Diogenes must be very frustrated these days.  Is there an honest man left in America?

We have received information that will stun some of you and confirm your worst feelings for the rest of you.  Understand that we do NOT have hard evidence.  We were in touch with a highly reliable patriot who never passes along hearsay.

Today, it was discovered by another reliable patriot that video exists of what the Board of Supervisors are up to.  They have admitted they never sealed any of the boxes containing the ballots from 2020 as law requires.  Their excuse is that they were holding them at their offices until the issue of the subpoenas was settled.  That is just BS because under court order, those seals can be broken. 

The Senate Judicial Committee had requested the forensic audit be held at the location of the ballots in the interest of efficiency and saving money in having 2.1mil ballots transferred elsewhere.  The attitude of the BoS is that they have no intention of allowing the Senate in their offices to do a forensic audit they didn't want done in the first place.  Stalemate.

They apparently underestimated at least one patriot bulldog who never let up. 

It's reported that the BoS transferred the ballots to a warehouse, location unknown to us.  The story goes that there is video and perhaps other evidence that boxes of ballots are being shredded.  You heard that right - ballots shredded!  Are they being shredded randomly?  Are they selectively being shredded to hide information the BoS doesn't want known?  What does the BoS stand to gain by breaking the law and opening themselves to jail time?  Retaining office?  Would these ballots show the winners of those races would be someone else?  Democrats?

So what to do now?  It's said that Maricopa County Recorder Stephen Richer would do nothing including looking into this issue.  The legislature?  We are unaware whether the whistleblower (our words) has taken this to the legislature.  The courts?  Lawyers needed.  The AG?  He's known not to ever interfere with other state agencies.

This we know: the BoS has fought like tigers from doing a real audit.  The two they claim they did were done for companies with ties to Dominion.  They chose Dominion against outside council to start with.

There is a fire here and the smoke is curling into the atmosphere if this info is accurate or even materially so.

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