RINO State Senator Bob Worsley (R-Mesa) is one of the most hated and the second most liberal Republican in the Arizona Senate, surpassed only by his soul mate, Uber-RINO Kate Brophy-McGee (UR-Phoenix). Last week he announced he wasn't running for re-election which conveniently left the field clear for a totally unknown candidate to run unopposed in the primary and have a virtual lock in the general.

Tyler Pace, nephew-in-law to Governor Doug Ducey's chief of staff, Kirk Adams (didn't know that, did you?), last week for the first time ever faced LD25 precinct committeemen to formally introduce himself, because, well, none of them had ever heard of him. He's never attended a Republican meeting before and he's new to LD25. He told the gathering that he woke up early one morning, tapped his wife on the shoulder (we assume it was his wife) and said he needed to run for office. He was considering running against Andy Biggs for Congress or Worsley for State Senate. He said he told her he didn't think he could win either race but needed to run anyway. Pace decided he would rather lose to Worsley. Sounds more like a liberal Democrat all the time--just waste people's time and money for no good reason.

Well just how lucky can one guy get? No political experience whatsoever but he decides to run against a wealthy, well-entrenched incumbent just for the heck of it. And here's where the conspiracy comes shining through. Worlsey's money scared everyone else away except for Pace. Pace is related to Adams. Worsley has a cozy relationship with Ducey's office and therefore with Adams. Rumors abound that Worsley is expecting an appointment from Ducey. Worsley collected his signatures to qualify for re-election. Pace collected his signatures to qualify to run. After the deadline, Worsley has an epiphany and chooses not to run, clearing the field for Pace, the unknown candidate. Conspiracy? This isn't rocket science, folks.

Not surprisingly,Worlsey has endorsed Pace, who by all indications, will follow the RINO way.

Remember, this is RINO Worlsey who voted against Grant's Law that would protect citizens against violent, illegal aliens. He adamantly opposes SB1070; strongly supports the expansion of socialism (Medicaid), including funding abortions; favors sanctuary city policies and Obama's Catch and Release program; and joined with the radical LGBT crowd to get Governor Jan Brewer to veto legislation (SB1062) that protected our First Amendment rights of freedom of association and religious liberty. And, oh, yeah, he votes with the Democrats and his soul mate Brophy-McGee on all important ideological votes that matter.

Worsley's latest socialist scheme and end-run around the voters was to sponsor and support an increase in our vehicle license tax (VLT) sidestepping the super majority required by law to raise taxes, giving the governor, through his Director of Transportation, in essence, unlimited authority to raise our VLT. The current amount, $149 Million, is to help pay for the increased teacher pay demanded by the radical socialist movement #Red4Ed.

Back to Pace. No one wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to run for an office he admits he can't win, against a wealthy State Senator with close ties to your uncle. Pace says he has no real issues against Worsley (there's a giveaway) and when asked did not give a single reason for running.

This doesn't pass the smell test and LD25 voters should be very concerned.

Yours in the Cause of Truth,

A. Hamilton
American Post Gazette

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What you say if only a small portion would hold water LD25 voters "should be very concerned".

One of the issues of the noticeable in the tactic tool bags of political parties is to drive into campaigns a spoiler candidate.

Most disgusting tactic. 

LD 25 has only one available solution to this obvious political GOP fix, and that's to find someone they can trust and will support the US Constitution and put on a Write In Campaign to defeat what appears to be another chosen one from the GOP Septic Tank Managers of AZ, or just sit back have meetings talk about the problem til their all blue in the Face and do nothing, I hope they chose to get up and Fight Back. God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 

I was Itasca Small's Campaign Manager when she ran her Write-In campaign for State Senate in 2016. I believed then and I believe now that LD25 NEEDS ITASCA SMALL as their new State Senator! She doesn't have to "get up to speed." She's knowledgeable, does her own research, has fought for various issues at the Legislature in the past, and is ready to take her place as LD25's Conservative Senator!

She was very concerned after the LD25 meeting last Thursday. Circumstances (NOT Worsley's money) had precluded her from filing in time to get on the ballot, but I am praying that LD25 voters will get behind her NOW to help her succeed in her Write-In campaign this time! She filed her papers this afternoon to be a Write-In Candidate for State Senate for LD25.

I relocated to Prescott Valley in November 2016, and am therefore out of LD25. We learned a lot last time. It CAN be done! ITASCA SMALL CAN be LD25's next conservative State Senator. She just needs YOUR help, LD25 voters! Do you want someone Worsley approves of, one from the GOP Septic Tank Managers of AZ (per Clair),  or do you want a REAL CONSERVATIVE?? My money is on ITASCA SMALL!!

Merrianne Geisdorf, former LD25 PC

Hi Merrianne; Thank You for the information, we'll do what we can to aide Itasca in her attempt to Drain the GOP Septic Tank in LD 25, just as we're trying to do the same in LD 22 by defeating an opponent who says he's a conservative while voting for PROP 123, # Red4Ed unfunded monies, and of course the National Popular Vote, which if ever successful will turn the USA into a Socialist Democracy but no matter a Lobbyist wants it so many in GOP Legislature voted 4 it and many in the Senate Supported it including Yee who now wants to be Treasurer, hope that doesn't happen as well. I keep hoping the Activists in AZ will expose all of these so called GOP conservatives who are nothing more the Career Climbing Septic Tank Managers, but so far hasn't happened, hope all who read this will join us in doing whatever they can for Itasca in LD 25 as a Write In is tough but doable if enough people in the area will lend her their legs and voices.
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 

Merrianne, I just sent you a friend request on Facebook.

I just did a cursory look see to begin to inform myself about Itasca Small. The establishment RINOs do protest too much and that is a red flag to me.

We are now friends on Facebook. I hope you will decide to support and help Itasca in her bid for State Senate. Thank you!

Merrianne, I will certainly help with a donation. My monthly $$s are not great. I spread what I can around. 

If you can spread the word, help get signatures, whatever you can do will be wonderful.

Itasca will need $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and voices on the streets to hand out cards with instructions to voters and what they'll need to write in and put signs up and in yards, signatures are to get you on the ballot and that time has passed, so need to inform voters one on one as Internet isn't the tool most think it is, as most voters need face to face or door to door especially for a Write In and in AZ especially true, may want to email the Secretary of State Reagan and tell her if she doesn't do what the law requires for a Write In by putting info into the packet you receive with you Early Ballot then the box for SOS won't be marked for Reagan. God Bless You; Van 

Itasca Small: Great mind. Great heart. I know this from personal experience, and I support her to the ends of the earth.

Itasca handled our education posts for a while and she was great at it.  We will put out anything Itasca needs to be put out.  She has our full support.  She will be one like they have never seen in the Senate - knowledgeable! Honorable!  Incorruptible!

I second that motion wholeheartedly. If we could only have an entire legislature of Itascas, things would not be going the way they are. Itasca is a practical idealist, an innovative and clear thinker, and she has the perseverance to follow through on anything she starts. I respect Itasca very highly.



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