This is a post recognizing that we have among us many talents, passions and abilities that aren't getting enough recognition.  Our elections are already here even though we just finished one.  Our society has morphed into a perpetual campaign cycle that never ends with mud throwing party to party.  This has, unfortunately in my opinion, put serious issues in the background and out of the minds of candidates and politicians in office.  It has become a battle for political survival rather than a battle to save the country.  We lose and will continue to lose. 

That leads me to the meat of my thoughts.  I have met many passionate people trying to bring their concerns and fears to the foreground and haven't been getting enough attention.   James Chapman, put together an excellent presentation on our national debt, our budgeting (what a joke) process and the out of control spending and fighting over it of our parties.  For instance, here are just a couple points he wants people to consider.  He has 8 on his flyer he gave me but there is more.

1.  What rate of GDP growth do they think is needed to meet obligations now and in the future?  Does an increasing government share of GDP slow or expand GDP growth?  (My research has found that currently, the U.S. is 108% debt to GDP so we are in serious trouble)

2.  Why are revenue projections NOT used in formulating budgets rather than "spending projections".  (Damn good question don't you think?)  Aside from our congressional members,  he says "nearly all other budgeting processes begin with estimating income and then allocating how it is spent.  That is how most families and business do!"

3. Why are Trust Funds and the Federal Funds combined into the Unified Budget?  Shouldn't each stand alone for public transparency purposes and better management by congress?  (Absolutely)

What has this failing system done?  Here are a small sampling for you to ponder.

James's research as of 2018 shows:

In Trillions of Dollars; we have a $3.654 revenue, $4.17 in spending, equals about $500 billion deficit which brought us to $21.5 Trillion debt. (Now over $22 trillion) Our interest on this debt will cost taxpayers approximately $322 billion this year (2018) and by 2026, which is around the corner, interest payments will be $757 billion for that year.  This is a little more than the defense budget for this year.

He figures we have a $15.4 trillion shortfall in funding for Social Security and $33.5 Trillion for Medicare part A, B, and D, over the next 75 years at the current rate, or equal to $48.9 Trillion for just these two categories.

A short fall for all social insurance accounts rose $5.6 trillion just in one year, from 2016 to 2017.  What is it now?

Now, listen to Ocasio Cortez,"AOC", from New York convincing her Socialist minions she wants to pay for everything for everybody.  Seriously????  This is our charge, get this information to as many of her minions as we can.

This is just an example of what James talks about and I wish more people could see his presentation at his pace, not ours.  This is so important to fully understand how bad we've allowed our legislators to run the country without oversight.

If we bring together all the intelligent people with their passions and influence to regularly speak to groups, our schools and our communities we may have a chance.

I want to thank James, Vera Anderson, Bill and Barbara Blewster, Richard Mack, Charles Loftus, Brian Lesenski , and yes, our very own Clair Van Steenwyk, Frosty Taylor, and many others for being willing to put yourselves front and center of controversy despite the opposition and despite those in our own party that believe in playing along to get along.   These people are willing to not always agree with what the typical party line is that most of us know is bull. 

We must speak out, stand up and recognize those that join us.  We must grow our 3% if we are too succeed.  My thanks and gratitude to you all.

Randy Miller

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We must shrink the size of the Federal Government immediately if we're to have a chance of surviving as a True Republic or we're on the Fast Track to Socialism. 
1. The best way to do this is simply follow the US Constitution and dissolve all the Departments and Agencies that aren't authorized by the US Constitution and hand them back over to the States, this can start with Education, Lands, Healthcare, Commerce, believe most get the picture, if this isn't done then I personally don't believe there's any long term Hope for Solving the eventual demise of our Nation. 
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 

Randy, thank you for your kind words and we know lots if us are in the Liberty movement not for reconizatio and it's diffently not about the money, because there does not seem to be any for us that give all. We do this because we see we are loosing our Freedoms and Liberty to government controls and Socialism. We will not let that happen under all our efforts.
God Bless the USA
Vera, you're welcome. Yes, it isn't about money, our passion gets in the way of earning, I know mine has. I also know we are working towards that same goal and sometimes I get "energized" with impassioned enthusiasm trying to maintain a mindset of government belongs to the people. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Randy, Thanks for your tenacity (and all others as well). It appears at times to me that everyone including myself are trying to stay afloat on a sinking ship. We see our Republic in great danger.

I recall in the first term of O that much discussion took place about debt to GDP.  What could be tolerated. Congressional members D's and R's truly alarmed. Now here we are close to 10 yrs later and the debt doubled + and gov't grows larger and unfunded liabilities increase. No efforts to shrink the size of gov't and no efforts to ensure our citizens liberty, exactly the opposite.

We all can say "just follow the constitution" and that document they ignore or use only when its in their interest.

No frightening as it is we are marching towards socialism/communism at a fast pace. The 21st century along with the technocrats requires massive control of the general population.

Those whom we elect will ride the tide trying like hell to stay within the technocrat class and while swimming with them do all not to bring that class wrath directed at them for they understand that the life line will be cut.

There is not one minute of a day that we the people are not subjected to chaos creation. That chaos is intentional to let us know they are incharge and nothing you can do to stop us.

We all will keep trying to fight the tide towards socialism/communism.

Nice article, Randy.  Appreciate your research. We have been in financial trouble since Reagan. The Congress refuses to vote to use line item veto. That would make a huge difference. just look at the bill Trump signed last week. Pitiful garbage, but he signed it after saying he would never sign another garbage bill a year ago.  Boom. Did it again.

BTW, I would like to point out that among all of those who deservedly got credit from you, what about the good folks at AFA who provide this forum for us at no charge to us?  How about the great info they bring us daily?  Good editorial articles well written and well thought out?  If anyone knows who these people are, how about giving them a shout out?  And what about Jose who works hard to bring us all the info from the legislature and the terrible laws they try to foist off on us like that DNA bill?  I would like to thank Jose (sorry, can't spell his last name but you all know who I mean).  Just saying.

Of course, you are right.  AFA does us all a great service with this platform.  We need to send links to this site to all our friends and family.  It is hard to remember to mention all those that deserve recognition.  Maybe it's time we hold our own Patriot recognition awards dinner as a fundraiser? 

Just an idea.


What trust funds are included in the calculations?

Ask him.  He goes to our Tuesday morning meetings.

 Great post Randy Miller.  Thanks.

I was just talking with a couple in WalMart yesterday who were losing faith in Trump. I basically told them, in a less effective way, what you have written about here. I encouraged them NOT to give up on our president and mentioned several actions he has taken to ease our troubles.  We left each other exchanging contact information.  Oh what fun that is when this happens.

We the People must own the fact we failed at our job.  Now we go forward with a plan to right the wrongs of so many years.  You have great ideas as well as many others in our AzGOP.  We can do this but it will take hard work, dedication and time.

Sign me up!

We the people



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