AFA has certainly had our issues with Rodney Glassman in the past.  As a Democrat he was no good, and when he switched parties to the GOP we were unconvinced he was sincere.  Still, the story in the Arizona Daily Independent about the irregularities in his 2020 primary race for County Assessor has all the appearances of shenanigans at the County Level with the usual suspects' fingerprints all over it.

Glassman tangled with County Supervisors and accused them of allowing a de facto tax hike to take place by keeping rates the same while values were steadily climbing.  Glassman wanted them to cut the rate to keep the tax bills the same.  Predictably, Supervisors like Clint Hickman and Steve Chucri went after Glassman, and the way that race ended up is a story worth reading.
As for Glassman, the positions he continues to take are steadily making him the right friends (endorsed by Royce Flora, Russell Pearce, and others) and the right enemies (targeted by Hickman, Chucri, Cook, etc).  Perhaps soon it will be time to reevaluate our opinion in light of his continued evolution?

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There are at least two ways to raise taxes:  The  most honest way is to put a bond levy on the ballot.  People get to vote on bond levies - or not.  The second way is to increase the taxable valuation or property assessment.  This way, nobody has a voice in their increased property taxes, they just keep going up, year after year, regardless of what the people want.  This is of course, fundamentally dishonest, but then...

I believe that setting the taxable value of a property should be based on the purchase price of private property.  It should stay the same until it is demonstrated that it does not compare with what similar property values are, establishing that a couple of crooks are likely involved in trying to beat paying the appropriate taxes.  Once the property resells, then adjust the taxable value accordingly to the price it sold for.

I once bought a home for $95K.  The taxable value was $200K.   I don't know how we fix this disparity, but taxable value should be what the property is actually worth, not some pie in the sky number that is completely unrelated to any factual value.

Glassman is another McCain. He will identify as a Republican or Democrat at the drop of the hat depending upon his advisers or his own determination of which will give him the edge. Never vote for one of these types again, they are untrustworthy in every case just like McCain was Flake was and Romney is. Never waste A vote on him or the last two again People!!!!! George Bush is showing himself to be in their club also along with Liz Chaney as far as I am concerned. Any they support avoid like poison.





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