Texas Lobbyist and Ted Cruz Operative Admits Origin of Campaign To Attack Donald Trump’s Wife…

[Editor: For those of you who think we pick on Cruz, we do.  Until recently, we only picked on Bush, Rubio, Kasich and all of the hand-picked-by-the RNC candidates!  If there is a legitimate story, we will publish it.  This is a legitimate story!  We don't pick on Trump because over 1000 other outlets and every Cruz fan on social media takes care of that.  Only conservative bloggers come clean on Cruz.  If the MSM did their job, which we and you have known for years that they don't, tabloids like the National Enquirer wouldn't have to do it for them.  This is a sad commentary on today's "press" once the most respected profession and given the title, The 5th Estate.  This story is wider and deeper than first expected and now includes FEC investigations of Beck's charity, Keep the Promise.]

"The National Enquirer has essentially baited the hook in a typical manner and one famously utilized by Andrew Breitbart."  UPDATE:  "A Breitbart reporter held the information but never released it; according to most common speculation because the owners/operators/editors of the outlet determined it was not in alignment with their political affiliations:

"For those of you less familiar with Twitter and “Hashtags” there was a considerable amount of apparent discussion under the hashtag “#TheThing“, where “The Thing” was knowledge of the Ted Cruz affairs."  [LINK]

This is a very big story and as it plays out, we will see that it has not been a secret amongst mainstream websites like Breitbart: 

In the current campaign war between the Ted Cruz and Donald Trump camps there have been multiple accusations of targeting spouses.  However, a video from early March clearly shows the Ted Cruz campaign origination to target Donald Trump’s wife Melania.

On Tuesday March 8th, Ted Cruz operative Andrea McWilliams, a Texas-based lobbyist, told Fox anchor Neil Cavuto that in light of former first lady Nancy Reagan’s death this week, “we should be looking at the first lady candidates, instead of just talking about the men.” (Watch Video @3:58)

More on this story at TCT HERE

Senator Ted Cruz does not actually/technically deny the allegations. Instead Cruz is attacking the story of them: “the attacks are garbage”, “the smears are false”, etc.  In essence, professional lawyer speak.

Yesterday the National Enquirer published an article claiming Senator Ted Cruz had multiple extramarital affairs. – Full Back Story Here – The leading hashtag on Twitter today is #CruzSexScandal.  Apparently the story was also briefly discussed on CNN.

Today Senator Ted Cruz obfuscated the scurrilous claims and strangely blamed Donald Trump for the story. Senator Cruz took to Facebook with a post about the National Enquirer story: [LINK]

The FEC has opened an inquiry (see pdf below) into Ted Cruz Super-PAC (KtP) and Carly Fiorina Super-PAC (CfA).   I’ll just drop this here as a reminder to what we previously said was going to happen; when you know the “splitters” you know the most likely scenario:  See official FEC reports, tax returns on the Glenn Beck Super PAC, Mercuryone and the Cruz PAC, Keep the Promise [LINK]


[Editor:  Here's the bottom line for us.  We won't stifle a story to be politically correct, to protect anyones feelings or because we get criticized.  WE actually believe the Constitution is a serious document and we have criticized the Democrats and Obama for not adhering to it.  We have criticized Republicans and those candidates who have talked all about the Constitution but then walked all over the parts they don't like.  We have never claimed that Trump is a conservative in the same sense that others on this site are conservative or want their candidates to be.  We stated months ago that we care about the country - and you do, too.  But for this country to have a fighting chance, we have to have at least ONE political party that represents the people in a Representative government.  We do not have that today.  

The Democrat party is totally lost and their members like it that way.  The Republican party is totally lost but it's members don't like it that way.

The only way to get the country back on track is to rid the Republican party of the corruption that grips it.  Candidates who run on corrupt money are never going to do that.  They have had chances and said they would, but they never ever have!  They may not like the corrupt money but they use it anyway.  We are in a state of being that we have yawned our way past all the corruption for so many years that it is now almost impossible to get elected without the corrupt money.  That is why the system stays corrupt.  This is no secret.  If we don't remedy THAT, we will fall into an abyss for years to come if not forever.  We are hanging by the thinnest of threads - but we aren't telling you anything you don't already know.

For years, conservatives have screamed about the country being run by corrupt politicians and we need to vote the whole lot of them out of office.  Then we go back and give them promotions instead!! There is no logical reason to keep doing that.

We were never against Cruz.  We were for the guy who proved he was the outsider who has the resources and the will to crush the Republican party and sweep out the miscreants.  When we started on this journey of exposing the GOPe, we had no idea where it would go and we went where the story went.  Now the GOPe supports Cruz.  

We are the messengers, not the story.]

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Breaking News:  Trump Scandal, Devastating News Released by InfoWars


Saw it.  Wrote to Alex.  Told him I didn't like the spin.  He was at the time pushing for Jessie to get in the race.  I gave my opinion, 'I like Jessie but we don't need a loose cannon in the race.'  It just didn't take off. 

Well Alan not all of us support your position.. I was a strong supporter of Carson for President.  I voted for Trump not because of AFA posturing's.  If you feel brainwashed that is on you, not AFA.

As to the candidates - let the people decide.  The GOP(e) needs to be cleaned out.  Letting the establishment select a nominee for president would be a disaster.  Maybe we do not approve all of the candidates.  But each of us has to cut through the garbage and select the best available candidate and VOTE!

Do not forget in the next 4 to 8 years there can be 4 Supreme Court nominations to be made.

And while your are crying about the candidates - check out the Convention of States.  Make a contribution.

Move to France,Germany, or Cuba, I am sure you will be able to find quality candidates that you can embrace.  If you are such an ardent opponent of AFA, I am sure you can stop reading it and I know you can unsubscribe.  That should make your day better.

I don't think that anyone should necessarily leave any place where they are happy, but you are obviously absolutely unhappy to the nth degree and I merely was clarifying that anyone so unhappy should look for a place where they can be happy.  BTW, this whole article was about military or community service but the choice of whom would best change the situation in Washington.  Obviously we are all unhappy with the current state, but some of us are actually working to improve the chances while others are simply bitchin about it.  Regardless of your prior service, we are at a critical juncture and it is time to get on, get off, or get run over with the best option of those presently available.  That is life.  No simple solutions, just making the best with what we have.

Alan, are you under the assumption that no one will get elected so let's just not vote?  Or let's all do a write in?  I write in Franklin Graham.  How does that help?  I see no reason for you to insult others and I have read all of your posts and you are an angry SOUNDING PERSON as all the Cruz supporters are.  I believe you would vote for Cruz. So just go do it.  Ooops. Election over in AZ.  Your military service is commendable but there are many good and valiant service men and women who did not live to come home to vote!  So do one more thing for your country except complain and rant and insult.  It's the way a patriotic service man or woman should in my humble opinion behave in this the once greatest country God ever created.

But let me say this, neither you nor I nor anyone except maybe the Team at AFA has any right to tell others what to post.  No one has told YOU what to post or to stop posting.  Give the rest of us the same courtesy.  It's time, past time, to take all the emotion out of this serious subject.

Alan, as someone who has been in the belly of the beast, I can tell you that there is no chance to turn this country around with any candidate who is part of the Washington Establishment, Democrats and Republicans alike.  Even if he is a "nice guy".   The mission of the Establishment is to maintain the status quo, at any cost.  They feel that they know far better than we, what the correct direction for this country should be.  They DO NOT WANT TO BE DISTURBED by the likes of us.  In time, the truth will out and many of those supposedly cemented in place, such as the elected, the lobbyists, consultants and the oh so special interests will realize that the rumbling sound beneath their feet is coming from an extremely powerful earthquake that will turn the cement of the status quo, to dust. Stay tuned Alan, and do keep away from tall structures.

Yes - the Washington structure is all really one party and they all take care of each other.  Even votes on bills are prearranged so that if someone is up for reelection... that rep can vote our way but once elected go back with the establishment!

That is where you are wrong.  Washington insiders know what is anathema to their continued position of monopolistic power through the current leadership in both parties.  That is why they are in fear of Trump and want anyone else.  Their position of trying everything possible to destroy his candidacy proves he is the person we need.

Trump is the ONLY possibility although not a guarantee.  I have learned in my life where there is only one possible positive outcome - even though it is not guaranteed - it is best to ride with that possibility.

Believe me, I am quite aware that Trump is a deeply flawed candidate, but he is still our best chance.  Remember that God used flawed people like David, Moses, Peter and even Judas to create His will.  I believe Trump is that flawed person.

Alan, you are wrong in your first sentence but you are welcome to your opinion, just not your own facts (Tip O'Neal).  In the beginning we simply identified the GOPe hand picked candidates AND their 2016 Road Map to Victory!  It didn't include Cruz.  Now it does. We said we went where the story took us.  We just said we are for Trump and why.  You have proven to be for Cruz.  That is what makes horse races... and political races.  

Your last sentence is astonishing - you want the GOPe to select our candidate just like they have done for decades, the same way we got Dole, Bush, McCain, Romney, etc.  Well, be careful what you ask for because that is exactly why our country is in the mess it is in!  Skimming $Trillions by the GOPe, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the lobbyists, etc at the expense of the taxpayer to benefit those who keep the corruption going will go on unabated.  So much for we the people!

If you hate what Obama has done to this country, you will abhor the choice of the power brokers.  They will only choose a person who will continue down the same road  - -  at a faster pace.



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