +10
Pew Research* 9/22 - 9/27 25 16 8 8 4 6 1 2 1 2 0 0 1 0 Trump +9
NBC/WSJ 9/20 - 9/24 21 20 11 11 7 5 6 2 3 3 1 1 0 0 Trump +1
FOX News 9/20 - 9/22 26 18 9 9 7 8 4 3 5 2 0 0 0 1 Trump +8
Bloomberg 9/18 - 9/21 21 16 11 8 13 5 4 3 4 2 1 1 0 0 Trump +5
Quinnipiac 9/17 - 9/21 25 17 12 9 10 7 2 2 2 1 0 0 0 1 Trump +8
CNN/ORC 9/17 - 9/19 24 14 15 11 9 6 2 6 3 4 1 0 0 0 Trump +9

All 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination Polling Data


This is the previous poll data for your comparison of what has shifted:

Click link:  Latest National Poll – Donald Trump Leading With 25%, Rubio 16%, Ca...   THIS ONE IS BY DEMOGRAPHIC

Results on Real Clear Politics through Aug 21 and this in different format

Results and possible matches on 270 to Win

Polling by Polling Report as of Sept 30

Results from Huffington Post - always good to see what the Democrats are thinking

Results from Quinnipiac Aug 20

Rasmussen Reports  no report this week

Ipsos/Reuters Poll



Rundown of the polls on The Hill

Here are the candidates that we THINK are in on the GOPe Roadmap who are in to be sure Bush gets the nomination:  Bush, Rubio, Perry, Gilmore, Kasich, Graham, Mark Everson, Pataki, Christy, Fiorina, Huckabee (we are sure of these).   We have found no evidence that the others are participants.  Although, in the scheme of things, they are unwitting participants if they split the conservative vote.

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The hypocrisy of the first question is an important consideration:  Who will not support the candidate that is chosen to be the Republican candidate for President?  The Republican National Committee has been trying to shove Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio down our throats for months, and will continue to do so.  What if all those Bilderberger dollars are not enough and a true conservative gets the nomination?.

On many occasions John McCain has made it clear that he is much more comfortable with Hilary Clinton than Ted Cruz, Rand Paul or any number of other "crazies".,  I believe this is an accurate representation of the attitude of the upper tier at Republican headquarters.  They may give lip service to a Ben Carson candidacy, but they'll be much more comfortable with Hilary in the White House. 

So why make a big deal about Donald Trump not supporting the Republican candidate?  Look at the Republicans who didn't support Diane Douglas in our last state election.  They wanted the big government, Washington-knows-best-Democrat.

Paul-aren't you the one who posted not long ago that your are glad to be an independent?  Why don't you join the R party again and help out the rest of us.  Bobby Jindal said 'too many people just talk but don't DO.'  I agree. 

If you think Trump is a conservative, you must explain why he donated so much money to Hillary AND the Clinton Foundation, why he explained that action as being best for HIM because he's willing to buy influence, why he talked to Bill Clinton before he decided to run AND got Bill's blessing, why he was for amnesty just a year ago, pro-choice not too long ago, why he couldn't answer how long he has been a Republican and why he is willing to run as an independent if HE is not the Republican nominee.  A true conservative would be more interested in fixing the country than further dividing it by splitting the vote.  The other way to look at that is, about the call to Bill Clinton, if he is the nominee and Hillary is the nominee Bill Clinton will be very happy because the democrats win either way.  Yeah, That's the ticket.  Yeah!

I'm very happy where I am, thank you.  As I recall, your favorite candidate for Governor in the last election also donated to Hilary Clinton and you didn't givce it a second thought.  Use the same criteria and you should be able to breeze through your reservations about Trump..  

I'm not sure about Trump's conservative credentials at all.  I AM sure about Jeb Bush's and am tired of being told by the Republican establishment that a constitutional conservative can't win and this time it's essential that we run with the Dem-lite Republican (again).

IF the Republican candidate wins this presidential election there's a very good chance they'll have have a trifecta--House, Senate, White House.  Just like when Jeb's brother took office.  The stakes are much higher than they were 16 years ago and we can't afford for the Republicans to blow it again this time.  We can't depend on more empty promises coming from Washington insiders who actually have no interest in shrinking government, securing our borders, taking on entitlement reform.  The list is staggering.

Walker. Carson, Fiorina.  These people are the three that interest me the most right now, Trump is only interesting to me if the Republican candidate is a Rino.  I think the establishment needs to be afraid of something and this third party thing might just force them to be a little more honest.

Believe me, you don't have to be a registered Republican to volunteer for a Republican candidate.  Last election I did more for Republican candidates than 90% of the elected PCs did.


Yep, Paul, you are right.  Jones donated small amounts to Democrats with the hope they would support her effort to protect women and girls from predators on the internet.  Worked, too, and now these predators have a higher firewall between them and innocent women and kids. Not quite the same as saying, "I donated money to be sure that when I call Hillary and say be at my wedding, she came!"  We do agree on the RNC and Dem-lite issue and on Bush!  You and I agree totally on the three candidates you mention but of those, Fiorina is the most fearless.  Like Trump but not so aggressive.  LOVED her interview with Mathews.  Never saw anyone else who could shut him up but she was masterful and also, did not personalize it -just the facts, ma'am.  And of course you don't have to be a Republican to work for Republicans but you have to be a Republican to vote against people like Robert Graham!  Politics is local and you don't get more local than the state party which is now run by a liar in the same vein of Obama and Clinton.

I would be so glad if Fiorina got the nomination. You know, knowing that common sense people like you are working toward the same vision I have for this great country is a huge comfort. It's important to remember, Jew, Catholic, black, white, whatever our background, integrity spans across all of humanity and we shouldn't be surprised to find allies wherever we are.

agree, trump said he couldn't commit to supporting a GOP candidate w/o knowing WHO that might be.  the GOP and FOX are trying to remove Trump and apparently Red State went along with the GOP and 'uninvited' Trump.  Whether Trump is the best or not, he is honest....the rest with exceptions sound just like politicians.

Trump sends the message, and Cruz and Fiorina articulate it .... and yes Fox News ... has been bought off by the liberal deceivers, for if you can control the propaganda machines then you control the minds.

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted." - Vladimir Lenin

As I'm reading all of these comments I can't help but notice that most everyone who considers themselves to be "real and true" Republicans - all tend to like Jindal, Cruz and Rubio.  NONE OF THEM ARE ARTICLE 2 ELIGIBLE!!  what part of the Constitution and the so-called Republican values don't you understand?  If you want to throw away your vote....go right ahead, but don't be a part of trampling the Constitution!  For the commentators who think Trump needs to put on big boy pants, grow up!!  FOX News, Murdock, the RNC and big ticket GOP RINO donors conspired to set Trump up and humiliate him, because they had hoped that he would have walked off the stage.  Well he didn't and their plan failed.  there were articles pre-debate that advertised a battle between Kelly and Trump and she did her best to provoke it along with her side kick and lap dog, Chris Wallace.  After the debate, she continued to spew her vomit disguised as shock and I can't understand why Trump was so upset act.  Then they brought in Luntz with his hand picked dog and pony show and ended the night with good old Charlie gazing into a crystal ball forecasting the "collapse of the Trump" candidacy.  And now, Erick Erickson of Red State, disinvites Trump and replaces him with Megyn Kelly, yes, the very same one who attacked Trump and who had a very pleasant conversation on debate night with Baby Killer and anti-American DNC Chair Wasserman-Schultz.  Now why would you give any air time to the opposition?  I have been a registered Republican since 1972.  I have never voted for a Democrat for president, except once when I was young and stupid and didn't know any better.  As for the here and now, the AZ GOP is filled with some really good people at the bare roots level, but the top of the heap stinks like McCain and McAmnesty and Jeff the Flake and Robert Graham and his lackey's.  I have absolutely no respect for their kind of politics and any candidate that is conservative, married to the grassroots and is loyal to his/her values, that is who I will vote for.  Trump nationally and several people locally are the "stick in the eye" candidates that I will support and vote for.  Sponsored party Line candidates need to move along, because they won't get the time of day from me.  As for Trump?  He's a breath of fresh air even with all of his baggage.  He's paying for his ride with his own money.  He's letting the cronies and the lackey's know that he can't be bought.  In fact, he told us all just how easy it was for hi8m to buy a politician, something we all knew happens but were afraid to say so.  He did.  Now, the GOP/RNC/RINO's want him gone and there is a lot of cash being tossed around to accomplish that.  but folks....Trump has a bigger bank account than the RNC, DNC and all of the State and local Political offices in the country and he sure as heck can do what he wants - because he earned it the old fashion way.  He used the laws and the politicians to his advantage and he doesn't hide it from anyone.  I know what it's like to run a campaign.  I ran for the Georgia General Assembly in 1978 as a Republican and lost.  I actually expected to win in the deep south where I was announced, not too favorably, as a "Northerner, a Catholic and a Republican", by every announcer at every event I attended.  And the boo's were right on que.  My point is that if the truly conservative voters want to participate in the nit picking rape of people who want to serve as elected officials, pretty soon there won't be any good people running, only those without a heart and who have canvass for skin.  We can't devalue our constitution, simply because someone who is not eligible wants to become president.  We can't attack a candidate, simply because he/she refuses to be politically correct.  And, we certainly shouldn't be in the business of muzzling those who disagree with us, because if we do, we might as well get rid of the Constitution altogether.  My Pledge to you is, I will never vote for the "other" party, because I've seen the horror of liberalism turn into creeping Marxist-Socialism.  But, when I do vote in 2016, I want to have the best American citizen possible on the ballot who can and will do the job because we not only believe in him/her, we see ourselves reflected in the same decent and good intentions that they have shown to us.  We have to elect a President who believes in the American people as much as he/she believes in America.  We cannot afford another phony who pretends to be an American.  Never again, or we are lost to history.

correct on cruz, Jindal and Rubio....add El Chapo's kids since they will be next in line for the presidency.  If Cruz would stand up and say "I'm not qualified' would stop now....but he won't...

Ten lines and I'm done. If you can't say it in ten lines, then please refrain.  We don't have time for another news network.

We have seen no support for Jindal and he's polling at 1%.  You are correct on the qualifications of these three candidates.  If these candidates are not willing to follow the Constitution to get to be president, how should we expect them to follow it after they are president.  Isn't eight years of Obama enough to see what power can and will do to us?  Not that any of these candidates are even close to Obama when it comes to trampling the Constitution.

Trump SAID he would not commit to supporting a republican candidate without knowing who that candidate is...he did not say he would run as a 3rd party.  My take - he is listening to Americans, not the GOP (or FOX)





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