Texas Lobbyist and Ted Cruz Operative Admits Origin of Campaign To Attack Donald Trump’s Wife…

[Editor: For those of you who think we pick on Cruz, we do.  Until recently, we only picked on Bush, Rubio, Kasich and all of the hand-picked-by-the RNC candidates!  If there is a legitimate story, we will publish it.  This is a legitimate story!  We don't pick on Trump because over 1000 other outlets and every Cruz fan on social media takes care of that.  Only conservative bloggers come clean on Cruz.  If the MSM did their job, which we and you have known for years that they don't, tabloids like the National Enquirer wouldn't have to do it for them.  This is a sad commentary on today's "press" once the most respected profession and given the title, The 5th Estate.  This story is wider and deeper than first expected and now includes FEC investigations of Beck's charity, Keep the Promise.]

"The National Enquirer has essentially baited the hook in a typical manner and one famously utilized by Andrew Breitbart."  UPDATE:  "A Breitbart reporter held the information but never released it; according to most common speculation because the owners/operators/editors of the outlet determined it was not in alignment with their political affiliations:

"For those of you less familiar with Twitter and “Hashtags” there was a considerable amount of apparent discussion under the hashtag “#TheThing“, where “The Thing” was knowledge of the Ted Cruz affairs."  [LINK]

This is a very big story and as it plays out, we will see that it has not been a secret amongst mainstream websites like Breitbart: 

In the current campaign war between the Ted Cruz and Donald Trump camps there have been multiple accusations of targeting spouses.  However, a video from early March clearly shows the Ted Cruz campaign origination to target Donald Trump’s wife Melania.

On Tuesday March 8th, Ted Cruz operative Andrea McWilliams, a Texas-based lobbyist, told Fox anchor Neil Cavuto that in light of former first lady Nancy Reagan’s death this week, “we should be looking at the first lady candidates, instead of just talking about the men.” (Watch Video @3:58)

More on this story at TCT HERE

Senator Ted Cruz does not actually/technically deny the allegations. Instead Cruz is attacking the story of them: “the attacks are garbage”, “the smears are false”, etc.  In essence, professional lawyer speak.

Yesterday the National Enquirer published an article claiming Senator Ted Cruz had multiple extramarital affairs. – Full Back Story Here – The leading hashtag on Twitter today is #CruzSexScandal.  Apparently the story was also briefly discussed on CNN.

Today Senator Ted Cruz obfuscated the scurrilous claims and strangely blamed Donald Trump for the story. Senator Cruz took to Facebook with a post about the National Enquirer story: [LINK]

The FEC has opened an inquiry (see pdf below) into Ted Cruz Super-PAC (KtP) and Carly Fiorina Super-PAC (CfA).   I’ll just drop this here as a reminder to what we previously said was going to happen; when you know the “splitters” you know the most likely scenario:  See official FEC reports, tax returns on the Glenn Beck Super PAC, Mercuryone and the Cruz PAC, Keep the Promise [LINK]


[Editor:  Here's the bottom line for us.  We won't stifle a story to be politically correct, to protect anyones feelings or because we get criticized.  WE actually believe the Constitution is a serious document and we have criticized the Democrats and Obama for not adhering to it.  We have criticized Republicans and those candidates who have talked all about the Constitution but then walked all over the parts they don't like.  We have never claimed that Trump is a conservative in the same sense that others on this site are conservative or want their candidates to be.  We stated months ago that we care about the country - and you do, too.  But for this country to have a fighting chance, we have to have at least ONE political party that represents the people in a Representative government.  We do not have that today.  

The Democrat party is totally lost and their members like it that way.  The Republican party is totally lost but it's members don't like it that way.

The only way to get the country back on track is to rid the Republican party of the corruption that grips it.  Candidates who run on corrupt money are never going to do that.  They have had chances and said they would, but they never ever have!  They may not like the corrupt money but they use it anyway.  We are in a state of being that we have yawned our way past all the corruption for so many years that it is now almost impossible to get elected without the corrupt money.  That is why the system stays corrupt.  This is no secret.  If we don't remedy THAT, we will fall into an abyss for years to come if not forever.  We are hanging by the thinnest of threads - but we aren't telling you anything you don't already know.

For years, conservatives have screamed about the country being run by corrupt politicians and we need to vote the whole lot of them out of office.  Then we go back and give them promotions instead!! There is no logical reason to keep doing that.

We were never against Cruz.  We were for the guy who proved he was the outsider who has the resources and the will to crush the Republican party and sweep out the miscreants.  When we started on this journey of exposing the GOPe, we had no idea where it would go and we went where the story went.  Now the GOPe supports Cruz.  

We are the messengers, not the story.]

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I agree 110% with tis article.  AzRA is working to reform the Republican party from within and every patriot should support efforts to clean up the GOP and toss out the RINOs and GOP(e).

Mr. Anderson, I'm not sure who's koolaid you've been drinking, but AFA has remained (almost alone) in the effort to put forth painfully scrutinized information on all the candidates and should be commended for their efforts in that regard.  On the subject of your comment declaring that Kasich is a decent guy, let me clue you in:  Kasich was and is a Common Core proponent, favors even increased Illegal invasion of moslem "refugees" created by Soetoro, and disavowed any voter fraud in his sad and confused state of Ohio during which time 136% of the registered voters in Cleveland voted for Soetoro in the last presidential election.  I don't know what your definition of "decency" is but apparently it matches your level of awareness of the political arena. 

Don't forget: Kasich is pro-illegals across our southern border, wants to make them legal, is for the TPA/TPP (partly created by Cruz), is for amnesty, not just legalizing illegals, did indeed allow voter fraud as portrayed by Ray Sweeney.  Kasich is one of the more pleasant Democrats in Republican clothing.

I am proud to be a reader of AFA and happy they don't back down when falsely criticized.  They dig out the back stories that others can't be bothered with, including me and I like information but it's hard to spend so much time digging.  I like Ben F's comments, too.  Long ago AFA said something like, you choose: your country or your favorite candidate!  Well, it's choosing time!  I'm choosing Country! 

None of us knew who was lurking behind the Cruz facade so I don't care who busted him.  Trump never makes a pretense that he's someone he's not and he isn't bothered by his own faults.

The story is that Cruz is not only Lyin Ted, he is a nefarious muckraker that acts as if he is able to do his dirty work without being caught. 


eporters at the New York Times, the Washington Post, Politico, Bloomberg News and ABC News over the last two months had all heard versions of the Ted Cruz sex scandals.  I can't figure out whether he is mimicking Jimmy Swaggert or Gary Hart, but he is a scoundrel and hypocrite with his Bible thumping.

With all the above organizations citing the same source(s) for the Cruz philandering - Rubio supporters - over that length of time, it is incomprehensible that Cruz did not know it was floating out there - and who was spreading the story.  For Cruz to blame Trump is another instance of Cruz and his inner circle spreading knowingly false information for political gain. 

Adding the pathological pattern of prevarication by the Cruz campaign to the blasphemous blitherings of his buddy Beck without Cruz distancing himself from that type of activity and calling publicly for it to all cease,  it is time for honorable people - even those who have supported him - to hold him accountable by removing their support of such a flawed candidate.

Trump is a danger to the political establishment processes and the donor class that feeds it, while Cruz is a danger to the principles that founded our nation. 

Well said!  and great article with back up links!  

Love the conservative treehouse!

Oh, Cyn, so do I.  I first found it here on AFA.  Did you read it today with this article:  New National Poll: 72% Refuse to Support Ted Cruz, 90% Refuse to Su...  The poll was taken between March 24-26 with over 2000 republican voters.  Very snazzy.

WHAT EVERY VOTER NEEDS TO KNOW ABOUT You should just know this info .

there video exposes the Cruzs involvement in the North American Union

and Lot of fact about brushs

So many rumors, so many lies. I'm not going to go back and forth. But l will make a few comments.
1- Enquirer Mr. Pecker is Donald best friend and has been for years. I've never read the enquirer, nor would l go there to get any of my news or facts about anything. This paper is a rag!
2- Trump uses Saul Alinsky tactics, Divert, distract, destroy. He did this to Rubio and Carson.
3- He's not an outsider! He's more of an insider than Cruz. He buys politicians he's admitted that.
4- The Photos were all over FB and Twitter long before trump blamed Cruz for this. The photos were taken on trumps plane when they were dating. So what's the big deal Trump approved of the shoot!
A letter from a NYER you might just get an insight from him on Trump.

Thanks to Robert D. Arco for this article...

"This article goes out to NY, NJ and Connecticut voters who are remotely contemplating supporting a false Republican, Donald Trump, in the upcoming primaries. I think I am fully qualified to speak to you since I was born, raised and lived in the Tri-State area for 47 years. You see, like you, I know the issues we face and I know who can and who cannot fix them.

Face it; for decades the Tri-State has been run roughshod by liberal Democrats. Incessant taxes, loss of 2nd Amendment Rights (the worst laws in the nation), liberal policies designed to keep you giving up your rights and paying for the privilege. Through it all, the infamous Donald Trump has not only supported it and endorsed it; he has funded it. It is time for you to look in a new direction and really get some change in your lives. Its time you considered Ted Cruz.

So what does the Senator from Texas offer the Northeast and why should you consider him? First, he has not been nor will he ever be part of the crony establishment politics we all hate. We are tired of the deals, the shady politics and “buyoffs” by big businessmen like Trump. Ted Cruz cannot be bought and even if it means him being shunned by his own party, he has stood for what is right, the rule of law and the Constitution. Including your 2nd amendment rights which have been stripped from you like a bad tattoo.

Look at the history for Ted Cruz. The real history and not the lies made up by rival campaigns. He put himself through Princeton and Harvard by working; nothing handed to him. He clerked for the Chief Justice of the Supreme court which helped hone his skills as a constitutionalist. He went into private practice and after assisting the Bush campaign, he became a Director at the FTC where true to form; he cut through regulations and created thousands of jobs.

From the FTC, Texas asked him to be Solicitor General where he would take on cases protecting the rights of the people including 9 appearances before the Supreme court. This included the famous Heller gun rights case protecting the 2nd amendment and the case for America vs the UN and the World Court. Ted Cruz fought for and won the preservation of American Sovereignty.
Ted has fought for veterans, the unborn, religious rights, civil rights, the rule of law and the list goes on and on. The most important thing is if Ted Cruz says he will do something, he will do it and never stop trying. Unlike his rival, he has not been sued numerous times or failed in business that cost YOU the taxpayers money. He does not flip flop on a daily basis from one audience or TV station to the next.

Right now Ted Cruz is locked in a battle with a classless, lifelong liberal wolf in Republican clothing. A man who will say and do anything to win. He will promise you anything you want to hear and break that promise in a heartbeat if it serves his purpose. If you are from the Northeast, you know it and I know it. He has lied to bankers, shareholders and investors and held NY hostage on numerous occasions throughout the decades. He may speak like a NY’er but NY’ers don’t screw each other over and then run for President.

Listen, we are not stupid. We know when someone is trying to pass off a fugazzi for a diamond. NY’ers, New Jersey and Connecticut people are sharp people that don’t fall for the angry white man BS. We look at history and a man’s record and act accordingly; no judgement. You need a shady businessman; Donald Trump is the one to see. He’ll get you a good deal and some union contracts. You want an honest and fearless man in the White House; you go for Ted Cruz. It’s as simple as that."

There you go again, Gayla.  Candidate worshiping is probably not the best way to see clearly.  Name calling is what democrats do when they don't have an argument.  This post is identical to those you have posted before but most of us looked at all the candidates.  Some of us have switched as circumstances played out.  Your hatred for a person you don't even know and the terrible language you use is off-putting but convinces me I have made the right choice because none of the Trump supporters come close to being as unwilling as you to face facts.  I don't think it is the Trumpsters who are confused.  You really don't understand why people like Trump and probably won't.  Voting for COUNTRY is not for everyone!  I'd rather risk in on a successful business man about whom no one who actually knows him ever speaks ill, including ex-wifes, ex-employees, current employees and other businessmen, than just another politician.  The NYT even calls him the man who saved New York City!  I've had it with politicians who never do what they promise, even when they have the chance, especially one who helped write the TPA which leads to the TPP that everyone knows will bankrupt America.  And that's my final story.

"Ted Cruz created jobs under the Bush administration while at the FTC" ???   Please spare me!  Jobs have disappeared over the last 15 years.  Job creation has struggled to keep up with the birth rate let alone the 1 million legal immigrants each year and then there are the millions of VISAs handed out to the buddies of the dems and repubs!  Donald Trump has created real jobs and put his own money at risk to create them in the US and abroad!  

Donald Trump is not a Republican??   Hmmm.... he gave millions personally to Romney's campaign and fund raised for Romney.  Trump endorsed Romney for all practicality as seen on many talk shows.  Donald Trump also supported Bush and Reagan!  

Cruz is for the TPP and his votes to give up the Senate's power on the Iran and TPP deal speak volumes!  Cruz didn't even vote for auditing the Federal Reserve....   

I could go on but there is just too much information out there that Cruz and his wife are owned by big money and have Globalist and NeoCon leanings!

ALL - and do not forget the Cruz and Beck conspiracy for a national Mormon take over.  Maybe Romney really wants to be King?

Trump's knowing the editor of the Enquirer somehow rises above the fact that the Cruz fornications were available to at least a half dozen other news outlets for two months.  Give me a break.  Go see your buddies Jeffy and Johnny.  Cruz is the ultimate Trojan Horse.



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