This Should Help You Decide on Corporation Commission Candidates - or change your mind!

You should watch this video from the Clean Elections debate between ACC candidates.  It's an eye opener.  It's no accident that Tom Forese was absent from the debate.  We saw Eric Sloan a bit differently.  Justin Olson seemed to stand out from the crowd but Sloan did a credible job.  What became clear is that Rodney Glassman lied his way through the debate and kudos to both Jim O'Connor and Eric Sloan for pointing that out by using facts that belied Glassman's comments.

Even if you are sure who you will vote for in this important race, watch the video.  You might have a change of heart!


6-28-18 Arizona Corporation Commission Republican Debate

Special | 28m

Hear from Republicans running for the Arizona Corporation Commission, the body that regulates utility rates and has many other vital functions. Attorney Rodney Glassman, former state lawmaker Justin Olson, Jim O’Connor, who worked in the securities industry, and small business owner Eric Sloan will debate the issues.

Aired: 06/28/18

Clean Elections Debate

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I appreciate AFA making the effort to recommend candidates.

I only think I have an inkling about folks from their postings -- some folks I have over the short time of being on AFA I give more value to what the say in their posts. So that is similar also what I end up doing around candidates running for office. 

I know personally that when after considerable consideration and research commit to volunteer on a candidate's campaign I do so with enthusiasm and dedication. This does not mean I am incapable of recognizing that my candidate may have a wart or two. 

Given a birth of candidates well I go to a pragmatic approach in the final -- and with that pragmatism I look at what are the motivations of people / players when they choose to bash a candidate.

I would like to know the specifics of this and the company or organization name of the "Felon" etc.

I have seen people claim "crimes" when none occurred and in fact have seen disputes settled by crooked judges in a back room deal contrary to all evidence presented in court. I know some bad things do happen and am not afraid to say so if I have proof but I usually like to see proof. I hate to see anyone painted with a broad brush without supporting evidence. I would like to have these proofs presented and if a crime occurred have it out in the open not referred to through innuendo and whispers.

If this is all true it is a shame. I talked to Jim about vetting people when he was in AZRA and I was shocked that he said he did not. I was not happy about the direction the West Chapter was going. I attended some of their meetings but I thought it was going to be about political action to instill real conservative movement in the Republican Party which I believed was what the Republican Assembly was supposed to be about. I held off joining, never have, the organization because they were not being tasked for that purpose as far as I could tell. I actually had visions of AZRA doing exactly what Daniel Schultz was wanting us all to do. Mobilize real Constitutional Conservatives into action to fill the vacant seats in all the precincts and turn our state solidly in that direction by getting out the vote for really solid Constitutional Conservative candidates, of our choosing, even in the off year and primary elections where the McCain and Flake factions have held sway for so long. By most accounts McCain is on his death bed and in many races we can not get past his chosen lackeys. They  still hold the field and rub our noses in it year after year.

John, AZRA chapters will be replaced and not as AzRA. True vetted conservatives will join with others to do the committed work to do as David Schutz envisioned. Will take time to make a dent within the RINO / CINO crowded field.

Patricia, I moved and now will have to get appointed as a pc but did you know that fewer pcs signed up this year than the year before? I blame the leadership in AZGOP.  They are feckless and ridiculous. I get AZDNC emails and they are doing the things AZGOP is not. With that lack of leaders in the party, we need to depend on groups with real presence like AZRA was before O'Connor did his best to ruin it.  I don't think he succeeded in ruining it, I think it has true momentum if their leaders behave themselves.  And stick to the original intent.

I can attest to what was written here.  I was an AZRA member at the time but not part of leadership but I was able to get to know some of these good people. The problem is that the leadership put in place by Jim O'Connor were the gang who couldn't shoot straight and inept was too light a word for them. So be it but they had an agenda that focused on getting the money, not on anything else.  The so called head of the WEST chapter was at the heart of the chaos.  I don't now remember the guys name.  He was partnered with that awful guy from yavapai county who wrote such disgusting stuff and posted it on Briefs, none of which was true.  Follow the money.  It's a shame because AZRA is a good organization conceptually.  I read their bylaws on their Federation site and understand what they are about.  Different from other political groups.  I have moved now but would get back into that group if a chapter was near me.  I don't know that recruiting PCs is their focus, that is in the hands of the districts, but all those I know from there are pcs. Conservative PCs who could do for the party what districts can't or won't.  I hope the new leaders will focus on important issues, not how to get their hands on someone else's money.  BTW, the initials of the perp felon is WWH.  I don't want to get in trouble but you can find his records on Superior Court website.

Watch this 28 minute State Treasurer candidate debate. It changed my mind. 

Me, too.  Olson gets my lonely vote but I'm looking at Sloan.  I liked how he was not timid on calling out Glassman for the democrat he is

I liked that  Sloan stood up to Glassman also.  Sloan, whom I have met at a LDD in Kingman,  looks good to me as well as Olson who is doing a good job at cleaning up the commission.. 

Thanks for posting link to the State Treasurer debate. Who changed your mind? I was leaning Yee but Sabbagh made some good points. I especially like she is not a politician.  Politicians always are looking for ways to spend OPM (Other People's Money) because that is how they get votes from those on  the receiving end.

Nan, I listened to the debate as well. Yee gave me pause. Others take would be appreciated.

Would be nice. Thanks



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