Did you watch it?  Were you tempted to throw your shoe at the TV?  Did you feel a little antsy over how McSally was going to respond?  Us, too.

Words fail us to describe the performance put on by "moderate" Krysten Sinema but we did get a good laugh out of the insipid smile flashed after every comment.  Coy. Self-efacing.  Oh, so cute.

Since words fail us, let's hear your opinion.

Then go to realsinema.com

Then consider this list of "real Sinema" positions (Thanks to SB):

Meet Socialist radical left winger Kyrsten Sinema ‼️

"I don't think Arizonans are interested in having the Mormon religion dictate public policy to them," she said in 2008
Sinema took to the floor to say, "You keep your hands off my eggs, and I'll keep my hands off your sperm." 
"We're simply people like everyone else who want and deserve respect," she passionately declared. Later, when reporters asked about her use of the first person, Sinema replied, "Duh, I'm bisexual."
Does she want children someday? —she answers, "I don't really think that's any of your business. Not a lot of people ask young men in politics."
But she stuck to her progressive beliefs, racking up awards from such groups as Planned Parenthood & Sierra Club. Sinema marched for immigrants' rights, and when undocumented students couldn't afford a permit to hold a public rally for the DREAM Act, she put up her own cash to help them.

(We would add the times she called Arizonans crazy and belittled Arizona all citizens on several occasions at democrat events.  Yeah, that's what she calls "bi-partisan.")

America's Most Colorful Congresswoman: Kyrsten Sinema

Watch Debate HERE

We did think McSally did better than we expected and answered Sinema's mischaracterizations pretty well.  She also seemed much more combative than well-groomed and Soros-taught Sinema.

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I surprised myself by liking this debate.  First, it was a real debate and that guy Simons does a good job.  I didn't like the body language on the AZ Republic reporter lady.  McSally took none of Sinema's guff and I was like right on!  I think she now really likes Trump. Many have come around and she may be one because she used his style to go straight after Sinema's lies that she rehearsed thinking McSally would be too polite to take her on.  Glad now I voted for McSally because Ward would have been annihilated by Sinema.  We know she is a great campaigner, lousy candidate.  I want to see the 24 hour polls after that.  AFA?

Hi Jasper,

I am glad that McSally did well and hope she does win. However, most likely she will be another McCain. 

Since his death she seems to have distanced herself from some old positions, so maybe she's turned over a new leaf and getting comfortable with who she says she is, if not take her out in 24.

I agree with Clair on this.  Many a never-trumper has faked liking the President and then actually liking him.  McSally is probably one of those now that McCain and Flake won't be at her elbow.  Everyone I talked to said Sinema was over-scripted but I have a sense that she had the questions in advance.  I watched it a second time with a friend and we both noticed the second time that she kept referring to notes, just looked down frequently as she answered.  I like Sinema's ad running saying McSally voted with Trump 97% of the time.  Free advertising for McSally.  I heard on OAN last night that some polls have McSally up 3% and others have her down.  She had been slowly moving up so I'm going with the one that is going up.  Here's a poll:

Like McCain? We had to deal with him for 8 years until his death.  You know very well that an incumbent is hard to beat in an election year.

Hi Myrna; We had to deal with McCain for over 3 Decades, and as I've stated before Incumbents can be beaten if all who agree they're no good would just make certain along with complaining they'd also help raise money to run, as proven without the $$$$$$'s you can do well but not win and that's the problem, verbal support without money is just as they say Money Talks and BS walks. So I hope if McSally wins or whoever the next one in the replace McCain next yr. votes aren't in compliance with the US Constitution then all who've been complaining will have to DONATE or end up with more of the same. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk 

Hi Clair, the problem is Conservatives are good at complaining but not good at putting their $ where there mouth is.  McCain continues to have a grip on the AZ GOP even in death. Politicians are actors . Remember McCain during his campaign promised to secure the border, wanted the wall only to show that he lied and was celebrated by Democrats as the Maverick.  Enough said. Wishing you well in all your political endeavors

I agree that those who say they're Conservatives have a tight grip on their $$$'s, however if they really have any Love 4 the US Constitution I suggest they listen to the Pledge of Allegiance and in Fact try the New One I'd like to see used: ( “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the "US Constitution" and Republic for which they stand; one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all,” and just maybe they'll begin to understand they have a Moral Obligation to uphold the Pledge most have taken since the age of 5, and if not well then the US as we know it is gong. I do believe a strong economy is a good thing for all, however Our God Granted Rights give us our economy and our economy can't buy our God Granted Rights and if you place economic security over Liberty then it's already to late for you as you've already surrendered to the Enemy. God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk 

Our Pledge of Allegiance Explained by Red Skeleton 

Link to Video: https://youtu.be/2HGHdFmu5GU


Before McCain's last election a well known EC at YAVGOP told me that McCain was not expected to finish his term if elected and it was expected that the AZ GOP would make sure McCain won. I being a curious sort asked why she was so sure that McCain would not be able to finish his term and was told that was privileged information.

Good grief to me this was an example of the GOP purple ones protecting the purple among them in order to keep a conservative at bay.

I'd heard he was in bad health and believed that plus his age would keep him from completing his term and yes the PURPLE GOP always protects the Incumbents nothing new there, now we have to see who Ducey appoints to take Kyl's place as he said he'd only serve til the end of the yr., believe he meant next session starts on Jan 20,19.

Yes Myrna likely McSally will prove to be akin to McCain and Jeff Flake. All good constitutional conservatives take this possibility as a call for action and identify a candidate to knock her of her perch when she comes up for re-election.

I agree, however once again they'll need $$$$$$$$$$$'s or it's just an exercise in futility and not many left willing to do that.



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