Today, we have gotten an update on the massive mayhem eyewitnesses have reported observing during election day and beyond.  We have gotten similar reports from more than one witness so we have no reason to doubt the veracity.  Here is more seemingly fraudulent incidences on election day:

1.  People went to their polling places early in the morning.  By law, polls must open at 6:00am - 7:00pm.  That is so people can vote coming from or going to work.  Too often, when they arrived in the early morning, they were told to go either to one of the voting centers or to another precinct nearby where the machines were known to be working.

    1a.  Problem 1:  Voting centers could be far away from where their precincts were.  Example: voters in New River were sent to Cave Creek/Carefree.  That's about a 50 mile drive.... each way.  What happens if that person worked in New River or even north or west from New River, increasing the distance and time requirements?

    2a.  Problem 2:  Voters were told to go to a different precinct nearby known to have working machines. They did.  After voting a provisional ballot at a precinct different from their own, they were told the ballots would not be counted because the law is they must vote in their own precinct!  But they couldn't vote at their precinct because many didn't open until anywhere from 10-11am.  Even noon from one report.

    3a.  Problem 3: Voters showed up at their precinct to vote.  Voting machines were running.  Lines were long because workers were handling more voters than usual.  And they had no more than 3 total hours of training for a very specific process.  When they got to the head of the line, they were told they had to vote a provisional ballot.  Why?  No explanation.  Many voters gave in and voted a provisional with no idea whether it would be counted.  And by the way, some precincts did not even have enough provisional ballots!

2.  The polls closed; many voters were frustrated and/or never got to vote at all.  Workers were frustrated and stressed because they were not adequately trained, often had no idea what to do to solve a problem and sometimes, the machines would not work and getting a tech to the site to correct the problem took too long.

    2a.  One worker reported that the Poll Inspector, who is supposed to wrap up the polling place using a highly complex and specific process, did not properly load ballots and materials in the boxes to take to collection centers, leading to incomplete sealed boxes.  Once a box is sealed, it is to stay sealed until-it reaches the recorders counting room and is ready to count.

    2b.  Ballot boxes were thrown together with disregard for the sanctity of the ballots, did not include supporting documents to be able to properly account for and verify the ballots.

    2c.  Boxes of ballots were taken to collection locations to be turned in only to find no one available to collect them. These boxes were left on the pavement/parking lot and the Inspector drove away.

    2d.  Boxes of ballots were taken to collection locations UNSEALED.  Unsealed means unsecured, boxes that anyone along the way could tamper with.  Take a few out, put a few in, who knows? That is the point of sealing boxes with all re required supporting documents until they reach the recorder's counting rooms.  Reported to us is that these unsealed/unsecured ballots were in the 1000s!  At a hearing at the BoS on Wednesday, Sept 5, Recorder Adrian Fontes was asked if unsealed boxes of ballots were transported. Fontes said, "Well, there is no perfect election."  Really?  Supervisor Steve Chucri, Chairman of that Board, told Fontes he did not want to hear SPIN.  Answer the question!  Fontes, "Yes."

3.  Provisional ballots must also be properly secured and delivered.  However, a box with 700 provisional ballots was found with no supporting documents.  No one could be sure where they came from, whether they had been counted, whether they had been put through the counting machines more than once.  Seven hundred ballots could change the outcome in close races.

4.  How many voters never got to vote?  How many were denied their absolute the right to vote in every single election, no excuses!  Not because the lines were too long and they chose to leave the line!  Because they were denied the opportunity at the polling desk!

5.  You read that the Board of Supervisors allotted $200,000 to audit the entire election to cure the uncertainty.  We have learned that amount of money is insufficient to get the job done.  No auditor in Arizona has agreed to do the audit for that amount.  Imagine, if you will, the weight of such an audit.  The right to vote in America is inviolate and precious.  Imagine the possibility of being sued if someone with $$ decides the audit is false or flawed.  Imagine the amount of E&O Insurance that would be required by the auditing company to undertake such a project.

And there is more!

We talked to Dr. Robert Branch this afternoon to find out what he had to say since he was a scant 359 ballots behind Frank Riggs.  One reason we wanted his response is that we had analyzed the count.  Dr. Branch had carried the early ballots while Riggs carried the onsite voting.  Last Friday, we learned 90,000 early ballots had not yet been opened and counted.  Connecting the dots of where votes came from, we would expect Branch to move ahead.  And that is what happened as these ballots were being counted and reported.  Branch was slowly closing the gap until suddenly, the count reversed!  That just didn't make sense to us, defies the matrix that had developed.  We had learned that the race closed to 249 votes between them.  Then later, the spread reversed and Branch was 112 votes ahead but 30 minutes later, the spread was back to Branch 249 votes behind.  There is something just plain wrong with this!  Dr. Branch said, "I’m not out of this.  This not over.  I’m going to fight for this until there is no fight left."  We wonder, are lawyers involved in this or will there be?  We expect both candidates will lawyer up due to the extreme irregularities being uncovered.

And by the way, there a a couple of close legislative races on the democrat side, too, but we are not analyzing those races.

One thing is sure: there is more to come out about the mishandling of this election.

One more thing is sure:  Recorder Adrian Fontes ran on the promise of having well run elections, trading on the lack of polling places former Recorder, Helen Purcell, had for the presidential preference primary.  Well, we are used to broken promises from politicians.  This is well beyond promises.  This is incompetence in the extreme. Fontes should do the right thing and resign.  This is very serious business.  If he doesn't, the Board of Supervisors should remove him for incompetence, possible fraud and a myriad of other reasons.  In our humble opinion.

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We must Demand the Laws on the Books be enforced to the Letter or we may have a repeat of this in the 2020 Presidential Elections, and we all know the Cost of that. God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk



More bad news for candidates and voters (we have to wonder if any of this would have affected those close races.... only one in the Republican races but some in the democrat races):

One Maricopa County polling place did not have any Republican ballots for about half the time polls were open during the primary election last week.

The Hollyhock polling place at Word of Abundant Life Christian Center in Phoenix opened at 6 a.m. Aug. 28, but did not have Republican ballots until sometime between noon and 1 p.m., according to two poll workers at the location.

Voting records obtained by The ArizonaRepublic show no Republican ballots cast at Hollyhock during that time.

While not a busy poll site, a few of the Republican voters were “furious,” Valorie Voytoski, one of the poll workers, told The Republic .

“I am a Republican,” said Voytoski, an eight-year poll worker. “And I would have been furious about it as well.”

The Maricopa County Recorder’s Office was made aware of the issue, Maricopa County Recorder Adrian Fontes confirmed Friday.

Under normal circumstances, Fontes said, his office could have responded quickly and probably have gotten the ballots to Hollyhock before polls even opened.

This election was not normal circumstances.

“We didn’t know there would be massive, systemic issues,” Fontes said.

Fontes said he is sorry to those voters and others who had issues voting at their polling place the morning of the election.

Continue reading here...

Thanks to RJ for this article

We the People must Demand that in all close races where a few hundred or even a couple of thousand votes made the difference between winning and losing we have a another election, after all Our Voting Rights are Rights and can't be allowed to be Violated by a bunch of Politicians no matter the Party or cost, Our Rights can't be bought or minimized by any Party. God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk
P.S. I've been told there were 62+ Polling places not open and or effected limiting our God Granted Right to Vote, so where's the Anger, March in the Streets or at the Capitol but we must do something before those in Power declare this Farce  of an election Certified.

Generally speaking, I would like to see the automatic recount be more reasonable. Now it's very low like 1 10th of a percent or 200 votes which ever is less. But with the kind of screw up we just had, that should be an auto recount for every race that was as close as maybe 1/2 of 1% or even 1%.  What about that precinct that had no republican ballots until noon?  How many republicans were turned away and never voted.  No, "i'm sorry" doesn't cut it.  If this guy had any self respect he would resign in shame but we are talking democrat here.  They don't have the shame gene



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