Did you watch it?  Were you tempted to throw your shoe at the TV?  Did you feel a little antsy over how McSally was going to respond?  Us, too.

Words fail us to describe the performance put on by "moderate" Krysten Sinema but we did get a good laugh out of the insipid smile flashed after every comment.  Coy. Self-efacing.  Oh, so cute.

Since words fail us, let's hear your opinion.

Then go to realsinema.com

Then consider this list of "real Sinema" positions (Thanks to SB):

Meet Socialist radical left winger Kyrsten Sinema ‼️

"I don't think Arizonans are interested in having the Mormon religion dictate public policy to them," she said in 2008
Sinema took to the floor to say, "You keep your hands off my eggs, and I'll keep my hands off your sperm." 
"We're simply people like everyone else who want and deserve respect," she passionately declared. Later, when reporters asked about her use of the first person, Sinema replied, "Duh, I'm bisexual."
Does she want children someday? —she answers, "I don't really think that's any of your business. Not a lot of people ask young men in politics."
But she stuck to her progressive beliefs, racking up awards from such groups as Planned Parenthood & Sierra Club. Sinema marched for immigrants' rights, and when undocumented students couldn't afford a permit to hold a public rally for the DREAM Act, she put up her own cash to help them.

(We would add the times she called Arizonans crazy and belittled Arizona all citizens on several occasions at democrat events.  Yeah, that's what she calls "bi-partisan.")

America's Most Colorful Congresswoman: Kyrsten Sinema

Watch Debate HERE

We did think McSally did better than we expected and answered Sinema's mischaracterizations pretty well.  She also seemed much more combative than well-groomed and Soros-taught Sinema.

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Sinema was acting!!! She thought that she was on stage, to convince us she was Our Everything!! NOT!!
When I saw her, I thought of the song Trump used in his campaign, THE SNAKE! That’s SINEMA, “The Snake! Voted McSally!

Amen Judy!

I'm trying to keep my political leaning out of my assessment. 

I've heard about how smart and smooth Sinema is, so was concerned a little.  this was her best chance to gain some support from the independents, and I believe McSally blocked her very effectively.

McSally turned an attack into a counter punch. 

I believe if McSally was a man, her aggressive replies would not have worked so well and Sinema's calm demeanor, I believe in this debate failed.  

Key factor was McSally guided voters to a website with Sinema's lies/votes/etc.  Sinema gave no such supporting site/references for her comments on McSally's votes.

At the end of the day I'd give the edge to McSally.  For me it was easy to see who won, but I would guess part of that is a) my political leaning & b) wanting McSally to get out of there intact. 

She did much better than that and I'd like to see what the polls show, but my guess is they will show a slight lean if not more toward McSally in this debate.

Your "man" comment is right on.  I think that is when the establishment decided who to run, they picked a woman.  McSally was a natural bc in combat, you better know how to fight.

Agree with your assessment.  McSally won over scripted, Stepford-wife like Sinema.

So happy not to live in Sinema's district anymore. She is such a liar. I still get her emails. Every single one touts her assistance of needy veterans and their families. Wait, I thought she despised our brave soldiers. What fakery. What hypocrisy. I am happy for the people she has helped but if she gets elected Senator we are going to need the help of the good Lord.  

And this 'first openly bi-- member of Congress' stuff is embarrassing. The headline of the Elle mag article states her bi-ness 'ain't no big thing.' If so, why does she make it a cornerstone of her identity as a representative?

Yuck. I did not watch the debate. I just don't have the stomach for that stuff. 

Thank you for the write-up.

My take is this

I loved when Sinema went on about her consistency then later said she had an open mind and could change it but then ripped up McSally for "having a different opinion" every time or something like that.

she's a real wolf in sheep's clothing.

McSally needs to view some of the anti-illegal immigration video's of ACLU Protest Warden - Sinema - that took place in front of Pruitts furniture store at Thomas and 32d Street and those in front of the Home Depot.  She was out there like a guard at a Concentration Camp.  How she was ever allowed to get elected to the House is beyond me and a strike against the AZ GOP.  Likewise....pro-illegal alien lover Rubin Gallegos is another head scratcher.  Gallegos is an "EX" (not former) Marine and he does a tremendous disservice to the uniform he once wore.  People like Sinema and Gallegos who wrap themselves in the flag to attain public prominence need to be turned out of office and denied any access to government information that would give their "handlers" an advantage over American Patriots who truly understand, appreciate and love this Republic.  Unlike Patriots who strive to grow the American Dream for our children and their posterity, Sinema, Gallegos and their cloned followers are working to undermine the Republic so as to forge it into a despotic and socialist country.  I have seen Sinema at these anti-American protests in her ACLU garb - and she is a Stalin recruit if ever there were one.  If we want to drain the swamp, we have to stop putting swamp critters into office.  Sinema and Gallegos are but two of the deformed "fingerlings" hell bent on becoming the biggest sharks in the pond.  McSally needs to see some reality video's and get a real education about the chameleon she's running against.

 I supported Dr. Kelli Ward  and always thought that McSally  refused to debate her because she knew she would lose .  How  surprised I was seeing McSally talking on point and being aggressive. I don't recall any of the commercials directing people to the website realsinema.com . It is chockful of information which clearly shows Sinema's leftist views. My only suggestion is that McSally put on a pair of heels and get her hair done.

I watched the debate and McSally came on strong. Sinema appeared as if comfortable and calm like, more like an actress playing a role.

Both did a bit of stretching the real truths.

I voted for Ward. Ward would have cleaned Sinema's clock and of course if McSally had agreed to a debate with Ward, Kelly would have mopped the floor with McSally.

I would never cast a vote for Sinema. May have to hold my nose and cast a vote for the non conservative McSally. Do I trust McSally to have our Presidents back? No.

I surprised myself by liking this debate.  First, it was a real debate and that guy Simons does a good job.  I didn't like the body language on the AZ Republic reporter lady.  McSally took none of Sinema's guff and I was like right on!  I think she now really likes Trump. Many have come around and she may be one because she used his style to go straight after Sinema's lies that she rehearsed thinking McSally would be too polite to take her on.  Glad now I voted for McSally because Ward would have been annihilated by Sinema.  We know she is a great campaigner, lousy candidate.  I want to see the 24 hour polls after that.  AFA?

Hi Jasper,

I am glad that McSally did well and hope she does win. However, most likely she will be another McCain. 





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