In 2005, congress passed “The REAL ID Act” on recommendation of the 9/11 Commission's that the Federal Government “set standards for the issuance of sources of identification, such as driver's licenses.”  The federal government has no authority for such far overreaching dictates, any more than they did when they mandated, under the Brady Bill, that local jurisdiction perform federal gun control and stripping of state sovereignty.  The Brady Bill lost in Federal court.
“The Real ID Act established minimum security standards for state-issued driver's licenses and identification cards and prohibits Federal agencies from accepting for official purposes licenses and identification cards from states that do not meet these standards.”  So, your state is being told what is a proper identification for state-controlled operations, including voting, as well as your freedom to travel.  We allowed our state legislators to further strip us or our freedoms and liberties by federalizing our Airports, with mandatory federal inspections and molestation by TSA, without due process .  Everyone is a suspect without probable cause.  They confiscate your property if it doesn’t meet their standards or you’re refused entry to the plane. Violation of the 4th amendment through blackmail. Example, I purchased a bran new, in the box snow globe.  Because it was more than 4 ounces of liquid, they confiscated it, or I could find another way home and forfeit my $200 ticket. Where again is the authority for federalizing locally controlled airports?  Cities provide their own police for Airports, yet the federal government controls the travel.  Where in the constitution is there a grant of authority for dictating to the states, our sovereign right to establish our legal ID and control freedom of travel?   You are prevented from entering any aircraft unless you have a passport or the federally mandated ID.
Further, this software that our safety minded federal government is using has an algorithm that originated with a Russian biometrics company that was sold to a French company and has now been sold to other companies or changed names many times.  “Any State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) that has contracts with the vendor known formerly as MorphoTrust USA or MorphoTrust, now Idemia, face the same potential cybersecurity threat”.  So basically, our governments have infected our bio-metric identification systems with technology that has originated from a foreign government wanting to get into our systems.
Jefferson said: "The executive power in our government is not the only, perhaps not even the principal, object of my solicitude. The tyranny of the legislature is really the danger most to be feared, and will continue to be so for many years to come. The tyranny of the executive power will come in its turn, but at a more distant period." 
In this case, they worked together, a republican president and both chambers of congress being republican. Does it make you wonder about the motive for 9/11?  Look at all the controls we have since then.
Randy Miller
Recovered Constitutional Republican

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Not much difference between establishment Republicans and Democrats.  Neither is dedicated to following the Constitution or putting our country's needs over global political and financial interests.  And Arizona has had more than its fair share of the GOPe.  Let us hope that since McSally no longer has to hang on the coattails of McCain and Flake that she will vote as the Conservative she claimed to be in the primary race.  Unless the powerful state GOPe has influence over her.

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