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This is all Presidential Polling.  You would think, given the recent reporting on ALL news programs, that Trump was on the verge of dropping out due to low poll numbers.  But as you can see from this poll, only one poll DOES NOT HAVE TRUMP #1 and it's a small poll with a small sampling. Click Real Clear Politics for entire poll


Poll Date Trump  Carson  Fiorina  Rubio  Bush  Cruz  Kasich  Huckabee  Christie  Paul  Santorum  Jindal  Graham  Pataki  Spread
RCP Average 9/17 - 10/4 23.2 17.2 10.4 9.9 8.4 6.2 3.2 2.9 2.6 2.3 0.6 0.6 0.3 0.3 Trump +6.0
PPP (D) 10/1 - 10/4 27 17 6 13 10 7 4 4 2 2 2 1 1 1 Trump +10
IBD/TIPP 9/26 - 10/1 17 24 9 11 8 6 4 2 2 3 0 1 0 0 Carson +7
USAT/Suffolk 9/24 - 9/28 23 13 13 9 8 6 2 2 1 2 0 1 1 0 Trump +10
Pew Research* 9/22 - 9/27 25 16 8 8 4 6 1 2 1 2 0 0 1 0 Trump +9
NBC/WSJ 9/20 - 9/24 21 20 11 11 7 5 6 2 3 3 1 1 0 0 Trump +1
FOX News 9/20 - 9/22 26 18 9 9 7 8 4 3 5 2 0 0 0 1 Trump +8
Bloomberg 9/18 - 9/21 21 16 11 8 13 5 4 3 4 2 1 1 0 0 Trump +5
Quinnipiac 9/17 - 9/21 25 17 12 9 10 7 2 2 2 1 0 0 0 1 Trump +8
CNN/ORC 9/17 - 9/19 24 14 15 11 9 6 2 6 3 4 1 0 0 0 Trump +9

All 2016 Republican Presidential Nomination Polling Data


This is the previous poll data for your comparison of what has shifted:

Click link:  Latest National Poll – Donald Trump Leading With 25%, Rubio 16%, Ca...   THIS ONE IS BY DEMOGRAPHIC

Results on Real Clear Politics through Aug 21 and this in different format

Results and possible matches on 270 to Win

Polling by Polling Report as of Sept 30

Results from Huffington Post - always good to see what the Democrats are thinking

Results from Quinnipiac Aug 20

Rasmussen Reports  no report this week

Ipsos/Reuters Poll



Rundown of the polls on The Hill

Here are the candidates that we THINK are in on the GOPe Roadmap who are in to be sure Bush gets the nomination:  Bush, Rubio, Perry, Gilmore, Kasich, Graham, Mark Everson, Pataki, Christy, Fiorina, Huckabee (we are sure of these).   We have found no evidence that the others are participants.  Although, in the scheme of things, they are unwitting participants if they split the conservative vote.

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Please don't be blinded by Kasich as he is a very moderate politician whose outlook is to go along to get along.  He condones gay marriage, giving citizenship to the illegals who are already here....those who invaded our borders and are currently on the dole, plus he has widened his state's medicaid program and would take more of our tax dollars if given the opportunity. All he talks about is his success with Ohio's budget and opening one's hearts to those looking for a better life. Trouble with these thoughts means that for every illegal alien in our country they in turn re allowed to bring in their parents, aunts and uncles and grandparents. JUST WHAT AMERICA NEEDS???? As a result those illegals who want a better quality of life are burying American born tax payers and forcing them into poverty and need. I for one have had my property taxes almost tripled due to the Kyrene school district which is occupied by 80% children of these illegals...is this fair??? I am a senior on a limited income and will need to sell my house due to this juice.

It's doubtful if anyone on this site is a Kasich fan.  He's teetering between moderate and liberal.  Besides, he's a GOPe splitter and never intended to become the nominee.  He's just out to collect delegates so that he can award those to Bush.  If you have not read the GOPe  series, you will find very well researched info there and it can be found in this section.  Just search GOPe in the search box in the upper right corner.

I would advise you to check out who Carly has pulled into her Arizona campaign.  Establishment with a capital "E".  Chuck Coughlin, the Baretts (Common-Core supporters) and John Kyl. It's good to do some research.  I liked her until I found this out.  Disappointing.

Just more self-serving characters behind the Curtain of Oz that leads us into another purposeful Republican LOSS.

I disagree with your assessment of a trap.  Given that Mr. Trump has been teasing voters for weeks and given that this was a Republican candidate debate, I believe it was a valid question.  Is he a man who is committed to electing a Republican of his party or is he committed to electing only himself?  My opinion is that he was essentially saying, "if I don't win, I'm taking my marbles and going home and if that elects the Democrat, well, I only care if I get elected."  Also a valid question was "How long have you been a Republican."  We know, the answer is "not long."  He wouldn't come clean on that question.  He needs a lot more vetting than people have given him.  Trump's numbers will fall precipitously after this debate as previously stated.

It's the message that keeps jumping out at me.  And the message that has been constant from Trump, Carson, Cruz and Fiorina is 'anti-establishment'.  I would describe that as refreshing but that is, by far, too calm a term.  These folks are poking the "go-along, get-along' establishment in the eye and that 'poking' has been a long time coming.  They are speaking directly to the point that the Democrats are pushing the wagon toward the cliff and the Republican ESTABLISHMENT" is on-board and riding that wagon, smiling all the way. As I said , 'it's the message' we need to pay attention to.  Not the establishment and their sycophantic critics of those who are strong enough to stand up to them by bringing that message.

Tom Morrissey

You are correct Sir, and it's far to early so say which candidate will survive the trials and political drama to come.  With every election cycle we see this happen, where the "leaders" become the fodder for the MSM ego hucksters of propagandists on the left.  

Now this time may be different, but when I just saw Trump NOT ANSWER a question ... that our Constitution supersede religious dogma (as in Sharia Law) ... I was dumbfounded as to why he would not answer that simple question, for the Constitution should override them all.  The question relates to what Carson said and BELIEVES, that Sharia Law has no subordinates, it is the subjugation of all religions regardless of how much "peace" they say they have!!  That is not being bigoted ... it is the reality of FACTS.

With Trumps lack of forethought to condemn Islamic Sharia Law ... he has failed MY litmus test to hold office as President.  Carson or Cruz have my attention, where principles within the Constitution do matter.   

Well, it would help to know the context of that question to Trump.  It would also help if you mentioned where Carson has departed from that founding document.  And he has.  Immigration for starters.  Every candidate has an achilles heel somewhere.  It's disingenuous to mention the achilles heel of one but not the other.  @John - you have always been a Carson supporter.  Trump failed your litmus test the day he announced.  I would put money on the bet that Trump and all of them on the conservative side - which is really only Trump, Cruz and Carson, will be strongly against Sharia law.  If Trump flubbed an obvious question, so has Carson.

WRONG on the point that "you have always been a Carson supporter".  Everyone who knows what I've said know that I support Cruz, and I like Trump bring forth issues that the "establishment" despises. We have a Congress, and separation of powers for a reason!!      

The show "Cashin' In" with stand-in host Eric Bolling, was aired this morning on Fox News. http://video.foxnews.com/v/4529115771001/how-trump-would-address-ma...  

The discussion about Sharia Law superseding the Constitution begins at the 8:15 mark of the video ... the question asked of Trump was "Would you want the President, or the candidate, to say I would promise to uphold the Constitution over the Sharia Law?" His response was "Well I think that is an argument I DON'T want to get into".  WHY NOT Donald????  It was a simple Yes or No, and his non-answer is gutless. 

Carson at least had the principles, and courage, to answer what we all know ... that Sharia is incompatible with the morals, values, and laws that has made us a Constitutionally LIMITED Republic !!  Carson DID NOT SPEEK ill of what the Constitution says, he spoke volumes about what a government sponsored religious dogma could do ... to our America ... if Sharia Law infiltrated our government.   Carson DID NOT depart from the Constitution, which it is the Freedom of Religion, but Sharia does not allow that ... for it is today a government sponsored religion in every Islamic nation in which it resides.  It is the unifying moral code of conduct for its citizens, and it is their political structure.

Sorry, I knew you were stuck on one of the "C' candidates but I think it's very interesting that you are stuck on Cruz AND you are all about the Constitution.  Except that Cruz is not constitutionally qualified to be president under the "natural born citizen" requirement that, in my view, is not ambiguous at all.  Natural born: of two American citizens!  pretty simple.  The founders did not want divided loyalties.  We need only look at Obama to see why: an American mother, a father not American that we know of, raised in a Muslim society.  What better highlights why the Founders insisted on adding that clause?

But to the question of Trump, I watched that clip twice and I mentioned about context because in politics, it's all about context.  So Trump was right on 2nd Amendment and the stupidity of gun free zones that are target rich; he was right on migration of all these Syrian refugees and what to do with them; he's been right from the beginning on all illegal immigration; he was right on the terrible Iran deal; he was right on the debt; he was right on the various coups in the middle east; he defended Carson's comments on the Muslim question and then said on the Sharia/Constitution issue that he wasn't going to get into it because it's not his argument.  So he was right on seven issues and ambiguous on the last one.  His answer was not comprehensive and I thought incomplete and ambiguous as the clip ended.  Was he asked a follow up question that clarified?  Did he understand the way Bolling asked the question? Was he actually talking about the way Carson answered the question which is what they were discussing?  Could he have been as definitive on the spot as you are some time later?  I personally believe, having listened to so many Trump speeches that he has convinced me he is the best HOPE for America NOW, I know I don't agree with everything he says and I don't agree with or disagree with everything any of them say.  We aren't going to get a perfect flawless candidate.  BUT, in analyzing Trump in toto, I'm going out on a limb and say Constitution or no Constitution, Trump won't sit still for Sharia law.  Period!

I see by now that Tom M knows that Carly IS the center of the establishment candidates.  Great to hear/see.

Oh, my.  I was so very wrong about Donald Trump.  I take back every word I said and I am now a fan for his election.  Go, Donald.





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