For Immediate Release- May 7, 2020

Contact: Linda Paine, EIPAz President (661) 313-5251

Ellen Swensen, EIPCa Chief Analyst (925) 286-1116

Hundreds of Thousands of Ineligible Persons Could be Mailed Ballots

if California Goes All-Mail in November Election

Watchdog group finds over 458,000 likely dead or relocated persons will be mailed ballots;

24,000 will be mailed two or more ballots. Poor voter list maintenance cited.

Santa Clarita, Calif. – On April 28, Election Integrity Project, California (EIPCa) sent notice to California’s Secretary of State (SOS) of the state’s failure to comply with federal voter list maintenance laws. EIPCa’s report, based on its analysis of California’s official voter registration file, includes evidence that the coronavirus-related proposal to mail ballots to all California voters has heightened the risks to the integrity of the November 2020 election:

    • Over 458,000 California registrants who have likely died or moved will be mailed ballots. These registrants have not voted or updated their registrations since November 2008 or prior. Though likely deceased or relocated, they remain classified as “active” status. Almost 178,000 have never voted. Almost 2,000 have birthdates indicating they are 105+ years old.
    • Over 38,000 Californians appear to have more than one voter registration. 24,000 of them will be mailed two or more ballots under an all-mail scenario, because they have more than one active registration each.

Mailing hundreds of thousands of ballots to non-existent addressees opens the door to election crime. Mass “seeding” of unclaimed ballots, coupled with ballot “harvesting” by unscrupulous operatives, is a significant risk to the integrity of the November election. Mailing two or more ballots each to thousands of duplicated registrants allows-- even “invites” --voters to vote twice. California’s SOS has already confirmed double voting in the March 3 primary by duplicated registrants who were mailed two ballots each.

“Federal law requires the state to maintain voter lists free of those who have died or relocated and to remove duplicated registrations,” said EIPCa President Linda Paine.“This is especially critical under all-mail voting. Unless ineligible registrations are removed, hundreds of thousands of unclaimed ballots will likely go into circulation without chain of custody protections, due to the state’s ballot harvesting scheme. Defective laws and mismanaged voter rolls continue to risk the integrity of California’s November election.”

EIPCa’s letter asks the SOS to work with the counties to investigate and remove all registrations found to be ineligible so they are not automatically mailed ballots.

CA Office: 27943 Seco Canyon Rd. #521, Santa Clarita, California 91350

AZ Office: 1042 Willow Creek Rd. #A101-479, Prescott, AZ 86301

Phone: 661-313-5251 Email: Website:


Sparky Smith, Manager

Election Integrity Project® Arizona, LLC

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President Trump:  Remove Governor Gavin Newsom.

 Bet Mark Kelly supports Mail in Voter ballots?    


I just got a notice that a CA Republican won the CD25 special election this past Tuesday.  Finally a Republican!  That is the district in LA County I always voted in.  After Judicial Watch sued LA County, I received a notice From LA County Elections asking if I still wanted to remain on the voter rolls.  That was Nov of 2018  14 years after I moved here to Payson.  For the first 4 years I was here I kept telling them I no longer lived in CA.  I wonder how many times I cast a Dem vote in those 14 years since I moved.  Everyone I knew always voted Republican, yet a Dem always won previous years in that district before I moved.  We never could figure out why.  Now we know.   Maybe LA County did clean up their rolls. 

Shirley, allow us to correct one statement in your post: Judicial Watch DID NOT sue: the Election Integrity Project® California did.  They simply retained JW to handle the suit.  They knew nothing about election integrity until EIPCa contacted them and they ONLY got a decent settlement from LA County due to the evidence over 7 years collected and organized by EIPCa.  LA County is only cleaning up their voter rolls now because EIPCa found out they were not complying with the settlement and, with different attorneys, went back to court to force compliance.

We are happy you finally got yourself off the CA rolls.  Maybe now there will be some honesty in the CA elections..

Ah, probably not. They are very creative in cheating there!!

Thank you for the clarification.  If they have not cleaned up the rolls before the last election where the Republican won last week, then there is a wonderful change of attitude of the people voting there.  The sleeping giant that thought why bother to vote, my guy will never win, has finally gotten some hope!  If LA County can elect a Republican, there is more hope for the rest of CA.  Will believe it when I see it though. 





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