There is a lot of discussion about candidates and various ballot Props and Questions for this election cycle. But, the one area where most are silent is voting on judges. My ballot has a list of, if I counted correctly, 51 judges. Quite frankly, I haven't a clue about any of them. In past elections, the rule of thumb has been to vote them all out. This time around I am offering no answers. So, what say ye? I am looking for some intelligent, well informed information about how to vote on judges. I would be very interested to know what you think. I will be looking for your answers in the comments below!

Also, see video on Prop 126 HERE

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In years past, a website called did the research on judges. They are no longer around.  A group of Republican women gathered to research this and finally gave up and said vote for all judges appointed by Republican governors.  That's most of them and doesn't work because some of our Republican govs appointed some bad judges.  The Judicial Review report that purports to judge the judges is compiled of lawyers judging the judges they will have to go before looking for a fair decision.  That is unreliable, too.  Someone else offered just vote yes on one and no on the next down the line.  Hmmm.  We are with you, Harry.  It's a crapshoot at best.  

From what little i know about judges and lawyers, they are, as a demographic, very much on the Left so i would guess that they are probably mostly bad. But, whoever would replace them would likely also be.

Which is why I also vote no on all.  Show me a good one and I'll vote yes.

Voting to retain the two Supreme Court justices (Bolick and Pelander). Why? Because "Reds For Ed" is on the warpath against these two because they lead the charge in removing the "Invest in ED" initiative from the ballot. I voted "No" to retain Court of appeals judge Peter Swann because he had been sued a few years back by Tea Party organizations and Senator Russell Pearce for some anti-Conservative rulings. If Russell is against this guy then I'm against him as well. As for retaining Superior Court Judges the only rule I can follow at this time is to retain Judges appointed by Republican Governors and rejecting those appointed by Democrat Governors. Wish there was an organization who had a database available that showed if these judges ruled on Constitutional principles or are "activist" judges who rule with a partisan mentality.


Thanks for this Red for Ed (gag) reminder, Vince.

The Oct. 16th Republican Briefs a submitter had offered a list. I can't vouch for the list conclusions.


Well, that's a great question, Harry.  The last couple voting cycles, I've been working on that specific issue.  I believe and have claiming that the lower court and State judges are the people's first line of defense against a tyrannical government.  If you'd like the list that our Tea Party has compiled, please let me know.  I'd be glad to send it to you by email.  I don't believe it would be kosher for this forum.

I would be happy to get that by mail but how will that help the election if i am the only one who has this information?

Well, if you have a list of people that you communicate regularly with, you could forward it to them if they would be helped by it.

Larry, everything is "kosher for this forum" except incivility toward one another.  We suggest you post as an attachment for those who have not yet voted.  Where's the harm?  

Patricia: We believe the list posted on Briefs was made up by a group of Republican women who gave up trying to sort it out and suggested voting to retain all judges appointed by Republican governors.  That does not work for us because that is most of them and there are some really bad ones in that list.

BTW, a judge told us to never ever trust the Judicial Review list.  That list is compiled by the very lawyers who have to appear in court before these judges.  Does anyone think that they would give a bad review to a judge they will be appearing before in upcoming cases?  We take that judge at her word.



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