.... of themselves for not showing equal support for CD3 candidate Gabby Saucedo-Mercer.  What kind of shenanigan is this anyway???  Voters have been receiving numerous e-mails for funding this past few weeks, but the national groups don’t mention playing favorites for their handpicked candidates when they expect us to fork over to their pleas.  If Gabby takes out incumbent Dem Raul Grijalva and gains another Republican Congressional seat for Arizona, it will be due to her own efforts, along with the hard work of grassroots Arizona campaigners and voters.  Thank you Andrew Constanzo for providing the unwavering leadership support that the hierarchy groupies (has-beens and wannabes) are short on. And If CD 9 candidate Wendy Rogers can pick up all of the Andrew Walter votes from the primary, she can send incumbent Dem Kyrsten Sinema packing too.  – Editor Frosty Taylor, MCRC Briefs

###                                   ###                                ###                                   ###    

AFA gives a big THANK YOU to Frosty for telling it like it is!  The RNC, who sends us at least 6 emails a day pleading for money, has provided funding to Arizona for only TWO candidates in the 2014 General Election - establishment candidates Andy Tobin (CD1) and Martha McSally (CD2).  Conservative Congressional candidates are getting zip, zilch, nada a penny from either the national party OR, let us say, the AZGOP!

That leaves AFA wondering... Robert Graham ran for Chairman of AZGOP in 2013 on the basis of the millions of dollars he could bring in to elect Republican candidates.  Never did we hear him say it would be for establishment candidates only.  WHERE is any money being donated from the AZGOP?  NO, RNC money does not count because that money would come to whoever was sitting in that position AND the RNC designates the candidates who get those dollars, not Graham!

So, Mr. Chairman, it's fair to ask, where is the money for our Republican candidates???  And by the way, where is a Financial Statement, Cash Flow Statement or any written record on the financial status of our state Republican Party?  LDs present those reports at their monthly meetings but no one has seen a scrap of verification on what you say you have raised.

We don't think you have netted much money or you would be helping out candidates who are in competitive races and for ALL of our statewide candidates.  'Fess up, Mr. "I'm going to run for re-election" Graham!!

Audit of the AZGOP books, anyone?

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Both political parties are corrupted. Like they say two sides of the same coin, all heading to the same place, using different road maps to get there. For now we must support the GOP to take back the Senate and stop BHO.

Wendy Rogers is the only one of the candidates in those four tight races (CD 1,2,3 & 9) that has elimination of the IRS as a platform promise.  I'm guessing that might have something to do with her not getting much lobby support money. 

2 thumbs up!!!!!!!!

I agree with your points, except for the possibly unintentional implication that Martha McSally is not conservative.  She is rock solid and in a desperate fight with the nationally funded Liberal Ron Barber.

We are told by those who know her well that she is more establishment than conservative.  We trust our source on this.  It's telling that she is getting funding from the RNC via McCain and not Gabby Mercer or Wendy!  It feels like Ken Cuccinelli all over again!

Martha McSally is bought and paid for by McCain, mcKyl, Boehner, Cantor (before he was booted) and McCarthy..... says RINO to me!

The GOP want only yes men & women who will support McCain & Boehner.  If you support the values and principles of limited government and secure borders kiss your candidacy good bye.  It's pretty simple.  I think the GOP would rather have Grijalva & Barber in office than a citizen selected candidate like Gabby or Chuck Wooten who would actually would represent their constituency instead of becoming another politician like the rest of the AZ delegation.  All of them.

I am not sure but I think the majority of the money is being spent on massive airtime purchases and "get out the vote" efforts that will benefit the entire SLATE of ALL REPUBLICAN candidates - to be competitive with the massive onslaught of airtime purchases by the democrats. This effort will help all Republicans who are on the ballot without exception, and without regard to district. Do you remember all of the unending "fundraisers" our democrat POTUS has been attending, and his AZ puppet is doing the same. We will be outspent and the "get out the vote" effort is live or die for us in the next 30 days. I wish I was getting more funding, but I will keep asking, I can WIN an unexpected NEW STATE SENATE seat in LD19 - there is no incumbent to defeat! visit my website www.hobbs4az.com, click on my "DONATE" button - be generous as you can.

Thanks.  AFA posted that story last night.  You can read it here: "I'm a man who when I decide, I never go back   http://arizonafreedomalliance.ning.com/group/news-in-a-flash/forum/...

I totally agree with you. The Republican Party doesn't need and enemy they are self destructing. They go after the conservatives, and won't support those who are running against the worst Dems in the state or the country. They want us to donate but never defend our platform or fight for our causes. So I say until they do, do not give them one dime. Anyone not supporting our candidates in critical races should be ashamed. I will not vote for any REP who is pro choice, for common core or who is against any part of our constitution. If we can't or won't stand on our principles we will never succeed. I'm fed up because we are screwed up from the bottom LD level to the top. The most valuable gift you can give is your time and they have wasted mine long enough. I say watch them crash and burn then and only then do we have a chance of ever winning. They are in it for themselves and I'm not going to put them in office with that attitude. Wait for the 2016 presidential election. I can count 11 of them and if they all throw their hat in the race it will be pure sucide.
He is a film maker and records illegals crossing our border. He's not in politics has never been involved in the process. But because he get the crowd going with his pep talks people are falling behind him. He is a good patriot and that all. The Washington insiders with eat him up and make mence meat out of him. No college education, he owned his own company made a million and sold it. He thinks that makes him qualified. I debated him on FB and got under his skin. If I rattled his cage that much imagine what the Dems will do to him. We have to many REP wanting to run we shouldn't put up more than the top 3 in the field. We now have 11 and counting. We will never succeed with this circus.

This is Connie Uribe, State Senate Candidate, LD 4.  Gabby is in my CD and I've personally discussed this issue with Mr. Graham.  In fact, my husband was quite vocal about it the other evening at our local GOP meeting.  We got all kinds of excuses for not supporting Gabby.  The fact is, my District and Gabby's takes up the biggest part of the AZ-Mexico border and no one in our State or local GOP seems to care.  My LD is heavily Democratic and it's a tough race, yet I don't see the machinery behind me.  I see people like Andrew Constanzo going door to door, bless their hearts, spending every moment of their free time trying to get us conservative candidates in office.  We conservatives owe our undying thanks to these grassroots efforts, not to our party-in-name-only.  We must take over these progressive, liberal seats.  Help Gabby!  Help Hopkins in LD 4!  Help me!  Go to uribeforsenate.com. 





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