Fontes again denies most election blame

[Editor;  That's right.  Fontes has no responsibility for the snafu we called the 2018 Primary.  Totally blameless.  The debil did it! (Not a typo)]

By Jessica Boehm Arizona Republic USA TODAY NETWORK

The election-day issues that left thousands of voters unable to cast ballots when polls opened on Aug. 28 were caused by a contractor error and faulty communication, Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes said again Wednesday.

Fontes maintains that the contractor that his office hired to install the new voter check-in machines failed to provide the needed man power to make sure that all polling places were ready to accept voters.

The company disagrees.  [We disagree too.  The buck stops with the Recorder. He may have hired the wrong contractor. He certainly did not do a test run or require the company to do it.  Maybe he did't actually properly communicate wth the company.  We don't know.   We do know that honorable people take responsibility for their actions... or lack thereof.  Helen Purcell never blamed anyone but took responsibility and got fired by voters.  Fontes should not wait for the voters to decide.  An honorable person would resign, put their tails between their legs  and crawl away.  Fontes is doubling down and daring us, the voters, to disbelieve his futile excuses.]

Fontes in a news conference hinted that a legal battle with the contractor — Tempe-based Insight Enterprises — could be on the horizon.

“I’m not going to get into a he-said she-said fight with the contractor,” Fontes told reporters at the media event. “That may end up in litigation later.”  [Sure.  More taxpayer money wasted.  There would then be a counter suit.  Kaching.  Kaching.  Democrats love to spend taxpayer money.]

However, Fontes admitted his office did not do a good enough job communicating with voters and poll workers about the other options they had if they could not vote at their assigned polling places.  [No, no, no!!  There didn't need to be communication to tell voters how to bypass a screw-up.  The preparation should be such that there is no such massive screwup to start with.  Purcell was the Recorder for three decades and this never once happened.  She underestimated the enthusiasm of the voters and tried to cut costs as instructed.  Fired!]

“We have taken responsibility for what has happened, we want to share that responsibility with some of the other folks who played a major part in the problems that we had, we’ve apologized to the voters who were affected and impacted by this and we are moving forward focused on a successful election in November,” he said.

More than 60 polling places were not open at 6 a.m. when voting was supposed to commence on election day.

The “SiteBooks,” which store voterregistration information and let voters check in at the polls, were not properly installed at these polling places, leaving voters unable to secure ballots Tuesday morning.

The check-in equipment requires an Internet connection to access the voter registration database. If voters cannot check in, they cannot vote.

By 10 a.m., four sites were still closed. All were open by 11:30 a.m, Fontes said, though voters reported issues at polling places well into the afternoon.

The county had hired Insight Enterprises, a global information technology contractor, to set up the voter check-in equipment on Monday and provide technical support on Tuesday, the Recorder’s Office and an Insight representative said.

On election day, the Recorder’s Office said that the contractor hadn’t provided enough workers to set up on the day before and the morning of the election, causing them to fall behind. This led to polling sites that weren’t ready at 6 a.m.  [Once again, several activists have reported that they are experienced poll workers.  Some say there were never "techs on site on election day."  That work happens the day before and poll inspectors are required to be on site the day before to oversee set up and testing the equipment, internet connection, etc.  Techs are supposed to be on call to get to a site quickly to correct any machine breakdowsn.  Our experience as poll workers is that when a tech was called in the past, they were there within 10 minutes.]

The Recorder’s Office had said the contract called for 103 Insight technicians, and Insight provided 73. Insight said it provided 85 technicians.

Insight responded that it had provided more than enough technicians and went “above and beyond contractual obligations.”

The actual contract language says that Insight was to provide 93 technicians on Monday for eight-hour shifts beginning at 8 a.m., to set up 462 polling locations. The confusion may have stemmed from a note in parenthesis: Ten technicians will be retained in standby.

Insight read that as needing to supply 83 technicians with 10 on standby in case any of the 83 technicians were not available, said Scott Walters, a company spokesman.

“This was clearly understood by both parties,” he wrote.

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NOTE: Voters should NEVER have to stand in line at the right voting location, get to the front of the line only to be told to go somewhere else. That has nevee been done and is unacceptable. We just know some problems are going to crop up and the plan should be in place to resolve the problems with where the voter is!

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This Primary cycle in Maricopa County is a scam on the Voters, and not just in Maricopa but the entire State of AZ, as a result of the way it was handled and certified will always leave doubt in the Voters souls as to who really won the Office of AZ Supt. of Public Instruction and even though we wrote Supervisor Hickman we haven't heard a word out of him, this will leave a Distrust in the Hearts of all of us and therefore very hard to trust what maybe in store for us in the General. I wish those who ran for that office would step up and demand a recount, but know that won't happen as they're already lining up to support the Questionable victor in the race, and will now have to run with that Shadow over him and his campaign. 

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 

Maybe,its time to have another ELECTION and do it right this time. Something just does not seem right. This election was to messed up to call. I even wonder if there could be votes out there that was never counted.

Totally Agree, but those in Power won't submit to the Orders of the Voters, they only need us when they're running and not once in office or won a Primary, you know the Lessor of TWO EVILS Theology that most follow like Sheep to the Slaughter. God Bless You; Van

It's our understanding, and we could be wrong, that there is no provision in law to hold the election over.  Even if that happened, it would not be the same due to the fact that some voters might change their vote now that they see the original outcome.  Of course, there is no way to know who went to vote but couldn't so would you limit it only to those who cast ballots?  This is a Genie that won't go back in the bottle.  That is the principle reason that elections must be conducted appropriately every time.  It cannot be replayed. Fontes should resign.  Instead, he is doubling down.

There may not be a provision for a redo of the entire election but those who were sent to other than their assigned place could argue that they have been disenfranchised and that the vote they cast, provisionally, may not have been counted and the candidates they wished to vote for were not on the ballot or listed as write in. We had several who claimed to be registered and sent to the poling place we were working at only to be given provisional ballots because they were at the wrong poling place according to the machine that makes that determination on check in and that was the only one we could hand them. It seems to me that there could, or should, be a way for them to vote late rather than to be shut out altogether. In our location everyone seemed to do a good job most of the trouble came from the "Trouble Shooter" who, though he had more experience, refused to help and would  mostly irritate some of the poll workers and seemed to slow the process of breaking down to a crawl. We ended up waiting for the install tech on Monday till about 8:30 or 9:00 PM. He put it together quickly and it worked well most of the time. I did not know I would have to break it down but that is what happened. Easy enough to do, I think I could install the stuff in an hour, the Tech did it in half an hour.

If provisional ballots not scrutinized for count or not by our party lawyers shame on our party.

Van, we can't go into detail but we will tell you that many have asked for a recount.  We agree that under these circumstances, while an automatic recount kicks in at 200 vote spread, we don't have the confidence in either the voting or the counting.  However, the BoS has stated they have no authority to remedy the situation other than order an audit.  And.... then what?

I believe an audit has been ordered, and since it's a statewide election the recount would have to be done statewide and if Dr. Branch wanted to proceed in court with this cost could exceed 1/2 million $$$'s, this is why they get away with this election fraud on the Voters.  

I believe what's needed here is one a Recall and two the people to pull it off to get the signatures to make it happen, I believe it will take north of 70,000 signatures so looking at close to 100,000 to be safe if I read the law properly and know it could be done if enough people would step up to get them, just think you'd need Two Thousand signature gatherers getting 50 signatures each so get 5 a day and in 10 days each one is done and add more volunteers and of course the number each one has to get drops, this could be done by the LD PC's and they'd walk their Precincts as this has been in the News and believe all will sign if asked so what do all of you think. God Bless You;  Van 

I would be willing to bet the number of provisional ballots and those who were turned away all together could make the difference in a couple of the contests. As far as I know the provisionals may not even be counted or may have been counted when they should not have been. Our "Trouble Shooter" instructed us to put the provisional and the ones turned in by early voters who were late sending, I was one of those, in the same container. In the earlier instruction he had told us they would be separated and not together. But what he said to do on tear down we did as told. I tried to question this but he would have none of it.

Never , I repeat never trust the government to be responsible for anything except picking your pockets

Who needs to be hammered about this is the MCBS  Maricopa County Board of Supervisors---they hid behind two women's skirts  Helen Purcell who didn't have enough budget and Michele Reagan who lost her re-election bid for something that she had virtually nothing to do with.. The MCBS needs to step up and take control back for something they passed off a long time ago---WtP need to howl until they step up!!!

I have been attentive to Maricopa elections for some time. Notice that over the time there are always issues reported. I do not live in Maricopa county, grateful for that. I concluded a long time back that the election problem issues seems to be one of purpose created. 

The documented problems reported is there a method to take issues up the chain beyond the AZ SOS at this point? What value are our party's lawyers adding to this?



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